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Owen Wilson And Kate Hudson Continue To Participate In Train Wreck


So many times, I read some celebrity item and then never hear or read any follow-up.  So I just shelve it as a Must Have Just Been A Rumor.  Oh, how I wish this were one of those times.  Alas, it is not so.

Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson have been seen biking around Paris this week.  They are totally back together.

In my dating days, I had a rule about reconciliation.  If I hated a guy enough to dump him, there was no need to revisit that relationship.  Ever.  And I really wouldn’t be able to handle the guilt of thinking my boyfriend was going to open a vein if I tired of him.

I’m open-minded though.  Educate me.  Do relationships ever survive a second attempt?  And even such fairy tales exist, do these two numbnuts have what it takes to succeed?

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    • I dont think its rare at all. People dont work hard for relationships anymore, they think the easy way out is to end things and finish all the drama.

      My bf and I have been together for 2 and a half years, no breakups *knock on wood*. And thats because everyday we choose to live through our relationship and not get little petty things get in the way.

  • Uhm, yes. Yes they do. My boyfriend and I are an example. We had a fall out about 2 and half years ago, and now could never be happier.

      • a suicide ir a suicide attempt is almost always (99.9%) the result of an underlying problem, not the result of an isolated incident like a breakup. When they got back together before it was probably too soon. Maybe he’s worked his issues out now and is ready for a serious reconciliation. There is obviously something deep tying these two together. I wish them well.

  • While it does happen, I’d say the odds might be against them. It probably depends upon whether or not they are willing to address the issues that caused the break up in the first place and how they choose to handle them when they come up again…and trust me, they will.

  • Does she EVER spend time with her son? She’s always out with new men…Does her ex have custody or something?

    • she’s with her son a lot. she just doesn’t bring him to like nighttime events, obviously. i think they have joint custody, or she may have more.

  • Sometimes relationships last a second time a round. the parents of a guy i dated got divorced after bout 5 years of marriage. They got back together, re-married and were together for 25 years. They would still be together today but the guy passed away recently.

  • I don’t even think this is a second try – I think they’ve been back together before this…

    Not that I know, or care, but it seems like Kate Hudson is with a different dude every week. Owen is only setting himself up to be hurt by her again when she gets tired of him…

  • My husband and I broke up for a year before we got married, and each had serious relationships during that year. We got back together, got married a year later – and are going on 28 years. It can happen!

  • Usually you just break up again for exactly the same things that split you up the first time.

    I think you just get lonely and delusional and remember the good times and think it’ll be different – it tends not to be.

    • Owen did just turn 40. I’ve known many guys who sort of snap out of it when they hit 40 and realize at long last they want to grow up and settle down. Time will tell…

  • My boyfriend & I split for about 3 months, after dating for over a year.. we got back together and have been together 3 years since the split.

    Sometimes it takes something to put things in perspective.

    We were both young when we started dating, but after the time apart realised age has nothing to do with it, whatever we wanted to do in life we could do together.

    As for Owen & Kate.. sometimes you can’t help who you love!

  • me and my boyfriend have broken up 3 times, and are back together again. sometimes mistakes happen, you say things you don’t mean, and you want them back.

    it just shows that you really are in love when you get them back.