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Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

Johnny Depp in Puerto Rico

Johnny Depp was spotted, looking very “Valentino” (and I mean that in a derisive way) while filming on location in San Juan, Puerto Rico for his upcoming film, The Rum Diary.

Aside from the gold-rimmed glasses and “my teeth are so white cuz I got a leather face” look, I want to talk about the picture in the gallery where it looks like he’s being asked by the mother of a bed-ridden girl to “lay hands” on her. I’ve heard of fans worshipping their favorite celebrities, but never literally.

In other Depp news, the actor recently recorded a voice appearance for an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. He plays a laid-back surfer character named Jack Kahuna Laguna in an episode scheduled to air on April 17th.

In yet other Depp news, to this day I cannot write the name “Johnny Depp” without thinking of that glittery neon hair gel I was so keen on using in the 4th grade. The bangs of 10-year-old me were a crunchy, gel-soaked, poofy work of art.

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