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Isaiah Officially Evicted!!!

Isaiah Washington Signs Deal with NBC to Guest Star in Bionic Woman

He’s ouuuuuuuutta there!

“Rehabbed” bigot Isaiah Washington was evicted from his Los Angeles home after failing to pay $100K in back rent.

“He’s moving out today,” a source tells A man identifying himself as Kevin McCauley, the owner of the property, only had this to say about the Washingtons: “They are very nice people, this is an unfortunate matter.”

At the actor’s Los Angeles home on Monday afternoon, there was considerable movement. Two housekeepers were spotted packing a large box and photographs were taken off of the walls. As they were last week, the upstairs windows were still covered in paper.

Washington and his wife Jenisa were seen leaving the residence, though Washington returned forty minutes later before leaving again.

Hey, so, the $100K in back rent? That was only five months’ worth!!!! He was paying $20K/month in rent!!! HOLY SHIT. Do you know what kind of a house you could buy for that money? I mean, even in LA, you can get a freakin’ amazing house for $20K/month in rent!!! Why would you rent for that kind of money? But that’s the least of the things Isaiah’s a moron about, obviously.

You’d think with those kind of bills, he’d be a little more careful about the behavior on the set of his jobs! Too bad he was fired from Grey’s Anatomy for being a gay-hating asswipe and now he can’t seem to find work. SO SAD! It’s hard when everyone hates you, isn’t it, sweetie? At least when people hate you they have a good reason, which is more than I can say for your reasons for mistreating T.R. Knight!

No one in Hollywood wants to work with a bigot, Isaiah! It’s disgusting!!!

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