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Jessica Simpson Is Fat

“I wish her nothing but the best and I hope she’s happy — whatever size that comes in.”


Nick Lachey weighs in — ha ha no pun intended — on the media frenzy surrounding his ex-wife Jessica Simpson’s weight gain.

Just to highlight exactly how big a deal this has become, our very own President made a comment on it during his Matt Lauer interview for the Super Bowl pre-game broadcast. The clip is below. Watch it now — it’ll be pulled soon.

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  • I know I should be jumping to the defenses of all women and their right to be happy in their own skin blah blah blah but I find this whole thing to be really humorous.

  • it’s lame how that video’s title says he “calls jessica simpson fat” – he was just reading the headline.

  • it’s just kind of insane that one celebrities weight gain is getting THIS much attention…so many celebrities weights fluctuate liek CRAZY and they aren’t the focus for more than a day or a picture…this Jessica Simson thing just won’t go away!
    also, i hope people don’t make this obama thing something it wasn’t, he was clearly just reading the “weight battle” thing right off the magazine

  • Jessica is eating this up (No pun intended)
    Her career is over. That country album was not selling. At least this way, people are talking about her!

    • She probably is actually.
      She coudl enver be country i don’t care if she did dukes of hazard. She sucks as a country artist.

  • gawd I am so over this story. It’s so stupid and ridiculous.

    But that clip– it’s funny. It’s totally America. Yes we would cover up the new President’s head on a magazine cover to call some curvier c-list celeb fat. Yup. I’m so proud.

  • maybe it’s just me, but i think the ‘after’ picture looks doctored to make her look heavier. give the girl a fucking break already.

  • One who is losing a battle with cigarettes is not in a position to laugh at another’s health condition.

  • That’s not the Nick L. quote I saw on He was very gracious and said he only wished her the best (and a corn dog with cheese fries and a super size coke).

  • ok, i’m sorry but this is so dumb. it’s pretty obvious from his tone that he was just reading the headline and was probably poking fun at the magazine, NOT at jessica. also, who effing cares if jessica simpson gains or loses weight. i mean, i just don’t get it. people (tabloids) get all up in arms about “fat” celebrities, but i mean, does anyone REALLY care? aahhhhh.

  • What the hell happen with weight, curves & fat people ??? Did all that “fatgate” necessary ??? She’s pretty, beautiful and so gorgeous !!
    I live in France since years ago, thing like that will never happen here ..! So many more important things in the world …. … !

    • thats many important things happening right now, and..uh..what are you doing in a gossip blog? go to!


  • Obama’s wife is so smart… Don’t Know Much About History
    “First lady Michelle Obama set out Monday on a listening tour through the federal bureaucracy, stopping first at the Department of Education to thank employees for their service and rally them for the tough work ahead,” the Associated Press. While at the Education Department, Mrs. Obama committed this howler:

    In thanking the workers, she told them: “I am a product of your work.””I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the public schools that nurtured me and helped me along,” said Mrs. Obama, a Chicago native who attended its public schools as a child.Michelle Obama was born in January 1964. The Department of Education began operation in May 1980, when Mrs. Obama was a 16-year-old high school junior. Apparently she is unaware that there were public schools before there was a federal Department of Education–though we suppose that’s evidence that the department does not bear all the blame for the schools’ going downhill.

    • um, it’s still in their line of work. she is a product of public schools regardless.

      your oh-snap sucks.

  • So she gained weight. who the hell cares? serisouly shes still pretty and ia m sure guys still find her hot so w.e. and NO one is perfect. People experience weight loss and weight gain alot in life. People should just ignore it and let her live her life.