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Heath Ledger’s Dad Comes to LA for the Oscars


Oh, man, this almost makes my cold, evil heart break a little bit.

Heath Ledger’s father, Kim Ledger, has flown from Perth, Australia to Los Angeles to attend the Oscars on Sunday, where Heath is by far the favorite to win Best Supporting Actor. Kim says that, if Heath does win the award, his family will be on stage to accept it. OMG this is totally going to happen and I will have to fast-forward through it. I will just cry WAY too hard if I have to actually watch it. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be able to handle the poignancy. I don’t like things that make me cry!!!

But Kim Ledger won’t be hanging on to the award that Heath is totally going to win. On Wednesay, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that if Ledger does win a posthumous Oscar, little Matilda, who is currently 3 years old, would receive the Oscar after she turns 18.

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  • Kim Ledger seems like a good-hearted, reasonable man to me. Btw if Heath doesn’t get this Award I’ll go postal…

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman gave a way better performance than Heath Ledger, but Heath will win because he’s dead.

    • I disagree. Ledger’s performance was outstanding (not to say Hoffman’s wasn’t) and – posthumous or not – the award belongs to him.

      I needed plenty of tissue during the Academy Awards and it looks like I’ll be needing even more this go-around.

    • I TOTALLY agree! Heath was great in the role but doesn’t compare to Phillip Seympur Hoffman as an actor!

  • I think he should have been nominated for Best Actor, rather then Supporting Actor. As much as I enjoyed The Dark Knight, Ledger really carried that movie.
    Seriously, it was the first superhero movie I’ve seen where I wanted to see more of the villain on screen and less of the hero.