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Anna Faris’ Look: Love It or Leave It?


At the LA premiere of Observe and Report.

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  • Leave it.
    She looks like a complete skank. I don’t know what the hell ever happened to her, but she used to be a cute, funny actress.
    Now she’s a fish-lipped nightmare.

  • Not that she isn’t cute… I don’t think it’s possible for Anna to NOT be cute, but she looks like a damn hooker now. Ever since that stupid House Bunny movie came out, she’s been rocking the hoo-er look. It almost seems like Kendra got ahold of her while they were filming at the mansion or something.

  • The upper half looks like a swimsuit, the lower half is just plain ill-fitting.

    Someone hire this girl a stylist!

    (aka leave it.)

  • I love her but I hate her new nose job and what the fu… STEP OFF OF THE SETH BITCH I WILL CUT YOU!

    Im sorry what was I saying?

    Seeeeeeeeeethhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HA HA HA
    OH OH I wonder if that is how Threw Barithmore says “sex”.
    “leth have theth Mac Dude”

  • Holy shit there’s cat fur everywhere in here. I’m sure you all are rockin’ the same style you used to when Scary Movie came out in 2000, but this sounds a lot like “vadge-ealousy” to me. The popular male vote is in, and it reads “We’d Hit It” in 2009. Yes we can.

      • For most guys, “We’d Hit It” is the ultimate fashion endorsement, but fair enough…. Regarding the dress, I commend her for trying to wear something that, to my limited sense of fashion, seemed to be a 50/50 shot at trendy style. But the dress looks like 3 cheap bikini tops held together by large pineapple life savers. It makes her look like she has 6 boobs. As for Anna herself I don’t really dig the light colored makeup scheme on her. Between her blonde hair, make up, and bubbly personality I think it makes her come off too “bright.” I like her better with her artificially black hair.

  • aw, that dress would have been so cute if it were solid without the front cut outs. it just looks kinda weird to me.

  • I think it would have been half-decent if the lower part weren’t so ill-fitted. I don’t know what she was thinking on that.

    • i agree, beet. i actually don’t mind the top but the little pooch just shows the dress should have been tailored (better)

  • eww.
    it makes her look wider, i find. the dress is ill-fitting and looks rather thrashy. poor her.

  • She looks HOT…

    Most women on here would have to wrap their tummy with Reynolds Saran Wrap so their gut rolls don’t burst out like day old cookie dough.

    • shouldnt you be busy stealing photos and copying Michael K of D-listed’s EXACT writing style?

      “quit that bitch”

      Youre such a panty waste.

    • …..I’m not sure what that has to do with anything. It’s still an ugly dress, and ill-fitting on her even if she has a great figure.

      Oh, and I gather that you’ve been rejected by your choice of prom date if you find the need to lash out so randomly. Boo hoo.

  • If there was some sort of belting under the cutouts it might have made it look a little more sophisticated and helped with the horrible fit. It makes her look like she has a giant vagina pooch.

  • they sell that sort of stuff at adult novelty stores for dancers and the like. what was she thinking??????

  • She’s still very much so cute, the dress just makes her look like she has a bloated vagina.

  • She looks like she is going to a trailer park black & white ball. She could have gone with something sexy w/o being tacky, but she didn’t. I can’t help but think of newborn kittens for some reason when I look at that dress.

  • On standing next to Seth Rogen: who gives a fuck what she’s wearing when she’s in cohorts with such a comedic genius? Comedians/comedic actors are on a different level…they don’t necessarily need a stylist. Go Anna Faris for looking like some high-class white trash! (Not kidding.)

  • Oh I love her. I wish she would stop messing with her face. She was beautiful before… why does everyone think you have to fix things that aren’t broken? Gah.

    P.S. Seth just keeps looking better every day. Good for him.

  • Aww.. I saw a screening of Observe and Report and she looked TERRIBLE!
    SOooo much plastic! She was so cute before, WHY?

    • I agree! She was so much cuter when she was a brunette and not all jacked up on plastics.

  • the more I look at it – the more I don’t hate it.
    Look how tiny she is!

    I am still upset by how much she changed her already adorable face … now she can only play tart characters… but I think she still looks great.

  • I think it would maybe be an “ok” if it weren’t for the hint of underboob she’s sporting. That is guaranteed to take an outfit down a notch… or the fact that underboob is even possible in that number.

  • Well, if she was aiming for Grecian hooker, she certainly takes the cake.
    Leave it… far far far away.

  • I still can’t get over her collagen injected lips. Every time I see a preview for this new movie, I look at how her lips look swollen and lack natural movement. So gross. Why would she do that to her face??!?!

  • what the hell is wrong with you people… she looks gorgeous…and for the people whinging about the plastic surgery… sure she looks different, but its ever so slight, u can still easily tell its her, and she still looks gorgeous…not like some other famous people who have had surgery which has been a complete disaster… so get over it…