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Tom and Gisele Tie the Knot, Once Again

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady Pictures Photos

They’re so in love that they got married twice. Now that’s devotion.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen exchanged vows in a short sunset ceremony at her home in Costa Rica early Saturday evening, PEOPLE has learned. The bride, in a long designer dress and a veil that trailed 10 feet, and holding a bouquet of white orchids, “looked so gorgeous,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She looked beautiful.”

Security guards blocked off key access points to Bündchen’s house in Santa Teresa, where 25 or so guests gathered under a tent set up on the home’s balcony.

After the ceremony, Brady, 31, in a gray suit and vest with white pants, held his 1 ½-year-old son John on the balcony and spoke with guests like Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. Bündchen, 28, also hugged guests while friends and relatives snapped photos.

Eh, I’m so bored of the story of these two. I’m done with the lovey-dovey and I’m ready for them to go down in flames. I’m ready to find out that she’s cheating on him with Leonardo DiCaprio. (Wow, now that’s a name I haven’t typed out in awhile — what happened to that dude?) When I read that Gisele had a 10-foot train, my first thought was, “Oooh, I wish she’d tripped on it!”

Bridget Moynahan and I should totally do lunch.

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  • I just read a story about the security shooting out the back window of a couple of paparazzi who had snapped pics of the wedding.

    Makes me dislike Brady even more and he didn’t do it, I’m just that prone to disliking him! :)

  • “I’m done with the lovey-dovey and I’m ready for them to go down in flames.”



    that was VE-RY wendie of you! lol.

  • Finally, someone who says it like it is. I can’t stand these two. It’s all about the looks, though they’ll never admit it. But you can bet if Bundchen was horribly disfigured(say, from tripping over her veil, lol), Brady would dump her scrawny butt so fast her head would spin. Once she shoots out a couple of brats she’ll back-burner him and he’ll be sniffing around for some strange. I give them 5 yrs at most.