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Pharrell Wants a Milkshake

Singer/songwriter/producer Pharrell was in the Paris airport, begging the McDonald’s folks for a Big Mac and a milkshake, but there was just one problem: They were still only serving breakfast. This is my GIANT PROBLEM with McDonald’s. That’s not true, actually, I have a lot of problems with McDonald’s, but perhaps my biggest gripe with them is that I can’t get a fucking Big Mac before 10 am. WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO US? I once had a horrific experience in college when I ordered a #7 at the drive-thru, and was so excited to eat my cheeseburgers and fries, but when I opened the bag it contained gross hash browns and some icky sausage-egg-biscuit mess. NOT YUMMY. It was pretty traumatic for me. I think I cried. Come on, Mickey D’s, cheeseburgers are an ALWAYS food.

Pharrell did a funny song and dance number to try to convince the girls to give him his food. They obviously didn’t recognize him and they were not amused. But I am. And that’s what matters.

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  • I love this. I posted it earlier today on Facebook and think it’s just awesome and I can’t get the damn song out of my head.

  • It’s always refreshing to see a celebrity take a humorous approach to getting what they want, rather than throwing a fit. This had me in hysterics!
    And Beet, I thought you were vegan? ;)

    • Yeah I haven’t eaten a meal at McDonalds in years, to be honest. But I used to practically live there.

  • He is so cute and funny. Such a nice contrast to the “thug” image most male hip hop artists try to put out.

  • I. Love. Him.
    That was so cute! I love it when I see celebs acting down-to-earth. That is definitely something I would do – dance for a cheeseburger : ]

  • I personally LOVE their hash browns, but that is about the only thing I really get there. I don’t really have much fast food now. In-N-Out has kind of ruined the rest for me.

    I thought they just weren’t open yet since the gate was halfway down, which would be even more frustrating. I hate taking an early flight then walking through hoping to get a coffee and a bagel and a magazine yet ALL the stores/food places are closed! wtf? If you can be open to handle baggage, check people in and get them through security at 6am, I think you could find some people to work the McDonalds!

  • Only is Paris. I have been there and all the stereotypes are true, hah. I love Pharrell, and I love what he did. Those girls are going to feel so stupid when they realize what happened.

  • You’d think at an airport of all places they would an all-day menu as people flying would be on all different timezones.

  • I’m the opposite, actually. I love McDonalds breakfast, and I don’t understand why they don’t serve BOTH menus all day! Why can’t I get hash browns and a Mcmuffin after 11??

  • Wow, he really seems like a happy person! He is famous and is happy… refreshing! :)

    He’s a lil nuts though :)

  • I ADORE hash brownssss i get like 3 when i go. =]
    The only good breakfast they have is this burrito (not the two little burrito things). But yea. i’m a chicken nugget girl.

  • That McDonalds is regal as fuck… we get all the nasty ones that are like 17 years old and still have ball pits full of rancid diapers in the play places.

  • WTF? Many moons ago when I worked for Mickey D’s we served milkshakes all day. We took the machine apart at closing to be cleaned, the morning crew had to re-assemble and have ready to serve by 6 am. Okay, not quite all day (we opened at 5 am).

    I can’t handle fast food anymore, they’ve all gotten sloppy and lazy!

  • I remembered a couple of years ago, i was really young-below tween. I tagged along with my mom to Paris, and all i wanted that week was a burger king. ..little to be known, I COULDN’T FIND A FUCKING BURGER KING IN PARIS. and the airport..

    shessh. i’ve departed from there at 4AM. ..yeah, nothing was opened.

  • I LOVE Sausage and Egg McMuffin but try to get one at 10:32 a.m.!!! Jack inthe Box serves breakfast all day! Why not Mickey D’s? I might want a greasy breakfast at 2:00 a.m. but nooooooooo.

  • I TOTALLY agree Beet. The ‘no hamburger for breakfast’ rule sucks! …especially for road trips, when you leave really early.

    Isn’t that song he’s singing from a very old McDonald’s commercial? I’d say it was the early 80s…

  • how is that “cute”? what a douche.

    does he do a douchey song and dance routine every time he asks for something that isn’t available?

    pharrell: hi i’d like a table by the window
    maitre d: there are none available
    pharrell: let me do my song and dance for you, and then i’ll ask you again!

  • yes!! i love pharell!! not only is he lyrical/songwriting genius he’s so funny in real life!! haha soo dorky cute!!

  • From what i understand Mcdonalds has to have the grills at lower temps for breakfast foods than for lunch foods. so at around 10:00am they make a bunch of extra breakfast food and turn the grill temps up to be able to cook the burgers. That’s why they run out of breakfast food sometimes before 10:30.