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The Subjects Of Charlie Sheen’s Next Divorce Filing Born On Saturday


Happy Monday!

I am really into the show, Lie To Me.  It’s about these face readers that identify all sorts of facial movements, body language, etc. and define what each signal really means.  Now that I’m a complete and total expert in lie detection, my family hates me.  A typical night in my home:

Me:  “Do you like the chili I made?”

Husband:  “Yes, it’s really good.”

Me:  “Why are you lying to me?  I know you’re lying!  You just touched your ear!  That.  Is.  Deception!  Bill Clinton did it during his impeachment hearings and now you’re doing it too!  You’re probably cheating on me too!  How many times have I seen you touch your ear?  You never loved me…”

Applying my newly established skills, I would like to let you know that, based on the pictures I’ve been looking at lately, Charlie Sheen is one miserable bastard who cannot wait until he can leave his wife, Brooke Mueller.  The good news is that Brooke had her mandatory twins this weekend, named Bob and Max.  Therefore, the clock has started ticking toward the day that it will be acceptable for Charlie and Brooke to make their “amicable split” announcement.

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  • I’m glad I’m not the only one that is hooked on “Lie to Me” and looking for every indicator of lying when someone is talking to me.

  • We told our son at a young age that a red spot appeared on his forehead when he tells a lie. Now he covers his forehead when lying. How’s that for a tell?

    • Oh Charlie, what a total fucking douchebag you are. i mean, how does he keep getting these women to have his children? And keep touching his genitalia??!!! ugghh.

      • “i mean, how does he keep getting these women to have his children?”

        I suspect he is not wanting them to… as much as they want that baby. With all the crap he went through with the last divorce… he might have thought about spending a little money and got himself a vasectomy. hahaha!

        Didn’t this one get pregnant within a few months of the marriage?

        And got to agree with Wendie… Charlie is counting down the days till he can serve Brooke with divorce papers.

    • Hahah that is too hilarious.

      Anyway, Wendie, I am with you. I am obsessed with Lie to Me and it’s kind of embarrassing.

  • “Lie to me” is the best! I appreciate how the cast is diverse and how they show real examples taken from high-profile cases.

    I hope they don’t cancel this show…this coming from a person who misses Meadowlands (SHOtime) and John from Cincinatti (I believe HBO)…both cancelled!

    N e way..thanks 4 the post!

  • OOOOMG! thank goodness! it seems like NO ONE else watches that show but now i can see that others are just as addicted as i am! lol and i too have been anlyizing my family but the just tell me that a tv show doesn’t give me the right to point out “fake” lies xD