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More Details on Rihanna/Chris Brown Fight


This just gets worse and worse. Rihanna — who is fully cooperating with authorities — said Chris choked her until she lost consciouness, while threatening to kill her.

They began squabbling after leaving Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party late Saturday. Shortly after midnight, things blew up. Brown pulled his silver Lamborghini to the side of a street in L.A.’s Hancock Park neighborhood. That’s when, per the source, Rihanna grabbed the car keys and tossed them out the window, sending Brown into a rage.

He tried in vain to find the keys, then came back to the car, put his hands around her neck and, according to the insider, said, “I’m going to kill you!”

According to the source, the 20-year-old “Disturbia” singer told police that she lost consciousness, and when she awoke, Brown had fled.

According to the source, her right eye was blackened and badly swollen and she had hand prints on her arms. The responding officers were so concerned about her, they drove Rihanna to the hospital in their squad car instead of waiting for an ambulance.

Officers took two sets of photographs of the banged-up singer, one at the scene and the second after she was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment. Those photos were presumably among the evidence presented to the district attorney.

After being treated for her injuries, police escorted her down a rear elevator and into a waiting Mercedes, the source says.

I’m hearing from sources that the fight after Clive Davis’s party had to do with one of them flirting and dancing with other people — but the sources disagree about whether that person was Chris or Rihanna. I have one source that says that a girl Chris had been seeing on the side was at the party, and that got Rihanna upset, and I have another that says that Rihanna was dancing with other guys at the party, and that got Chris upset. Perhaps it was both.

Either way, choking a person until they pass out is never an appropriate resolution.

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  • Curiouser and curiouser…

    I was choked by a passenger on an airplane until I passed out and they were going to press attempted murder charges because he continued choking after I lost consciousness. Considering the fact that he apparently beat her AFTER she was out, you would think they could get some pretty heavy charges on this guy.

    • DId he SAY anyhting to you or did he just choke you?

      That reminds me of the guy in here in Canada last year who decapitated another Greyhound bus passenger without saying anything.

    • I had to check his bag on a flight that was already delayed by 3 hours. Apparently that was all he could take. Mid-flight while I was in the back galley I heard someone say, “You stupid bitch”. I turned and there he was. I asked him if I could help him and he said, “I told you I didn’t want my bag checked you whore”, then he had me up against the aft door. I remember thinking that I shouldn’t do anything because he was a passenger (strange how my mind works). Apparently when I passed out my head hit the galley and made enough noise that the passenger in the back row took notice and pulled the guy off of me.

      Anyhow, he was a “nice family man with no previous history of violence” so they let him walk. This was before Sept. 11th when they really took inflight attacks seriously.

      Heatherly, it wasn’t nearly as horrible as that Greyhound thing. THAT was shocking.

      • sometimes i think that we should have tasers but i guess they are concerned that we could equally be overpowered and some people have died from being tasered, but then again that guy tried to kill you. better him than you. wow. i wish you could have pressed charges independently without the company’s backing or with the help of your union. there should be zero tolerance for disruptive or unruly passengers.

  • Wasn’t sure if I believed it first time I heard. Some things that will set off a guy. Messing with his car or his mama. But damn, he has to have a spare so why so angry. Wonder what they fought about in first place.

    • I’m with you Tyerone- I think CB was just a good guy who was pushed past his limit. She just thought she could push him around but it sounds like she found his breaking point. First the herpes then the keys and who knows what else in between.

      • good guys don’t choke out girls. They just don’t. The second you find yourself choking a girl, turns out, you are no longer a “good guy.”

        God, like you fucking know him. Like you and him go volunteer at children’s hospitals together. Idiot. We don’t know these people!! Obviously. The only reason the rest of us feel justified in being like “oh what an asshole” is because he just acted like a huge asshole.

        “She thought she could just push him around…” god quit your speculation. Makes you seem stupid. Were you there? no.

      • BULLshit, JustSayin’, I’ve been carefully following this story from minute one and I will tell you right the fuck now with 100% comlete certainty that Brown is not just some innocent “good guy” regarding whom this shit he’s done is some first-time, never-been-done-before thing. You people who want so damn badly to believe he’s just REALly deep down actually oh! can’t you tell such a GOOD guy, there must be some misunderstanding, well maybe Rhanna did something to provoke him (!!!!!!), la de motherfuckin’ da.

        Pull your fucking heads out your asses, you defendy-type people, look – Chris Brown beat the everloving shit out of his girlfriend, who is a woman with less than half the physical power or male strength that he himself posseses, plus she was already out cold and he KEPT FUCKING HER UP!!!!!! HE FUCKING TROUNCED HER! And you bleeding heart sweetie pies want to defend the fuciking guy? Unreal.

