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Tiny Girl, Big Ring



Jennifer Lopez was looking especially youthful, small and Harajuku-tastic at a promotional appearance for Samantha Thavasa at her Shibuya store on Monday.

She also made damn sure to show off that honkin’ ring of hers. That thing looks like it weighs more than her entire head.

Wendie and I are of differing opinions on the JLo marriage. I think it’s for real, and the break-up rumors are bunk. Wendie thinks they’re approximately 20 seconds away from divorce. Thoughts?

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    • Hahaha, that is EXACTLY what I thought of. “Even tho’ I got a diamond the size of my head, I’m still Jenny from the Block.”

      Okay J Lo.

  • i miss the Jennifer Lopez pre jlo when she was more of a ‘potential’ star than an actual jaded-seeming hollywood trill. she’s still smokin hot, but mommish and boring…..she’s a good dancer. i guess i just miss in living color and the fly girls…………sigh

  • OMG! She looks beautiful! I bet been is sorry every day that he looks at sloppy Jen G. that he let this go!!!

    • Doubtful considering he’s 1. Not Mr. Glam at all. He’s more of a rugged baseball man’s man. and 2. He has gorgeous children with Ms. Garner. Oh nd 3. Jen’s only “sloppy” because she’s too busy being a mom.

      They suit each other.

  • I actually sorta like this outfit, although I think it would look better on someone else. Maybe someone younger, near their teen years. The necklace is kinda blah, useless and a few years ago. Not saying she doesn’t look damn good though.

  • I love her shoes! I think their marriage is for real as well, except showing her ring off is a little too desperate.

  • Wow. That rock is MASSIVE.

    I never really noticed before (shocker, I know. How could anyone MISS that thing?)

    You could frickin crack nuts with that (literally and figuratively, har har)

  • I think this is one of the only times she’s looked good since she married Skelator. She looks great.

  • She looks fantastic . I’m surprised she can lift her hand up with that rock!

    I *think* her and Marc (Mark?) are real, at least for the next year or so!

  • Those shoes have to be at the *least* one size to big for her. Sorry that’s a pet peeve of mine.

  • am I the only one who thinks she looks like she’s had some face work now? I didn’t recognize her till I read the writing under the picture…

  • god, i hate her so much. i hate her more than paris, lohan, and hitler combined. the only good thing she ever did was make that “enough” movie so i could watch her get beat for the first hour of it. for my birthday i think im gonna ask people to take one of the stills from that movie and photoshop me in, punching her in the face, then have them blow it up to poster size.

  • that bag might be expensive but it looks every inch like the souvenirs bag you can find in any European city with the name printed accross it and which I hate because they are everywhere – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Rome… Not new.

  • Divorce! Though I could be wrong – maybe he’s diva enough to keep up with her. She looks really cute in that pic, but she still annoys me!

  • Her marriage is a sham to me. They keep it together because she probably does not want another divorce. I hope so because who in their right mind would find her husband even remotely attractive.

    And anyone looks little wearing those shoes. Rosie O’Donnell would look thin with those shoes on.

    But who cares.

  • I think Jlo and Marc do have a real relationship… haven’t they hooked up in the past? correct me if I am wrong. I actually like them together.
    Anyways I think she has totally dressed down nowadays compared to before with all those outrageously expensive clothes (fur coats etc) she looks more youthful here. I am not a fan of her music, I think she is boring but she does know how to dress stylish.