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Your Daily Lohan

lindsay lohan salon 120309

Lindsers left the Andy Lecompte salon on Thursday with her extensions looking glorious (and perhaps a bit darker?). Samantha followed behind, per usual. They climbed into what the photogs claim is a new car for the duo — I couldn’t quite identify the car, and I’m not going to pay for the stupid rights to post it here, but it’s white and looks really, really expensive.

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    • It’s Passion shaken iced tea from Starbucks.
      It’s unclear to me whether it is sad or not that I knew that immediately.

  • Lindsay looks great here and I love the pink jacket. Also the blonde dude walking next to her is gorgeous.

  • The females that think Lindsay is hot or has an attractive body are nutso. She has the body of a damn 12 year old. Look at her leg, it’s like the size of my arm.

    • totally agree, she is WAYYYY too thin right now. And no, I am not an obese person without a job sitting at my PC all day eating reese and ice cream, I am just a regular size that would not want to look like Lindsay at all. Ok, I could be jealous of her bank account but not her body :)