        I have been through so much deadly and mind-fucky torture and violent abuse and the hands of so many different men in my life, in my past – first stepfathers, even my real dad, then boyfriends, ’til I finally met the man who is my safe and soulmate forever companion, but jesus christ, someone like me who has had so many different abuse experiences from so many different types of men, someone like me fucking knows.

        FUCK YOU, Chris Brown! Oh – did you hear that, asshole, that swishing sound? That was your FUCKING CAREER swirling down the toilet drain just now! Sucks to be you now, don’t it you ignorant piece of trash.

      • Look ThatLisa, you need to take a chill pill and stop all your hatin’ on everybody on here that you don’t agree with. You spew hate and act like this is your personal blog site the way you ‘patrol’ and jump on everybody. You take all the fun out of conversing about a topic. You verbally beat up everybody even though you’re so upset at CB for hitting someone. Have you ever heard of ‘verbal abuse?’ Well look it up ‘cause you’re guilty.

      • Just Sayin what you are implying, whether you meant to or not (and I think you did), IS THAT SHE DESERVED IT & BROUGHT IT UPON HERSELF. That’s why you are getting all of the flack. That is total BULLSHIT. No one EVER deserves shit like that. Period.

      • Just Sayin, why on earth would I do anything to placate you? Like I care

        I am upset about this topic because it hits too close to home. Maybe if you knew someone who went through domestic violence, you would care a lot more too.

        and you are “jumping all over” me too…. and not the other people who are talking back to you. Whatever

    • Yeah.
      Supposedly, she gave him herpes.
      But, the D.A. told the police they needed more solid evidence.
      I don’t know how much more evidence the police need?
      Either way, I don’t believe he has much of a career anymore.
      And she’s going to sky rocket with success.
      The whole situation is upsetting.
      They were both such good role-models.
      Squeaky clean images.
      It’s such a mess.
      I hope it just gets cleaned up soon.

      • I’m so sick of this herpes thing. It started because she had a cold sore– not genital herpes. And she was going out and walking around with it, so clearly her boyfriend (and the world) knew that she has type 1 herpes…. like 80% or so of Americans adults who will test positive for it.

      • Huh. I see. So “supposedly,” she deserved to be beaten into disfigured senselessness, by YOUR rationale, because she”supposedly” gave him herpes. Really.

        What a disgusting and contemptibly foul little mindset.

      • I don’t happen to think to I said it was justified for beating.
        So, make sure you read carefully.
        Okay, because I said that he should have been prosecuted.
        The D.A. has plenty of evidence.
        So make sure you fucking read it before you you make accusations.
        I do think that he should be punished.
        So ThatLisa and Snowblood, please read more carefully.

      • maybe you should take your own advice and read my response more carefully. All I said was that I was sick of the herpes story, because it sounds like utter bullshit.

        I never said that you thought it was okay that he hit her (if she gave him herpes)

        So yeah. Maybe you read more closely as well


    • I think he was more concerned for himself than her. I’m sorry but if you choke someone to the point of them passing out and then run off you do not care about them. I think if he really cared about her once she blacked out he would sober up and call someone — like an ambulance.

      • Oh I never said he cared. I said it meaning, he was worried he probably did more damage, and he was trying to save his ass. Ugh, what a pig.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking!! That he thought he killed her and fled! What a dumb thing to do. He needs to seek some majah anger management therapy…whilst in the slammer. What a piece of garbage.

      • If that is the case he is even more of a fool!

        Can you imagine the thought processes there?
        ‘Woops I took her life, better run for it. I mean nobody will suspect me if I leave her by my car, alone, with no keys.’

  • this chris brown crap is getting ridiculous, i know there has to be another celeb out and about doing something crazy we can talk about that won’t make everyone reading this site utterly depressed and/or angry

  • UGHHHHH! this is such old news! we all know how this is gonna end up. countless apologies from chris brown and rihanna is gonna be all boo hoo i got decked in the face feel sorry for me cuz im a woman. then shes gonna take it out on her music and she’ll make lots more money. so in the end she wins. so basically i need a guy to beat me so i can get some money :)

  • when i read that she threw his car keys out the window, i figured maybe it was to prevent him from driving because he was drunk. or maybe it was to prevent him from driving so he would sit in the car and talk to her, because she was trying to explain herself for something? then again, it can go either way. it’s a sad thing, for sure. they are both kinda sweaky clean compared to others you’d expect in this situation – like pamela and tommy lee. either way, it’s a bad situation, but it’s more shocking it’s happening to this couple.

