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Demi’s Ass


Ashton Kutcher tweeted his wife’s ass on Twitter.  That makes him a twat, right?  It would make him an ex-husband if he were married to me, but I’ve never been tolerant of men who refer to their spouses as “wifey” anyway.  Ah, that pesky Nikon celebrity endorser…

Demi Moore seriously has the best ass for a forty-six-year-old.  Is this a result of Kabbalah?  Because, I just tied about eighteen red strings around my wrist and I’ve already lost two pounds.  And I’m feeling way more holier.  Than thou, that is.

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  • Why do I find an overwhelming sense of relief that she wears underwear that covers her whole ass and not a thong?

  • HOLD ON! Hold on! WHAT ASS!??!?!?!?! I’m sorry, but I don’t see an ass. The only ass in that photo is behind the camera.

  • I’m sorry, but ah, where in the photo is this alleged ass? All I see are two legs attached to a back.

  • Whatever man! thsi bithc is suffering from Noassatall.
    Like a really f’ng serious case of it.
    Kaballah wont get you an apointment with a good plastic surgeon.

  • Beet has it right…Kutcher is a twat…Although Demi does have a pretty nice looking ass…I can’t help wonder what the fallout will be when Mrs. Kutcher realizes her bikini clad bend over is all over the internet thanks to her childish hubby! This should go under the headline of “Demi’s Been Punked!”

  • I’m the same age as Demi Moore. If my ass looked like that, I’d post it myself. I think it looks great.

  • When I saw the headline and pic, I thought you meant “Demi Lovato”. Thanks beet, now I’m depressed :(

  • Maybe I’m the only one… but I think we are the ones being punk’d. Give it a couple days and AK is gonna come out and tell us how this isn’t really Demi… HAHAHAHA…

    And then we can all Laf and Laf and remember why we hated him in the first place…

    Kudos to Wendie on the use of the word twat. Made me giggle in 7th grade – still makes me giggle years later.

  • Didn’t anyone read Demi’s reply tweet to this?
    She said something like “ha ha.. he’s so sneaky, and all while I was ironing his suit for him”… or something like that..
    she didn’t seem to be too pissed about it.. and she actually reposted the link to the pic..

  • Christ, some of you people are feeble. Unless you’ve got an enormous ass, anyone would look like they had no ass in that pose.

  • I think at first I’d be a bit off, but then very flattered that my husband would be so proud as to show the world what he’s got :)


    L’immagine, dal “punctum doppio”, sospende sempre il senso: il Significante, su cui l’ occhio sensuale dovrebbe meditare, non è definito, non perché non sia lì, evidente, ma perché, essendo sospeso, non può che sollecitare l’ occhio creativo a dedicargli tutta l’attenzione di una delectatio morosa estesa nel tempo . Il punctum doppio si costituisce nella posa studiata, ostentata, artificiosa, ma anche in quella sfuggente, obliqua,opportuna,viziata. Potremmo definirlo, nel noema della fotografia, come trucco della prospettiva: il porsi è un farsi-vedere, un ostentare, ma anche un simulare, un atteggiarsi, un inscenare.
    Teatrale il trucco della prospettiva, in Demi Moore si fa cinematografico perché blandisce la Polisemia e la Complessità; fosse stato teatrale, il trucco avrebbe artefatto l’Iconicità e la Pregnanza.
    Fotografico, il trucco della prospettiva mi ricorda il trucco iconico di Carmela Russo, in arte Carmen , Bilancia nata a Genova nel ’59, felicemente documentato in quel servizio con cui Playmen, sul finire degli anni settanta o un po’ dopo, le immortalò l’ostensione del deretano.
    Fu tanto “iconizzato” quel culo in quell’immagine che un “amico”-bigotto mi sottrasse quel prezioso numero di Playmen per farne falò al “Dio del Fallo Moscio” in piazza Carignano a Torino!