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Back to Basics with Talita Silva from “Running in Heels”

If you caught the final episode of the Style network’s new hit Running in Heels tonight, you know that what was once supposed to be a documentary-style show about three Marie Claire interns in NYC ended up being something of a competition: Only one of them was chosen to continue working at the famous fashion pub. The winner was the fabulous Talita Silva, and I had a chance to sit down with her in LA this weekend, just hours before the finale aired.

We talked about who she is versus who was portrayed on camera, her real opinions on the other interns, and the twists of reality TV in general. Of course I made her spill about her dating life, and she shows us some of her awesome tats. She talks a bit about her past, about what made her who she is today, and how she stays true to herself in a high-pressure, image-driven industry.

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  • man, you´re a terrible interviewer… seriously, i like you… but the voice is really annoying and WHY CAN´T YOU JUST STAY STILL??? stick to your writting!

  • I agree. You sound like a total L.A. girl. From the valley. In the 90s. Didn’t like the shirt with what you were wearing under it. And I think Talita is still a total snob. I hate the pouty lip thing she does. Ew.

    • that´s what i meant to say… the LA girl voice…
      it´s not really her natural voice that´s annoying… it´s the LA girl “accent”

  • Oh Beet, this is the first time I have heard your proper voice and I love it. It’s so cute. Let’s get married. Ignore these crazy bints above.

    • LOVING the use of the word bints whisk! I didn’t watch the show or care but i’m not really having a problem with Sashas voice. In fact it’s nice to be able to put it with the face. So what if she says like a lot it pretty much comes with the territory and accent in LA.

  • I wonder how many cunty comments this post will have….. we’re already off to a good start.

    the youtube thing is blocking your awesome boobs. sash. lame ;)

  • Like, here’s like a game:
    Like, how many times, like, did Talita and, like Beet say the word “LIKE” during the interview?

    I really, like, found it, like, to be, like, super annoying.

  • Talita sucks. And I will think that no matter how many times you post things about how awesome she is. Please stop plugging shit for your friends. Thanks!

  • never watched the show; but stayed thru it to see how you did in the interview… you looked great, sounded great… horrible cam angle; rather see a standing, farther back shot… Do more of these… really good.

  • LOL, Sasha. Your voice is amazing, almost as amazing as your ladies. DAMN. I’d go lesbian for you. I just wanna live in there!

    Oh, how stalker-y that sounded. No, I’m not going to come find you and set up house in your breasts. No worries.

    Anyway, I always like Talita, even though she was portrayed as a bitch. I thought she was adorable and mostly kind. Strange, though, how they turned it from docu-drama to competition.

  • Never seen the show, but i wanted to point out that in order to beat people out in the fashion world for something… sometimes being a bitch is necessary.

    • She’s not so much a bitch as she is irritating and not-so-smart. She’s got to be at least 27.. and they said that she had no knowledge of grammar/spelling. Can someone please explain to me how you get a job at a magazine without this knowledge? OH wait, I forgot this was a television show. Skinny, weird, annoying, conceited and self-centered = ratings!

  • you guys are both super adorable. since i’m originally from palo alto and now live in new orleans, i think your voice is great. not nearly on the same level of annoying as the southern drawl i listen to all day here.

    i will say that the video would do you more justice if you were at the same angle and distance that talita was. glad she won… she was the most engaging of the three on the show. of course, i could have been biased since you told us she was your friend, lol.

    and to the person who said stop plugging your friends….um, hello? everyone supports their friends and “plugs” them. that’s part of what makes you a good friend–supporting them.

    boo to all the grumpies. you’re awesome sasha!

    • hey, i live in New Orleans. Thanks for commenting on how annoying the southern drawl is..but I guess I’m not really offended cause I don’t really have that southern drawl……I think and hope! :D

  • That was awesome Beet. I watched that show religiously and was so excited that she won (deserved it absolutely hands down). I am embarking on a journalism journey as well and think it’s inspiring to see how normal people can do some awesome things, like you of course. Love you and keep it coming, you’re doing great!

  • Sasha,

    You know me. If I thought you sucked in this, I just wouldn’t say anything.

    1) I think you have a great voice…genuine, untrained, totally listenable. Of course, wouldn’t anything beat this nasal New York Jew think I’ve got going on?

    2) You guys were in an awkward position in relationship to the camera.

    3) Bottom line: I so admire your courage to do things like this. I’ve been wanting to vlog on my site but don’t have camera presence like you do.

    Cheers and great job!

  • I have no idea who Talita is but wow does she need some meat on her bones!! It’s like her shoulder bone is about to pop out :0

    Beat you look fantastic :)

  • Wow, I was curious what the comments on here would be in relation to the interview in the stupid of me.

    Apparently a critique of Beet’s interview skills, voice, and on camera movements is what we are talking about here.

    If that’s the case, I thought it was really well done, refreshing to not have to sit through the same old boring crap and predictable styles seen everywhere else…oh, and the voice…delicious!

  • A. you need to lose like 30 lbs
    B. She needs to gain 30 lbs
    C. how did two retards find each other so perfectly?
    D. that girl is not clean… she is clearly on amphitamines
    E. I bet she never got whatever job she is talking about
    F. Her boyfriend sounds like a Fag
    G. you still need to lose alot of weight
    H. Is that girl a man?
    I. her tattoo is GHETTTO
    J. Collagen is disgusting
    H. this blog sucks

    All the rest…. you should be embarassed to be the only person in the work who gives a shit about this absolute loser,,,, blog about someone people care about… And maybe get some tips on annorexia from her… you need it

  • kate you’ve got serious issues dude…this is a t.v show, why d’you have to hate so much? fact is Talita is making big bucks and u just sitting at your laptop being miserable and writing unnecessary nasty comments…get a life!!!!