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Erykah Badu Has An Online Birth Experience


Erykah Badu welcomed her third child into the world yesterday.  Her daughter joins Erykah’s other two, also fathered by rappers children, Puma and Seven.  Badu and the new baby’s daddy, rapper Jay Electronica, Twittered (Tweeted?) along the way with updates such as, “Morning, I’m in labor,” “Everybody stand back.  No hospitals.  No doctors.  No medicine.  We’re waiting for the midwife to show,” and “Feb. 1 2009 my first child, my daughter born at 130 PM exactly. It’s the happiest day of my life.

Now, Twitter wasn’t around when my kids were born.  If it had been, this would have been a typical series of Twat Tweets based on my experience:  “Felt twinge in back, must be in labor.  Want general anaesthesia NOW,” “Changed mind.  Don’t want kids after all,” “Drove railroad spike through my hand.  Hurt less than transition,” “I thought all babies were supposed to be beautiful?” and “Let me get this straight.  I just pushed a human out of my vagina and all I get for dinner is a shrink-wrapped egg salad sandwich?

I’ve always questioned the mental health of Erykah Badu.  Maybe it’s her hair.  Maybe it’s because she even thought of Twittering while having a baby or maybe it’s because she didn’t want any drugs.  I suspect my concern for her may now be based on the name she chose for the newest addition to her brood:  Twitty Milk.  Yes, I’m serious.  Like “Titty Milk” but with a “w” in there.

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  • Twitty Milk? Whats that supposed to mean? I don’t get it… but thats probably because I’m german. This also explains my bad english, by the way… :D

    Anyway, this is definitly not the first strange thing to be associated with her, but she is a great singer though.

    Priceless post after all, thank you, Wendie… lol

  • I always thought she was retarded. She’s one of those black people who try to be all “back to the roots, african power” but don’t hesitate to use technology to keep people who don’t care informed on a minute to minute basis of what’s coming out of her vagina.

    • That would’ve been the baby-daddy with that one.

      She birthed Twitty Milk from her Twat while Twittering.
      Gross and psychotic.

  • who the hell is she? anyway i get a very disturbing vibe from her. and u know im sorry ive got bloody issues with her hairdo.

  • Puma, I’m sure after a pair of favorite comfy sneakers.
    It’s like a game with these folks,
    let’s see who can name their kid the weirdest thing.
    It’s probably a secret pool among celebrities.
    (BTW, “Erykah’s” real name is Erica Abi Johnson.)

  • LOL, not that I’m a fan of hers…but seriously not drugging a new baby in the process of labor is a GOOD thing folks. WTF is wrong with us as humans that we’ll avoid everything under the sun while pregnant but we’ll give them a healthy dose right before they are born.