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So This is Actually Happening


Selma Blair has found love on the set of Kath & Kim. Co-star and onscreen husband, Mikey Day, has somehow managed to convince her of his worthiness and now they’re reportedly dating.

My only previous experience with Day has to do with reruns of Wild ‘n’ Out on MTV playing in the background while I fold clothes and clean house. And even when I’m not actually paying attention to him, his voice grates on my nerves. Selma seems to like the quirky ones though, so who knows – maybe they’ll stick this one out.

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  • Really? That’s weird. She has some years on him too. Nothing wrong with that, but he seems very immature compared to her.

  • Dude! I just spent like FOREVER browsing through other gossip blogs and thought that I’d come back to evil beet to check if there were new postings. NOTHING HAS BEEN POSTED SINCE THIS MORNING! Soleil!!!!! Where the hell are you? If you’re to busy to post, than why did you apply for this job?!?!?! I was rooting for you! You are annoying the HELL out of me because you NEEEVVVEEERRR post ANYTHING good! Gosh, Wendie was SOOO much better. PLEASE POST SOMETHING BEFORE SUNDAY!!!! good god.

    • lol. ur morning depresses me. btw, u do a great job soleil. this is the first time ive checked this site today and there are like more than five new posts already.

  • She is gross.. What a downgrade from previous boyfrends.. I guess when you become a coug, beggers cant be choosers

  • thank you for not being cruel to selma. she is just an actress and wants to live an uncomplicated life. previous posts were unnecessarily cruel.