    • EX-FUCKING-XACTLY, you said it, k@RM3!CHOC. THAT is the motherfucking bottom line, right there. No matter what, he was wrong, DEAD goddamn wrong, to put his hands on her. Period.

      • SNOWBLOOD-No man should hit a woman ever and in any circumstance i totally agree but does that make it right that a woman is able to do whatever it is that she feels because she is a woman? Throwing his keys was an inconvenience to him and was unecessary. Beating her was unacceptable. They both were wrong in the situation he is more guilty but at the same time these are people. America seems to lose sight of this everytime something happens in a celebrities’ lives as if theyre better than the rest of us and not at risk at all for making the same mistakes the average gf or bf makes on a daily basis in the privacy of their own homes. He was provoked and he acted. A bad choice but im sure it was a reaction out of anger. It WAS?/IS? his GIRLFRIEND by the way i doubt he wanted to mess up that pretty lil face intentionally. We are all sorry those men in your life beat the fuck out of you sweetheart but that does not mean you have to spread your biased ass opinions all over the place attacking those with a different mindset. An opinion is an opinion. This was just a bad but avoidable situation. They couldve just talked about whatever happened after they had gotten home and calmed down. Its sad that his career will suffer with this incident and she’ll benefit. Its funny how controversy works. My opinion is their personal life is their business. This situation has nothing to do with their music and i will still continue to support both of them. I happen to love Chris Brown’s music and I will continue to buy it…..

    • I know…. you cut off someone’s breathing- someone a lot less strong than you- so they can’t even attempt to fight back or defend themselves. THEN you flee the scene? What a fucking pussy.

  • I have no idea what to believe anymore. This story completely contradicts everything else that has been released. When the police found him, he had his car keys on him. And it had earlier been claimed that she had refused medical treatment on the scene and so the police decided to take her to the hospital. If he choked her so hard she passed out, wouldn’t she have bruises along her neck? So why are the bite marks and contusions being the only bruises reported? And when did all this biting occur (I still cannot believe he decided to act like a 5 year old and bite her. Like WTF)? And the screaming that was reported by witnesses and has been recorded on a 9/11 call? Unless the sources revealing details are the police, Rihanna or her camp, Chris Brown or his camp, or stuff revealed in court, I’m just going to take it with a huge grain of salt.

  • This story’s getting old already. I feel for the chick but I have no clue who the fuck Chris Brown even is. He looks like a bitch so it doesn’t surprise me that he’d beat a woman. I’m sure he’ll get raped in jail or something so people should just wait for karma to catch up to him. On the other hand, I guess I’d rather read about this crap than another boring Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears post.

  • He is 19; she is 20.

    These people are CHILDREN. I don’t care what the law says an “adult” is – these are two immature CHILDREN thrust into a high-pressure environment with no apparent education or guidance, parental or otherwise.

    Surprise, surprise, a breakdown occurred. Just like Britney – too much too fast too soon.

    • Agreed. Hasn’t he been working and releasing music since he was 15? And I think Rihanna was 17 when she started. They haven’t had the proper time or environment to grow up. Shit, I’m 19 and my parents don’t just let me drive around at random hours of the night to and from parties with my boyfriend. Sadly for most child stars, parenting seems to stop the instant their careers start. Hence all the problems they develop.

      Also, color me not surprised that an artist who grew up with spousal abuse at home as a child, never went into therapy or some sort of treatment for the trauma this must have caused him and is in his first adult (and highly public) relationship gets into the first major argument with his girlfriend and he resorts to violence.

    • So, because shes 20 and hes 19, their completely misguided and bound to fuck up? I’m sorry, but I’m really sick of the whole “You’re immature because your not as old as I am.” Shut the fuck up. Anyone can break the law, at any age sweetheart. And I can’t believe your really comparing Britney Spear’s coked out ass, to an abusive boyfriend.

      • You completely ignored what was written after the word children, the part about being thrust into high-pressure environments. The point is that they are child stars. It’s not ‘oh, if they were 30 this wouldn’t have happened’ (spouse abusers are typically over the age of 19). It’s that they were forced to grow up very quickly in an abnormal environment. And actually, a drug problem is very much comparable because normal people who grew up under normal circumstances and had a perfectly happy and normal childhood do not typically develop drug problems (and yes, I am aware that’s not always the case and that happy people can end up fucked up too but this is extremely rare. I’ve been to rehab before and 9 times out of 10 the typical story involves some sort of abnormal childhood that may include neglect and some form of abuse) just like normal people who grow up under normal circumstances and had perfectly happy and normal childhoods don’t go around hitting people whenever they get angry. I don’t think it is pure coincidence that a large portion of child stars go on to develop drug problems later on in life to fend off whatever demons they maybe facing and considering Chris Brown comes from a family with a history of spousal abuse, I am not surprised he turned to violence as a way of handling whatever demons he maybe facing.

