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Claire Danes and Boyishly Handsome Unknown Now Engaged



Not to say that Hugh’s acting credits are insignificant so much as um….well….undiscovered? To his credit, he did just star in this year’s Alfred P. Sloan Award winner at Sundance (Adam) and now he’s engaged to Claire Danes! He will be appearing next in Confessions of a Shopoholic while Claire makes her next appearance in Me and Orson Welles. Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • I’m not entirely sure what Clare Danes’ big “claim to fame” was either, besides “My So Called Life”? She has acted exactly the same in every single movie I’ve seen her in. She pouts and whines until she gets her way.


  • i think you are the only person who would call him “undiscovered”. i think its fair to say that if you are really into movies and the entertainment business you would have heard of hugh dancy and probably seen him in a couple things. i would imagine this to be prerequisite for writing on an entertainment website but youve proven me wrong. isnt the whole idea of this that the writers are immersed in all things hollywood and know more about it than, say, the readers?? i hope beet takes into account that loyal readers love her insight but arent interested in reading the commentary of someone who is not particularly up-to-speed on celebrities, movies, and the like.

    • I also hope Beet takes into account that some of her readers are just jealous, whining, haters and keeps things exactly the way they are.

    • I agree, “me,,” I KNOW, RIGHT?? This is EXACTly what I was thinking when I read this – I was like, since when is Hugh Dancy an “undiscovered,” and why doesn’t a CELEBRITY GOSSIP BLOGGER *ahem* (SOLEIL) fucking know who Hugh Dancy is?


      • And who could forget his unforgettable Oscar worthy performances in such classics as:

        “Dangerfield” where he played Charlie Paige (2 episodes, 1998-1999) and

        “Relic Hunter” where he played Michel Previn (1 episode, 2000)

  • Is it bad that I know him from “Ella Enchanted” because I have watched in on TV about 5 times?? It’s bad isn’t it.

  • oh, it’s hugh dancy? i didn’t recognize him since i’m not so into movies, but i certainly know the name. meh, i don’t like claire danes. she’s overrated.

  • damn! Maybe Beet just won’t approve these comments!!
    Submit got hit by mistake before I fixed my f’d up Mary Louise Parker part… it was that Crudup guy or whatever his name is….

    My point was! That does seem to be the main claim to fame for both these folks lately, as it’s almost always a footnote for them at the very least and the excessive Soleil bashing seems awfully nitpicky and pissy.

    • ALL the new writers here get hazed their first few weeks, I mean how many of you people shredded and mauled Wendie with your hissing cat-claws for HER first few weeks? It’s par for the course, I think Soleil can handle it. She’s a gossip-blog writer, it comes with the territory.

  • I’d bet a hundred meeeellion bazillion Brazilian dollars that she pushed him into this after her ex, Ben Lee got hitched to Ione Skye last week, or last month, or whenever that was.

    Whenever it actually was, Ben Lee and Ione Skye getting married has not ceased being incredibly weird to me yet. Anyone with me on that?

  • I’m more upset that one of my employees wrote about Claire Danes without using the epithet “homewrecking slut” than whether or not she knows who Hugh Dancy is. Seriously the next time I hire someone I’m including that rule in the New Hire Email. “We never talk about Claire Danes without mentioning what a homewrecking slut she is. NON-NEGOTIABLE RULE.”

  • Omgoodness, this makes me completely sad. I fell in love with him in “Ella Enchanted” opposite Anne Hathaway. Completely “McDreamy”-ish. Totally hot, totally charming, totally better than Claire. However, gotta love Claire as Juilet.

  • Geeze you guys are all so mean…I think Hugh Dancy is a great actor, definately not “unknown” and I have nothing against Claire. I think they make a very cute couple and hope they are happy together. (: I enjoyed watching them in “Evening” so hopefully they will make more movies together (only with out sucking, like Bennifer and Brangelina.)

  • Hmm, so much hatred toward Claire, none toward the man who actually left his pregnant girlfriend. Oh yes, we all admit it’s HIS fault, but she’s the one who is hated.

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