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Drew Barrymore And Justin Long Reunited!


Reunited for a movie, that is.  Though I still maintain that they are hitting the sheets again, as well.  And I believe that Justin really loves Drew; he stuck with her through all those orange-faced Cover Girl ads.

The He’s Just Not That Into You co-stars are teaming up yet again for another collaboration.  Their new movie, Going The Distance, is about a couple engaged in a long-distance relationship and the trials they face.

HJNTIY made $145M so Barrymore and Long have basically accomplished the impossible-they were a couple who starred in and turned out a successful movie.  Can they do it again?  If they do, they’ll be miracle workers by my definition because this plot sounds like a total snooze.

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  • Threw Barrythmore Thells Thea Thells By The Thea Thore!

    DUDE! Shes been getting a “Dell” for months now if ya know what I mean. Her unit was not compatable with Mac, she had to use a special adapter after he “downloaded” his “files” ha ha ha So she upgraded. Well sidegraded because she is hot for dorks.