      • No, genital herpes is not the same thing as having a cold sore because having a cold sore is a symptom of oral herpes. If she had genital herpes, she’d have sores on an entirely different portion of her body.

  • My ex-husband choked me to the point of unconsciousness while threatening to kill me in a drunken rage after 15 years together and no history of violence.

    Good guys are capable of many seriously bad deeds.

    Being hurt by a man you love and trust is so devastating, my heart goes out to Rihanna and I pray that she will walk away from this stronger and wiser.

  • “Good guys are capable of many seriously bad deeds.”

    Agree with this wholeheartedly.

    We’re all very quick to call him an asshat (which he totally acted the part). But it’s also true that we liked him for a reason (those of us who did)… so I guess that there has to be a line where you’re either a dickhead or you’re a regular guy who makes mistakes and handles things the wrong way.

    I am in no way saying that he handled things correctly. I don’t think it was okay for him to put his hands on any woman, regardless of how angry he got. But I will say that some mistakes (the ones you learn from) deserve second chances.

  • I’m going to put aside this troublesome story for a while and just say that this post was the coolest ever because my (pseudo) name was mentioned in it :)

  • I don’t want to give details on the internet, but this exact thing happened in a male-on-male domestic violence incident in my family. This is a crime, regardless of what the guy is usually like. Whatever the truth is about what has happened, I hope that the people involved have all the support they need.

    • The car was a rental – just so everyone knows. I’ve seen a couple times people saying how mad they’d be if their Lamborghini keys were thrown out the window, and also that he had his car keys on him when he turned himself in. Well it’s a rental so a)no need getting that pissed over a rental, and b)he could’ve very well had his car keys on him when he turned himself in, and c)who knows if he found the keys she threw after he choked her unconscious.

      • How do you know it was a rental? Chris Brown actually does own a Lamborghini (a blue one with silver rims); it was a gift to himself for his 18th birthday. The only reason I know this is because I am unfortunately addicted to that show My Super Sweet Sixteen and he was on it for his 18th birthday.

    Here’s how it is:

    * He shouldn’t have gone that far to beat her up, but for all we know, maybe SHE started the fight. She said she gave him an STD, said something else to get him even more pissed off after she basically said she cheated, and passed on something to him, and maybe put the icing on the cake by hitting him on top of that! DON’T BE NAIVE… IT’S TRUE, SOME (not all), SOME WOMEN do that kind of thing and you lot know that’s a fact! We don’t know the full story, and probably NEVER will, so let’s wait until you people all try to crucify Chris Brown because I don’t think he would have went to that extent unless he was pushed and had no other option.

    * In one of Rihannas songs, she claims to be a ‘BAD GYAL.’ Ohh yeah, the song IS called ‘Bad Gyal.’ How do ‘Bad Gyals’ act? Are they sly, conniving, aggressive, cold hearted and mainly… BAD?!!! Yes! She claims to be one of them so she must be one or aspire to be one. Until you lot know what a ‘Bad Gyal’ is and how they act and think, let’s not blame the poor guy for everything. After all, it is a fact that she smashed glass over her own brothers’ face during an argument. Do some research on that on the net.

    * If she admitted giving him an STD, I repeat… an STD, means she obviously cheated, broke the trust, PUT HIS LIFE AND CAREER AT RISK, which explains his anger. If it’s true, she should have told him by text message! That would be A LOT TO HANDLE if anyone heard that face to face from their loved one, don’t you reckon?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * Put the shoe on the other foot, if Rihanna gave Chris Brown and STD, and beat him up and he had to go hospital… what would your reaction be? Would you be slaying her like your slaying him?!! It can’t be one rule for one and another for the other.

    * Maybe it’s just an argument which got out of control, turned physical (by her or him) and he ended up winning because he’s stronger… who knows. We’ll never know the full truth, only Chris and ‘Bad Gyal’ Rihanna do.

  • i agree with denis: yeah, i’d choke someone who did that to my car keys, too. cause it’s a CAR, not a flesh and blood human with feelings. i would also choke a bitch who: cut me off in traffic, didn’t hold the elevator door for me, took too long in an airport bathroom, or had 12 items in the 10 items or less line. yeah, ridiculous, isn’t it? for those of you defending this prick i ask you where do you draw the line?

