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Karma is a Bitch


After a bitter 15-month long court battle, Eddie Murphy has been ordered to pay up. After publicly humiliating Melanie Brown by claiming baby Angel Iris wasn’t his, DNA tests proved Murphy was the father. Now he’s stuck with a 51,000 a month child support payment. 

Eddie brought this upon himself. That whole DNA test bull was a bitch move and a low blow. He’s off kicking himself knowing he could have owned up to it, settled things amicably out of court, and probably saved himself millions of dollars

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    • It’s just wrong for a bitch to suck the money out of a guy. Child support should be regulated if a woman wants to get paid for being in a relationship, then that makes her a…. There are so many things wrong about the legal system.

  • 51,000 a month? Jesus… That seems like a shitload of money for just child support. I mean, I know kids cost a lot but I feel like that’s just out of hand.

    • but think about if they were still together. it’s about how much money would go to this child based on their means (which is a lot).

  • It makes me sick that people get that much money for child support. Whatever happened to basic needs, such as food, clothing and shelter? Is it because they are both celebrities and their children need to live at that same level? What about all the kids going hungry? What about the families who would be happy to have $51K to support their entire family for a year? Ugh.

    • It’s because he has enough money to do so.

      Maybe all the celebrities should share their wealth with the rest of america!!! Oh wait. No. Because then we’d have COMMUNISM.

    • it’s because he is rich, not because he is famous. child support is income/wealth-based as I think it should be.

  • I agree that $51,000 seems like a lot, but it’s not like if she was awarded “basic needs only” Eddie would be donating that money to charity. He’d be spending it on hookers and shit, so let’s put it towards the baby please.

  • Soleil man… you need to learn how to resize your photos better, they all look like shit today which inturn brings the quailty of the blog down.

  • Ok so is eddie kicking it in a double wide, driving a kia because he has so many damn kids he has got to broke. I can’t imagine the proceeds from the raw tour and daddy day care are keeping him high and tight still

  • Whats sad about this is the child will grow up knowing that her Dad did not want her. If he wanted proof he could of quietly had blood tests, but to fling it all over the courts and press will make for some bitter teen one day.

  • The skank whore got preggers ON PURPOSE.
    How the fuck is that ok?
    He made it clear to her in the beginin he was just in it to hit it and she went and got knocke dup on purpose.

    Thats not the way dults should behave and it says a lot about what kind of shit mom she will be.

    Bitch treats that baby like a golden ticket.

    So douche or not, Id be pissed if i were eddie too.
    But i would have been as dumb as eddie. Its called a comdom bitch. even if she says she ison the pill use a fucking condom.
    Hollywood is filled with diseases. Wrap it the fuck up and we wont have to hear about your little bastard baby in the tabloids asshole.

    • Mel B is totally loaded (as in mega-wealthy) so that is crap.

      You shouldn’t f*ck with a Leeds lass, that’s all.

      • or what? she will gather her equaly untalented old rubbery former girl band members around me and sing-like-shit me to death?

        Maybe they will poke my eyes out with their plastic nipples?

        Get David Beckham to sceam real loud in his prissy girl voice till I have nightmares about mickey mouse?