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  • Sorry,
    Not him at Shortys. Different face and Jon has streight hair. This guy don’t even come close with his chipmunk cheeks and wavey hair.

    Lancaster, Pa.

  • Unfortunately it is him. But don’t condemn him, he needs time away and he just ended up at the wrong get together. Somebody with a camera really doesn’t like him.

  • I think it could be him. That is REALLY sad.
    When I looked at other photos of Jon online he has the same amount of space between his eyeball and his brow, he has the same sideways smile, same nose and other characteristics that are making me believe it is him for sure.
    There is one picture where Jon and Kate are standing in front of a TLC sign and Jon is almost in the same stance and the picture above looks just like it.
    That is sad for the kids.

  • jon, how could you? i love those kids as much as you do and i know kate dose not treat the best ways but dont you ever regret what you did when you watch the past episodes and see what a great time you and kate have with mady,cara,aaden,collin,hannah ,leah,alexis and eyes are watering as i type this but it would break my heart if you and kate got devorced. wouldn’t you miss doing family things like when you went to disney,the crayola factory,north carolina ,hershy,skiing,the farm,movie night,new york ,san diego,and hawaii,when you renewed your vowes,or even spending a day with each of your kids.please don’t end that, it would break not only my heart but the heart of everyone who cares about your family. and you also promised your kids on national television that you and kate would stay together for life.don’t ruion it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How can you possibly say that you love those kids as muchas the father? Just because you see them on TV does not mean that they are in any way a part pf your life… If in fact this couple does get a divorce, the father will still be in their lives. As much as I hate it when Kate belittles Jon, I have to say that this is their personal issues. No one has a right to judge them or tell them how to live their lives. They are in the public eye because they chose to do this show, but they are still human and need their privacy. I love the show and watch it faithfully, but I dont give a damn about what happens in their personal lives..Once the show is done I am done and I live my life. Anyone that sits there and analizes the issues/rumors needs to get a life. This is why tabloids make up stories about celebrities, so they can entertaing the people that would rather read about others rather than get up and live…..

  • This is real, but it probably is a FAN picture… like everyone goes to bars, yes, even Kate has been to a bar. I think a fan wanted a picture with him and they put it on some social networking site and there ya’ go. What concerns me is the commercial for the new episode! They seem like they are thinking of separating *GASP* !

  • okayy I love jon and Kate and the whole family. and so does jon. I doubt he would do anything obserd and stupid like that. it is probably just a fan picture taken the wrong way. I am just waiting to see the new episode. I hope with all my heart that they don’t separate! they need each other to raise the children. I hope everything clears up after the next episode.

  • am I the only one that just got one picture of Jon just standing in the middle of 2 girls getting his picture taken? Are there more because the ONE I see I don’t understand the big stink everyone is throwing! However is there is more tell me where to see them I love seeing and hearing the gossip! lol :)

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