      • Although I only believe like half of the reports being posted, from what I’ve read and understood, they were arguing before she threw the keys out. So he might not have necessarily beat her because of the car keys. And I am still defending Chris Brown for 2 reasons. 1) Everyone is ready to crucify him without knowing all the facts. Yes, he hit her and that’s unacceptable. However, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. He had bruises on him too, a fact everyone seems to be ignoring, meaning Rihanna got in a few hits as well and for all we know started the whole altercation. 2) Everyone keeps saying how he was hitting someone obviously weaker than him and how a man should never hit a woman. As a feminist, my heart shrivels up a bit every time I see this. Just because she is a woman does not make her automatically weaker. I know so many girls who can beat the crap out of most guys and some of them are teeny tiny but just so happened to be trained in martial arts. Also, if this were the other way around and Rihanna had beat the crap out of him so badly he had to go to the hospital, you guys wouldn’t crucify her. In fact, you’d laugh at Chris Brown and call him a p**** for allowing his girlfriend to beat him up. Did she deserve to get beaten? No, no one does. But Chris Brown still deserves a fair trial like everyone else.

        And for all of you saying this will end his career…I beg to differ. R. Kelly had sex with underaged girls. And he peed on one of them. And it was on tape. Yet he still has a career. Michael Jackson has a lot of issues that may or may not involve little boys yet people still like/listen to his music. Chris Brown may not be as iconic as Michael Jackson was when his problems started popping up, but he still has a chance at having a career after this.

  • heey Chris brown i´m so sorry about that , and i want to say to u something: plz don´t fight , i don´t want to see u in the hell ok? plzz be a better man . don´t fight , dat´s it , have a good day , bye

  • She needs to get rid of him NOW. If he did it once he will do it again and again and again. Been there done that. Guys like this are dangerous and can kill you. Run as far away as you can, Rhianna.

  • Discussion is great. However, judgement should not be passed on anyone until the whole story is told, if ever. Has anyone ever seen ‘A Thin Line between Love and Hate’. Who’s to say Rihanna didn’t play a Brandy from the movie and cause her own injuries after he left her alone in the middle of the night. Anger has caused people to do crazy things. I don’t know what happen, but I also don’t put anything past anyone. He may have beat her and she very well could have beat herself. Especially if he was trying to end the relationship. Just food for thought.

  • Iam So Sorry To Hear That ABout YOu Rihanna i Just Hope YOur Ok!

    ANd i Sooooo Mad At Chris i Do Not Like Hiim Noo More NOW!!

    After What He Did To YOu !

    • you wrote that like either one of them give a fuck about you liking them im sure chris is not going to lose sleep over your comment lol Its just so funny how quick people are to judge without knowing all the unreleased details. I want to know what she did to make him lose it was it the keys or was is something deeper. We only heard her side of the story people what about him? you act like a female can’t twist a story in her favor. I agree with “Reality” How do we know she didnt bruise herself and how do we know she fell unconscious? Was she unconscious when the police arrived on the scene? Who called 911? Where are the details?????

  • This discussion was awesome!! Bottom line, this is just another sad situation about domestic violence. Regardless of the situation, it should not have gone as far as to physically hurt the other. I’ve heard another story that Rihanna is also pregnant and went back home. But its not my business. All I know is Chris Brown was wrong for what he did and if Rihanna is pregnant, thats double assault. Put his ass in the slammer if it was up to me. I think it would be beneficial for him because I bet he would second guess his actions next time he thinks about putting his hands on someone else. I hope he learns from this situation. I’m not a big Rihanna fan but I hope she will recover from the incidence both physically and emotionally. However, I know too many situations where women go back to abusive relationships. So although a lot of us feel for Rihanna and dislike Chris Brown at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few weeks we here they are still together. It’s a cycle a lot of women, even myself at one point, go through on a daily basis. So what are we lashing out about? We all can have are own opinions about where and what both of these celebs should go or do, but when it comes to love in relationships regardless of the situation, some of us do some crazy things. Ultimately, it will be up to the law and them to decide what their next steps will be.

  • I tend to be one of those “shades of grey” people who attempts to see both sides of an issue and believes that fairness is the most important commodity we can dispense. For me, however, this issue is black and white. Our laws speak clearly; No one is permitted to lose it, for any reason, and physically assault another. Not even if you think you’ve been cheated on, given an STD, stolen from, lied to, or laughed at. This doesn’t mean you must permit someone to walk over you; it means that civilized people settle their differences without violence, i.e. IN COURT. If your lover gives you a STD, you seek immediate medical treatment, contact your attorney, and sue. If your lover steals your possessions or strikes you, you call the police and press charges. If your lover lies to you , or humiliates you, there are a myriad of ways to exact revenge without breaking the law, or resorting to violence – and if it is managed properly, your (former) lover will devoutly wish he or she were dead. As the Italians say, revenge is a dish that is best eaten when cold. Obviously Chris Brown, the walking pustule, has all of the self restraint and intelligence of Mike Tyson, and just about as much intelligence. Regardless of what she (Rihanna) may (or may not) have done to him, he is forever and all time, in the absolute wrong.

