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I Know What Sarah Michelle Gellar Did This Winter


Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is expecting a baby Buffy this fall with husband, Freddie Prinze, Jr.

In addition to the obvious, the couple have been busy over the past few months.  Gellar is set to executive produce and star in the HBO pilot, The Wonderful Maladys.  Her husband just shot a pilot for ABC titled No Heroics.

Let’s hope one of their shows gets picked up.  Kids are expensive and they totally expect to eat two or three times a day!

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  • if by creepy you mean sweet, then yes, yes he does. ;) this is the best news i’ve read all day!

  • How long have they been married?
    It has to be a long time because they were still pretty young…

    Its unheard of getting married when your still young and staying together for all those years…

  • I’m so excited for her! It would be SO incredible to get a new Buffy show starring her baby… when the baby grows up, of course.

  • Why else is nobody else freaking out about the rainbow carpet? so cool! i can taste skittles lol.

  • yay buffy! i’ve always loved SMG. one of the few actresses that is not in the headlines for being on drugs or drunk, or a total b**ch on set. they got married so long ago i almost forgot. congrats to them!