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Hell Hath No Fury …


I guess things didn’t work out between Morgan Freeman and his mistress, with whom he was in a car accident last summer, right before he and his wife decided to get divorced.

The woman, Demaris Meyer, filed a lawsuit against Morgan in a Mississippi court today, claiming Morgan was drinking heavily the night of the car accident.

According to a lawsuit filed today in Mississippi federal court, Demaris Meyer claims on the night of the crash, she first met up with Freeman at dinner — where she noticed “throughout the course of dinner and afterward drinks were consumed by Freeman.”

Meyer then says she left dinner and met up with Freeman and others at a friend’s home. She claims Freeman “had at least one more drink” while there. She claims Freeman then invited her to stay at his home for the night — guaranteeing her not only her own bedroom, but her “own house.” She says she agreed.

Meyer claims at around 11:30 PM, while Freeman drove her to his home, Morgan lost control of the car and “ran off of the right side of the highway.” Meyer says she suffered a broken left wrist and right scapula, a torn labrum in her right shoulder and numerous bruises and lacerations.

At a press conference today, Meyer said she and Freeman were “just friends” — despite widespread rumors that she was his mistress.

Why wouldn’t she have filed this lawsuit immediately after the crash???

Oh, right, because he hadn’t dumped her ass yet …

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  • So, the dumb bitch knew he’d been drinking and decided to get into his car anyway and let him drive her back to his place…. now she decides to sue him. Idiot.

    • i was gonna say the same thing…why the crap did she get into the car with him in the first place? does that entitle her to any of his money? it’s not like she was forced…

    • I, also, was going to say the same thing.

      Um bitch you knew he was drinking. YOU made a decision to get into the car with him. He didn’t force you in the car with a gun or something.

  • Do not mess with the God that is Morgan Freeman. Hell hath no fury like a devoted fan scorned by a goldigging ho’.

  • Yep, bitch didn’t care then, as long as she was getting not only her own bedroom, but “her own house.” I’m sure he’s a complete idiot and promises houses to all his women.

    Screw this dumb bitch. Team Morgan!

  • Lawsuits are often not filed immediately after a car crash. It’s fairly common to wait until the medical issues are cleared up so the damages can be fairly assessed for the suit.

  • I’ve been waiting for you to post about this! Basically everyone has already said what I would have. Dumb whore.

  • > “Oh, right, because he hadn’t dumped her ass yet …”

    You chicks need to knock that chip off your shoulders and stop always blaming the man. How the heck do you know that the bitch wasn’t angry about not getting more money out of him? How do you know she just couldn’t get her way?

    1) She was the “other” woman. She knew he was married
    2) She got into a car that the driver was allegedly drunk.

    Not exactly a person of character.

  • Also, it’s quite possible that she’s lying.
    Why wasn’t he given a breathalizer test after the crash, if he was so clearly intoxicated? Were charges ever laid against him? Did she insist that criminal action be taken?
    Seems like she’s just after the money to me.