  • “choking” is what happens when food get stuck in your throat.

    Rihanna was (allegedly) STRANGLED. There is a huge difference.

  • I ALWAYS KNEW THERE RELATIONSHIP WAS FAKE. they were just together to increase there fame even more. She been getting her ass kicked back in 2008 when they got in a fight at a club but the media went over that. abuse dose not happen overnight it just comes to light based on Wikipedia Chris watched his mom get beat up for 7 years. Hmmm is this a May j Blidge a Kc moment

  • No excuse for this. I don’t care what she said or did, absolutely no excuse for what he did. If he’s got issues from his childhood or whatever, then he clearly needs help.

    • I totally agree wiv u! No Matter what she said he totally lost it and I hope his career suffers from it! I always thought it was 2 gd 2 b true! He obviously has issues…1 Day he’s da most famous star in da world da next hes da most infamous!

      I hope Rihanna’s ok I didn’t believe this when my friend told me bt WOW! Brown’s got Issue’s!

  • Terrance howard and T.I. can both shut the fuck up siding with chris for as we no they both could be beating the hell out of a female don’t you have your own problem T.I. like you both treat women right. Chris was wrong and that all to it. Rhianna can do better let chris go.

  • how do we even know this is true though? I’ve had lots of petty little fights with people and it always looks much worse than it is and to be honest most the time it’s my own fault. Has anyone seen pictures of Rihanna? I don’t get where the proof of this is.. So many stories within the media are exaggerated for one purpose or the other- mainly to sell stories and get some money. and even if some elements of it is true, then I do feel bad for Rihanna but she must have had some part to play as well? still that does not justify Chris Brown assaulting her though…

  • how do we even know this is true though? I’ve had lots of petty little fights with people and it always looks much worse than it is and to be honest most the time it’s my own fault. Has anyone seen pictures of Rihanna? I don’t get where the proof of this is.. So many stories within the media are exaggerated for one purpose or the other- mainly to sell stories and get some money. and even if some elements of it is true, then I do feel bad for Rihanna but she must have had some part to play as well? still that does not justify Chris Brown assaulting her though…

    i want to see some proof lol!!

    • I also find it weird that nothing is being released (not pictures of the bruises or the 911 calls or like any details as to what happened). The stories keep changing every day too! It’s like, who is telling the truth? First he has his car keys, then he doesn’t. First he bit her, then he didn’t. Now they’re saying he strangled her though no bruises were reported on her neck in any of the reports being released. And I agree with what an earlier poster wrote: abuse to this degree does not happen over night. There are always signs and there would have been earlier fights reported. This all just seems so strange!

  • so he didnt hit her with an umbrella i been hearing that everywere im getting tired ithink cb is mest up for hitting rhianna

  • There is NEVER a credible excuse for violence. Our society loves to closet and excuse bad behaviour especially of famous people.
    In my daily life i have heard people say things like she deserved it, provoked it, asked for it, led him on. The excuses are endless……
    When are we going to say no to violence as a society. When are we going to support victims and rehabilitate perpetrators.
    I don’t know what happened that night?
    If Chris Brown hit Rhianna then he needs help and she needs support.
    I find it sad that women and men on this blog can rationalise violence and think that there is ever a GOOD reason to lift your hands to another. If this was your mother, daughter, sister, best friend, wife, girlfriend, grandma would you be able to excuse a man lifting their hands to hit them for any reason.
    Go have a look at some of the websites on violence against women in India and other third world nations. Is this what you want for your society? If it is keep justifying the abuse!

  • I must agree with the poster Andrew that brought up the point about all the smack that Rihanna spews in her songs. Have any of you really listened to or read the lyrics of her song “Breaking Dishes”? How many times in that song does she say “Imma fight a man”? Come on now folks, some women think that they can start hitting a man and he will not defend himself. Whatever, I have been in that situation, being on both sides of it. If I put myself in the position of acting like a man by hitting a man…I would fully expect him to hit me back. I am a proponent of self-defense, but do not advocate starting a fight.

