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John Mayer “Flirts” with Demi Lovato on Twitter


NASA scientists hope that equipment contained in the new module for the International Space Station (whose official name will be revealed on Tuesday’s Colbert Report ) will allow them to finally be able to differentiate between giant gaseous planets and John Mayer’s ego. It’s understandable that they’d be confused, since the two are so similarly massive with strong graviational pulls capable of bending visible light.

His handlers should probably get him off of Twitter. Now. Before he hits on any more 16-year-olds:

John Mayer had Demi Lovato virtually blushing after complimenting her new song “La La Land” on Twitter Thursday.

“I have ‘La La Land’ by @ddlovato stuck in my head,” Mayer tweeted. “Actually, it’s not stuck. I’m choosing to sing it. B section is sophisticated.”

The star of Disney’s Sonny with a Chance, who performed a song off her debut album Don’t Forget on Dancing with the Stars Tuesday, replied, “That is quite possibly the best compliment I’ve received in this business. Thank you so, so much!”

The two then engaged in an exchange, where Mayer, 31, told Lovato, 16, “You’re going to make lots of records, I can tell,” and “Write one song at a time and never, ever apologize for any of them, ever.”

Lovato tweeted, “See, that’s exactly what I needed to hear today. If that’s not inspiration, then I don’t know what is.”

Her fans were clearly flabbergasted, too. The teen later wrote, “I had so many of you guys say they were freaking out and so happy because I had an idol twitter me … I love you guys.”

Yeeeahhhhhhhh…..This is how it starts folks! You innocently compliment them on their song writing skills and next thing you know, that scary pale guy from Dateline is ambushing you in your kitchen. Some news services have called this exchange “flirting.” I don’t know if I’d be ready to jump that shark, but I will say that, flirting or not, it’s not good.

Run Demi!! A compliment from John Mayer is not something to be excited about– it’s something to be frightened of. Have you seen this?? You might not want to take encouragement or career advice from someone who would “Fuck [Perez Hilton] in the ass just to shut [him] up.”

I depend on you and your Disney Channel cohorts to make me feel better when I’m sick. I swear to God, the Disney Channel has healing properties–like a big ole wholesome, pop-culture, comericially-packaged adolescent bowl of homemade chicken soup. Don’t force me to think, “Demi Lovato idolizes doods who’d fuck Perez Hilton in the ass just to prove a point” while I’m trying to enjoy Princess Protection Program. That will only make me sicker. Are you trying to kill me?

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  • Kelly, are YOU trying to kill me? I almost choked on my ritz cracker when I read that first line. Freakin…genius.

  • meh. reaching. Complimenting someone’s talent isn’t necessarily hitting on them. I thought he was going to say like “And you’re soooooo cute too!” or something. Maybe that’s just me. I think it’s kind of nice that he did this– it obviously meant a lot to her.

  • I don’t know… I think he was just being polite and Demi Lovato kind of blew it out of proportion.

    • bull*cough*shit!

      run, demi…this isn’t a compliment…this is a thinly-veiled mack attempt by a bi-sexual opportunist.

      don’t walk…but fucking run.

      as a former teen who’s had men (ages 25-45) hit on me since i was 12, i know what i’m talking about.

      this fucker is gross!


      • You need to go to therapy!! Like NOW” John Mayer has no bisexual tendencies, of homosexual idea’s. Throw’in that out there to get a little attention for yourself, are ya, or just acting like a little dick because, those are the kinds of people that you make friends with?? Seek help man!!! He’s been with some nice looking ladies in his life.

      • well…jussayin…..he’s *allegedly* played tongue hockey with perez hilton.

        i’m sorry to have offended you…since YOU know john mayer so well.

        (& i need therapy?)

        AND, for your information…i’m a girl, douche.

        i wasn’t acting like a dick.

        i was acting like a cunt.


  • While usually I’m all for male celebrities turning out to be gay, I think I would be kind of grossed out if John Mayer said he’d fuck me in the ass. And that’s like my favorite thing, too. He’s just that creepy.

  • lol I saw that whole thing on twitter- I thought it was funny but not really flirting. Demi just seemed a little spastic lol

  • LMAO at the To Catch a Predator reference. I can see it now, “Hey there Demi, I brought you a 6 pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade….” Hahaha, so Creepy.

  • What? Doesn’t sound like flirting at alllll. He’s just complimenting her, and she’s being a happy spastic teenager because she obviously likes his music and is excited that he likes hers.

  • I actually thought of it as an incredibly sweet gesture. Demi has made it well-known that she is an avid fan of Mayer’s. I think it was awesome of him to compliment her, and she sounded ecstatic – as would be expected.

    He’s a nice guy. I think he gets tons of shit that he absolutely does not deserve.

    • It cracks me up that people take the Perez Hilton comment seriously, (because they need the attention that bad) and’ they use words like creepy!! Come on, John Mayer is ”only’ giving her a compliment, he’s a kick ass guitar player, with talent, If saying something nice to somebody is creepy, then your a creep for believing it’s wrong!

  • i’m following both of them, i’m also following kelly clarkson and that was the idol demi lovato was talking about.

    taken directly from kcofficial’s twitter:
    “@ddlovato i’m late to the twitter world but it was so cool to meet you :)
    11:28 PM Apr 9th from Tweetie ”

    a bigger deal is being made than should be

  • Hey John boy why don’t you “say what you need to say, say what you need to say, say what you need to say, say what you need to say, SQUAAAAKKK, say what you need to say SQUAAAAAKKKKK, you MINIMALLY TALENTED, DOG HATING, HOLLYWOOD WHORE FUCKING PARROT!!!!

  • i think your right john should not be hitting on demi because he is to old and she is to young i agree with you 100% you are so right he shoould stop and demi should run when she has the chance to besides he is ughly to demi is awsome and has better music than him!!!!!!