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Isaiah Washington: Anatomy Of An Eviction


It looks like former Grey’s Anatomy bigot Isaiah Washington may be getting familiar with the anatomy of a cardboard box pretty soon, since he’s about to be kicked out of his house.

According to the landlord, Washington hasn’t paid rent in five months.  Isaiah claims that he’s been having trouble with his financial guy.  I don’t suppose his money dude is Bernie Madoff, perchance?

Eviction proceedings have been filed, which means Isaiah, his wife and their kids need to find a new place to not pay for.  He will still have to pay the $100,000 in back rent.

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  • Can someone please explain to me why or how people get themselves into trouble like this? You have a gazillion dollars, where the hell did your money go? It amazes me how people in Hollyweird just throw their money away. Maybe they should learn from all of us “regular” folks how to spend money. Do they really need a ten thousand square foot home? Have they not been taught to save money for a rainy day? I don’t feel bad for anyone who gets themselves into money problems like this.

  • The ignorant ones are the persons who thinks this is funny. You people really need to get off the bigot foolishness Stevie Wonder could see that TR Knight was gay and the messed up part of the whole drama TR Knight had nothing to do with the original blow-up him and the troll Katherine Helig started that mess. I guess they have nothing else to do since TR or Katerine can act.

    • So calling someone a faggot when they are actually gay makes it okay? So because everyone could tell that Mr. Knight liked boys that referring to him in a derogatory manner is just peachy and acceptable?

      While I don’t necessarily agree with the decision to fire Mr. Washington from the show, after all, even ass-hats need jobs, I most definitely do agree that he deserves the title of bigot.

      I usually have a certain measure of tolerance when it comes to profanity and general uncouthness. I take issue with it when people begin using derogatory terms as general insults, and thus assuming that what they refer to is a negative thing everyone should want to avoid. Or even worse, and as in this case, of referring to that person with the term.

      How well do you imagine it would go over if someone had referred to Mr. Washington as the n-word on set? Do you not think there would have been even more controversy over it?

  • Listen Isiah is no different then us other than he has more money and celebrity status. Have you all not forgot the ED Mahon(johnny carson sidekick back in the 80’s) was about to be kicked out of his house? Donald Trump bought his house to let him continue to stay. Alot of people are going thru hard times including celebrities. If work is not coming your way just let us regular folks being unemployed..eviction is a possibility? Listen regular folks…wake the hell up..haha.

  • While all ya’ll are hating even if he can’t afford his $3 million dollar home, he’ll downsize to a $1 million dollar dump that will be better than where you live. If he never works again a day in his life, the residuals that he gets from seasons 1-3 of Grey’s is more money than most people will ever see again.

  • Why on earth would you pay $20 000 a month for rent instead of buying a place? I guess bc it looks better if you live in a mansion. So basically they would rather rent a mansion than buy a good sized home.