    We really cannot say exactly what the situation was in that car, but you have to take everything reported by the media with a grain of salt. We also do not know everything about the private lives and personalities of these people. All we know of them is what they want us to know. Rihanna could be psychotic and so could Chris Brown. We don’t live with them, so we cannot say for sure.

    Lastly, how many instances of spousal and domestic abuse happen every day in the US? If every incident drew this kind of media coverage, this crap would not happen again and again. Most women stay in the situation because the live in fear, and feel like they don’t have a choice. How many times do you hear nationwide coverage about a man that sees his wife going into the police station to file charges, so he goes in and kills he in that very building? I heard it in the town I used to live in, but have all of you heard about it where you are? This should draw attention to an ongoing national problem, and help solve it for many many victims, not just one because she has been blessed with a beautiful face and a nice voice. Keep it real people.

  • well i’m not quite shoked…they are still “kids”, so it seems like, grow up rihana and get a real man who knows how to treat you well…and by the way this one here is for “the queen mother” don’t make this case private…yes..she is faimous..maybe that’s rihana’s luck…but those victims you’ve said just not so lucky to get the press intrested in, that’s the police’s fault because they don’t give a shit about people..thats the way in you’re country…thats the way in mine to …have more faith….and in time all of the problems will find a way to get solved…

  • BULLL_CRAAPPPP!!!!! i really wasted my time reading this DUMB nonsense that doesn’t even make sense.!!!` Now really you are sayinq that she got ALL those bruises from that one choke…….((REALLY)) let’s be real…now think…first “I’m qoinq to kill you” is just so so SO FAKE.!! That doesnt even sound like somethinq a NORMAL PERSON would say!!

    Now, i really do not disagree with what Chris Brown did, SHE beinq the dummy that she is.. started chokinq him because SHE was all up in his PERSONAL BUSINESS.!!!(somewhere she shouldn’t have been in the first place. Now when she was messinq around with Jay-Z, it was okay…BUT when Chris recieved a phone call she wants to go physco.!!!!…So PERSONALLY i would’ve beat the crap if she wuld’ve started chokinq me..reqyardless of man OR woman.!!

    She had NO riqht to be in HIS phone!! So don’t put the BLAME on him because if he hadn’t fouqht back..YALL’ BLOGGERS would have been tryinq to put the blame on HER and he wouldve she does know! AND we ALL don’t want to see that happen!!

    He was using SELF DEFENSE!!!!!!! and it wasn’t in her place to hit him or lay a hand on him.!! So this isn’t all his fault this is some of her fault to!!!

    So i say she needs to shut up and qet out of his life because where i see it from she messed up his whole career!!!

    Anybody in this WORLD would have fouqht back if THEY were allegedly beinq hit AS WELL.!!!!

  • BULLL_CRAAPPPP!!!!! i really wasted my time reading this DUMB nonsense that doesn’t even make sense.!!!` Now really you are sayinq that she got ALL those bruises from that one choke…….((REALLY)) let’s be real…now think…first “I’m qoinq to kill you” is just so so SO FAKE.!! That doesnt even sound like somethinq a NORMAL PERSON would say!!

    Now, i really do not disagree with what Chris Brown did, SHE beinq the dummy that she is.. started chokinq him because SHE was all up in his PERSONAL BUSINESS.!!!(somewhere she shouldn’t have been in the first place. Now when she was messinq around with Jay-Z, it was okay…BUT when Chris recieved a phone call she wants to go physco.!!!!…So PERSONALLY i would’ve beat the crap if she wuld’ve started chokinq me..reqyardless of man OR woman.!!

    She had NO riqht to be in HIS phone!! So don’t put the BLAME on him because if he hadn’t fouqht back..YALL’ BLOGGERS would have been tryinq to put the blame on HER and he wouldve she does know! AND we ALL don’t want to see that happen!!

    He was using SELF DEFENSE!!!!!!! and it wasn’t in her place to hit him or lay a hand on him.!! So this isn’t all his fault this is some of her fault to!!!

    So i say she needs to shut up and qet out of his life because where i see it from she messed up his whole career!!!

    Anybody in this WORLD would have fouqht back if THEY were allegedly beinq hit AS WELL.!!!!

  • well, i bet they both have there own side to what happend….and i personally am not taking side considering i wasnt a big chriss brown fan even before he beat the hell outta rihanna, but he did come from a very abusive family background….not to mention his family is a little crazy….i know this cause i am friends with his cousins from his mom side of the family, but that DOES NOT give him the excuse for beating the hell outta rihanna

  • Seriously Who gives a crap about chris brown or rihanna? Since when do either one of these people affect any of your lives. Do you think if your bf/gf beat you that either one of them would bat an eye? Seriously grow up!!!Get a job and and education and provide for your familes. Our economy is trash theyre are no jobs and we are fighting 2 wars where people are dying everyday young men and women are dying everyday get over yourselves and worry about things that are important in your lives!!! Sincerely , the realist!!!

