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Can I Somehow Get Involved In Selling Tickets Or Working The Concession Stand Or Something For The Beyonce Smackdown? I’m Willing To Help In Any Way.

Oh.  Hell.  Yes.  During a Seattle concert a few nights ago, Etta James said what I’ve needed to hear for so long now.  She can’t stand Beyonce.  The relief is so immense for me to learn that I am not alone; it comes over me in waves.  Speaking of waves of pleasure, the clip above is from the concert.  Yeah, you have to look at annoying ads, but it’s totally worth the aural orgasm you will surely experience in multiples.  I don’t know if she downed a few Sidecars before she went on stage, but whatever it takes to speak the truth honey.  She told the audience, “You know, YOUR President, the one with the big ears-he ain’t MY President–had that woman singing for him at his Inauguration.  She’s going to get her ass whooped….Beyonce…I can’t stand Beyonce.  How dare Beyonce sing MY song that I been singing forever?  Now I’m going to sing it for y’all….”  Yes!  Please!  Kick her ass!  Rip out her weave!  Put a ring on it!  I need this!

I actually wondered the same thing when I tolerated watching Beyonce at the inauguration.  Why didn’t the large-eared dude just ask Etta James asked to sing her signature song?

Pictures in gallery of Etta pretending to like Beyonce, at the LA premiere of Cadillac Records.  You know, the movie where Beyonce plays Etta?  Girl obviously overstepped her bounds and now might get killed by a senior citizen.  Oh well.

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  • oh god thank you. i hate hate hate beyonce. she can NOT sing. and she’s so full of herself. etta james’ song at last is MY song with my boyfriend and i fucking despise it when she sings it. thank GOD etta doesn’t support torn up beyonce singing it. this just made my day.

    i’llhelp you sell those tickets

    • That song is soooo utterly cliche at this point anyway. I’ve heard it at countless weddings and everyone says “it’s our song”.

      I agree it would have been more audibly pleasing to hear someone else sing at the inauguration. I myself am no fan of Beyonce. BUT, and there is a great big but here, Etta James has no business pretending to like a person and then ripping her a new one just because she sang her one-hit-wonder. I do think that they had to get permission to sing her song (at least I would think that is standard copyright protocol) anyway. What’s she being such a bitter old bitch for!? The older these women get, the more bitter and deceitful they seem to become (Etta and Faye).

  • Well, Beyonce wasn’t a druggie at one point in her life. That tends to help your chances of being chosen to sing in front of the President. She is also a thousand times prettier to look at and she did look fabulous in her dress. With all respects to Ms. James, she sort of looks like a not-so-hot tranny mess now.

  • Yesssss. I have found fellow Beyonce haters! I really can’t explain it, well maybe I could but the list is too long, but this intense anger and loathing comes over me whenever I hear her name, see her or have to listen to her sing. It’s awful. She’s awful. This makes me so happy. :)

  • I wondered why Beyonce sang that too… it’s certainly not her song and she can not compare with the original. I thought it was tacky of her to sing it. Everyone at work thought it was so great… I’m glad I’m no longer the minority on this.

  • lol “downed a few sidecars”. wendie honey, you are too young to know about that drink! i’m gonna smile all day. thank you.

  • I think B. is full of her self but she is definitely talented she definitely has a good voice. Yeah, Etta made the song her trademark, but she also lead a messed up life. I dont think she could even expect to be asked to sing for the president. maybe she should be grateful that beyonce portraying her in this movie and doing her song for Obama brought her back into the spotlight.

  • “Why didn’t the large-eared dude just ask Etta James asked to sing her signature song?”

    On one hand we have a hot beautiful happy young lady. On the other hand we have a bitter old fat tranny look-a-like. It’s a no brainer.

  • So let me get this right…we can’t have a legendary singer actually “SING” her self-made legendary song, but we as a people can certainly elect two back-to-back presidents with drug histories…okay, got it.


  • YES. YES. YES. Etta is inimitable. Beyonce is a piece of shit. Do you think Beyonce will have a song that will still be popular and beloved decades later the way At Last is? No effin way.

  • You know why I think Etta wasn’t asked to sing at the inauguration? Probably because she refers to Obama as “the one with the big ears” and goes on to specifically state that he’s not HER president.

    I suspect that, given the choice between someone who supported him and is reasonably popular right now, and probably jumped at the chance to do it, vs. someone who doesn’t like him, most likely did not vote for him, and is still bitter about it, the decision wasn’t terribly difficult.

  • Wendie- didn’t Etta say he isn’t “her” president? So, I’m guessing she’s not an Obama fan. Why would he want her to sing at his big party? Beyonce was probably (I have no idea) fairly outspoken towards her admiration of him, and probably asked to be able to do it. And if I were Etta, I’d be flattered that she sang the song. I’m not a big Beyonce fan, in fact, I could care less what the hell she does, but we have to admit one thing- she’s got talent.

  • At Last isn’t even Etta’s song, technically. She didn’t write it and it wasn’t written FOR her. She just sang it and made it famous.
    And I love Beyonce and i like how she sings it better than how Etta sings it. And like everyone else said, Etta was messed up, and Beyonce is talented and beautiful and she never did shit like that.

    • ugh but that’s like saying….. um… “hit me baby one more time” isn’t brit brit’s song… she might not have written it, but she obviously made it famous

      • The difference is that Britney’s songs were written for her, and she is the first person to release a recording of them. “At Last” was a cover song that had already been released in several versions, including one by Nat King Cole (who is arguably more famous than Etta James). “At Last” made Etta famous, not the other way around.

  • I got such a kick out of this!! I do think Beyonce is talented altough annoying as hell! but found it in bad taste that Etta wasn’t the one asked to sing for Obama since it is her special song and it’s even worst if now Beyonce is going around singing it like it’s her song. And so what if Etta was a druggie at one point?? More credit to her for beating her addiction.

  • Just a note: Etta James techinically “threatened bodily harm” in the same way Christian Bale did — ass-whooping/kicking. Why are we not worried?

  • First, Beyonce played etta james in “Cadillac Records.” That’s why she recorded the song. Second, Jay-Z and Beyonce were big early supporters of Obama and Obama is a big fan of hers. Third, Etta James is a Republican, hence the “He’s not my president” comment. Why would the inugural committee invite someone with that attitude to perform for the president? And BTW, the inugural committee is who scheduled Beyonce. And last, Obama asked to dance to that song.. Etta James is just showing herself for the classless former diva she is.

  • Thank you so much Etta for smacking down that entitled racist bitch Beyonce. I would pay to see you rip her wig off hahahaha.