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Tila Tequila And Billy Corgan Are A Couple. Yeah, I’m Not Kidding.


I don’t know if this is just some sort of publicity stunt but Tila Tequila and The Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan showed up on the 2nd Annual Bravo A-list awards red carpet, looking totally into one another.  So weird, it almost works.

Also, Kendra Wilkinson showed up looking like a Howard Johnson franchise, Tori Spelling needs a Happy Meal intervention-like, yesterday, Rachel Zoe is Jesus Christ, Kathy Griffin tried out a new lifestyle with Aubrey O’Day and Sanjaia Sanjaya was there despite the fact that the photo agencies didn’t care enough to even spell his name correctly.

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  • WOW! Billy Corgan is just so sad now. This news is depressing Wendie, and I am not quite thirty yet (July) and yet I feel so old…my friends all tell me it just gets worse.

  • why is he oddly looking down at her like she’s his child.


    and, if they are going for that ‘marilyn manson / dita von teese’ weird meets glamour girl dynamic…

    their coupling is missing one essential ingredient:

    a classy dame

    • I have been a fan of Billy since I was in 7th grade when I heard Lull for the first time. I have always followed Billy Corgan. He is a wonderfully light, positive spirit and although I would not have chosen this girl for him, he DID in fact date Courtney Love before she dated Kurt Cobain. I think he has the kind of spirit that makes him want to show people that don’t think highly of themselves, their true inner potential. If Billy is looking at her like that it’s because he genuinely adores her. Nothing that he does is fake. She I cannot speak for. However I cannot judge her either, none of us know her, she could be an amazingly sweet girl that just needs the right person to show her that she doesn’t need all the other crap she puts herself through. If thats the case Billy is the guy to do it! I guarantee she will be forever changed by his presence in her life. :) For the better.

      • I was about to cry at this picture, I loathe tila tequila.. but you’ve made me feel so much better. Billy corgan is on a handmade pedestal in my mind, why knock him off? I so hope your right and want to believe you.

  • Do they look totally into each other? Because she looks totally scared of him, if you ask me.


      yeah! i forgot to add that part!

      she’s actin’ like jennifer garner did towards that nut job gary bussey that time at the oscars!


      it’s like she’s thinkin’ *how the fuck do i get out of this shiiiit???*

  • Oh gross. He looks like some pedophile posing with his lifesize young asian girl doll. I know she’s a slut, but her incredible looseness does not negate his creepiness.

    Wtf was Sanjaya doing there? But looking at the rest of the lineup it looks like Kathy Griffin’s holding auditions for a D-List spin-off of some kind.

  • this just made me sad. I love him and I’m a huge fan and I’m not sure where he’s going with this.. almost rather him be with Courtney love. but apparently they have had something of a relationship for a few years whether its on and off intimate or not its been talked about out there around the same time last year…

    • Billy and Courtney have been very close friends for years and yes they once dated even long before she was with Kurt Cobain. I mean don’t you guys remember why Smashing Pumpkins broke up? It was because Jimmy Chamberlain was doing heroin with the keyboardist and the keyboardist od’ed. After that Billy was faced with a hard decision, do I move on like it’s just another rock star oding? Or do I teach my best friend, Jimmy Chamberlain, a lesson by ending the band, even if it means all the I have worked hard for and loved would fizzle away. He chose to save his best friend and put his own desires on hold. Jimmy sobriety was more important to him. That is a wonderful, wonderful man who has his priorities straighter than most of the trash talking people on here. This shouldn’t make you sad, if you love him, you would see that this is genuine and all part of his mission to save the world one soul at a time.


  • billy corgan has the worst taste in women ever. I am ashamed of him. Courtney Love, now this troll?? Billy, stop, please.

  • what billy does is his own business. honestly who gives two S***’s who he’s with or who he’s dating. everyone is acting like this is some attrocity. big f***en whoop.