    PS the truth hurts….

  • i cant believe he did that i was told that he beat her up because she cheated on chris and than gave him herpes but that was from this girl and that is what she told me so idk wich one it is?? who has a MEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol i will look into it

  • Hi guys, i just felt like leaving a “footprint” while i was here. Please don’t “jump” me with your comments, I’m just passing by. Yes, I’m male, but please let me pass on by. I’m not sexcist, if they are any feminists here, please dont “jump” me, I’m just passin by… Wooh, I’m almost there(ALIVE)… just two more steps…

  • Thats too but my friend u should not do that, u know what , a female can not be bit it up ok, just apoligize her for that, she is your girlfriend.


    • i lv chris brown but wot he did 2 rehanna was fucken hellish !!! i think he should apoligize 2 her coz she ma have frowen da car keys out da window but if he loved her he would have not beeten her up in da first place nd who knows if he gets away with it he will do it again

      so chris say that u are sorry nd that u lv her nd u wont do it again !!!

      take care lots aww lv ur no1 fan in da who world XX

  • wow you guys are all weired lol omg like LOSERS I hate……………………. because he heart my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • how could you heart her like that when you didnt evan know if it was true like you guys made a perfect couple but ……….. TOOOOOOO late your going to jail

  • dude like how could you do that to hear you dont evan know if that was true and you shouldnt have went all crazy like that WOW…..but to late cause your going ot jail

  • well…………. i know is really bad that u fight whit rihanna
    u shold not hit her now u are in jail .
    i hop u get out of the jail so
    but anway i dont care u fight whit rihanna……
    i love you steal
    i love you and your songs are so sexy baby.
    love ya by
    lots love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.for you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • what dus that meen you are on Chrises side ?? coz if you are you are just tite because he shouldnt have narly killed her no matter what she had dun !!!!!!!!!!!!! he is just to bad to be a Pop Star people should take him of of the top charts becuase he is a BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP….

  • well what are u up ta .. soooooooooooooo
    how is in jail i hop u aree not borring ther ……………………..
    se you love ya…… kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • well baby you gay yes i know that you gay i love you sexy
    i dont care if you fight rihanna still i love you
    i sent lots of kisssssssssssssssssssssssss……………………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • First off you all suck at spelling. Second it is NEVER okay to hit or choke or bite any girl for any reason I don’t care if she danced with another guy!


    • i knowthis is extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa old but i still gotta say yo you funny as shit!!!!! CTFUUUUUUUU! and i agree he is a piece of shit she didn’t deserve that like it wasn’t that serious i hope he had fun in jail with the gay boys !!!!!!!!!!

  • omg !!! HOW ON THIS EARTH CAN U FORGIVE A MAN LIKE HIM ? fan or no fan , he deserves to be punished rihanna should not forgive him , if he can do this , im sure he can do anything …chris ..makes me vomit …he is a looser who desrves nthn but shit !!!

  • Please! Do you all have to use baby talk and resort to babbling when you are talking about a very serious issue here? I wish you all would read your comments as everyone sounds about 6 years old. Come on, people, if you have something important enough to say to the WORLD on a site like this, then for goodness’ sake write like an adult! Most of your posts make absolutely no sense. Just think next time, please before you write. *sighs*

    With that said, I think what Chris did to Rihanna is inexcusable. I truly hope he will not escape the consequences of what he did. It sounds like more and more things are coming out every day about the troubles in Chris’ life. I honestly pray that Rihanna will wake up and realize that forgiving him is important and one thing, BUT taking him back is completely another story. If a man hits you ONE TIME, he will do it AGAIN. You can rest assured. Please let Rihanna open her eyes and realize this and separate herself from any chance of that happening ever again.

  • i hink that chirs brown souldent of dun that to Rihanna because she is only a woman s that makes him a lassybasher no matter what he ses to her but he still should say sorry coz thats jsu trealy realy bad what he did to her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel so bad for Rihanna i hope she will get much better soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • omg i cant beleive Cb wud du summit like this!
    i was shookked when i found out! i dint rbeleive it tbh !
    but Now Lookiing at the stories.! i do :S she looks such a state now!
    butt shee is going back out with him so whats it matter now she forgave him eniit so shes the stupid one!

  • i loved chirs brown but what he did to rihanna was he need to stop beating on girls cuase he losing his fans