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Kate Gosselin Is About to Explode with Jealousy


I’m sorry, but every time I hear about this stupid woman in California who had fucking OCTUPLETS when she already had SIX CHILDREN, I just get this mental image of Kate Gosselin pacing around her brand new kitchen, furiously scrubbing every nook and cranny and muttering to herself about that damn octuplet lady, trying to steal her thunder. Also, at some point in her rant she will misuse a word and then blame Jon for it.

The whole thing gives me such glee.

Anyway, stupid octuplet lady wants $2M for media interviews and commercial sponsorship to help pay the cost of raising the children.

Although still confined to an LA hospital bed, she intends to talk to two influential television hosts this week — media mogul Oprah Winfrey, and Diane Sawyer, who presents Good Morning America.

Her family has told agents she needs cash from deals such as nappy sponsorship — she will get through 250 a week in the next few months — and the agents will gauge public reaction to her story.

Her earning power, though, could be diminished by a growing ethical and medical controversy. Experts believe that the unnamed fertility specialists who gave her in vitro fertilisation (IVF) should not have implanted so many embryos, and in choosing to carry all eight to term, Suleman ignored guidelines, risking both their health and her own.

I, for one, am in the “this shit is messed up” camp. While I completely respect her decision not to reduce, what the fuck was this woman doing having IVF in the first place when she already had six kids? She seems crazy — not, like, Kate Gosselin’s endearingly OCD crazy, but really genuinely crazy — and I’m kind of worried for these kids, personally. I will be kind of irked if the media shells out that kind of money to chat with her. People should not be encouraged to have a billion babies for the media attention.

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  • I dunno if it would help, but if people choose NOT to watch the Diane Sawyer or Oprah interviews and ratings suck, then maybe no one will give into the cash cow. I know I WON’T be watching — that woman is a joke.

  • is anyone asking her how she had the money for invitro? who paid for it? I’m unmarried and for me it will cost over $10,000 and it’s NOT covered by insurance because I’m not married and attempted to conceive….


  • AGREED. At least Kate didn’t choose to have so many kids, and it was more of a surprise. She is doing the best she can, and the show is probably a helpful source of income for that family. It honestly seems like this crazy lady is having kids JUST SO she can be on TV. That’s disgusting.

  • I totally agree. That bitch seems crazy. I doubt Kate cares. Her kids were born to a loving family. Before the show, they were still doing what they could to make ends meet. It’s not some goddamn bankrupted single mom with fourteen fucking kids!!!! SO RIDICULOUS.

    …oh but I totally need to watch at least one interview (who am I kidding– I will actually just read about it on zee internet). But I do really want to know what the fuck happened here.

    • why all the hateful potty mouth are you old enough to be on the internet or are you such a bitter hateful person,hope you have no children that are being raised with such a parent that her kids are hearing that devil attitude towards another family, I think they are very loving parents so stop hating and get grateful for what you have in your life and find god

  • IVF takes multiple tries and at $20,000 a pop I’m curious how she afforded it when she’s a full time student with no job. Rumor has it she got PAID to do it so I wonder who paid? Some right to life group? The mormons? It’s nice to know that society rewards people for being irresponsible morons. Pardon me while I go out and get IVF and smoke crack so I can write a book/go on Oprah and get rich.

    • I want to know what she told the doctor that performed the procedure. Because if she told him the truth of her circumstances, he should be dismissed for an ethical FAILure. 6 kids, no job. How is it good for her to receive IVF treatments? 7 kids, no job? Oh, and now many of the eggs implanted or whatever? 14 kids, still no friggin job? That’s an ethical failure on the part of the doctor.

  • If her agents want to “gauge public reaction,” all they need to do is go online in ANY forum and read the thousands of negative comments from people who cannot believe this has happened.

  • If your own MOTHER who has supported you and 6 of your children for 7 years thinks you’re a cracked looney and has written you off completely, expect nothing less from the rest of us.

  • Oprah ALWAYS claims that all guest are not paid so it will be interesting to see if she sticks with that policy. In the past she has decided to not do interviews because the person wanted cash.

    This lady is trash and I hope no one shells out any kind of money to her.

  • This woman is obviously a pure nutjob. That aside, it’s done now and her family WILL need help, and it would not be fair to punish these innocent children because of their situation. However, I hope to God that some type of repercussions happen to the clinic and doctor(s) responsible for being party to such an unbelievable and irresponsible act, and that some measures are put into place to prevent this from ever happening again.

  • Who the hell implants 8 embryos in a woman who already has six children? This is like wondering who keeps giving Michael Jackson plastic surgery. At some point, you’d think the ethical thing to do is refuse and advise the person to get mental help.

  • Ugh, this story totally frustrates me. I don’t understand what is wrong with her. She doesn’t even sound stable enough to have pets, let alone children.

    She has 6 kids, she lives with her mom, unemployed What kind of future are these kids going to have?

    This woman has serious issues. Think of all the tax breaks she’s going to get w/those kids. It’s like $3,000 a kid. It’s so wrong to use your children as a means to make money.

  • She’s definitely sick. They should have tied her tubes or done something while they were in there to make her unbreedable. This was a totally irresponsible and selfish action. It’s worse than a puppy mill.

  • I think she had cash and cash only on the mind when she got the IVF. Sell my story, get my own TV show…Why else would she do it. And is the doctor who did this in on it?? That would be my guess. Fucking idiots. I feel bad for the kids though.

  • I wonder if she is addicted to giving birth. Some women actually enjoy being pregnant and giving birth. But, when it comes time to taking care of the children, they totally fail.

    It’s just a thought.

    Also, I am wondering if she lied and said she didn’t have any children. I don’t know, it all is weird and just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • I guess that we shouldn’t judge until we know the whole story but I think that the doctor and the facility that was in charge of the procedure should take some of the responsibility… What did I hear his name was? Frankenstein?? Come on, a day spa takes more history on a client before they give them a facial or a massage! Has in-Vetro gotten so passe’ that you can charge something like that? They make you give more information when you adopt a cat!

  • I sure hope she doesn’t plan to go on welfare. In this economy that would piss me off. I wonder if she’s mexican or maybe mormon?

  • she didn’t pay for IVF. My husband just watched a special on her last night and she must have been part of a new experimantal procedure or something. She didn’t pay for them. I have not seen her on TV but noone can be as crazy as Kate Gosselin in my opinion. SHe reminds me of my mentally ill mom.

  • TLC apparently has money for both Kate and Nadya. At least we won’t have to watch Nadya emasculate her sperm donor so that’s one positive point for her show. Jon and Kate were on medicaid through PA so I don’t get all the up in arms about paying this women’s medicaid. Is it because she a daughter of Iraq immigrants rather then a blue-eyed blond All American girl next door? As for her being crazy, really, is Katie Irene sane? The girl who carried the book about the septulets around like it was her bible is sane? Not too much difference other then the sperm donor situation from where I sit.

  • For the love of God, someone stop that lady from giving birth! Sadly the only way these kids are gonna have a normal life is if you put ALL 14 up for adoption because this chick is obviously on something

  • I used to watch J&K+8 all the time but it has become tedeious and self serving. Last night I looked at it for the first time in a couple of months and K8 was huddled in the corner of the interview chair and mumbling putdowns at Jon for taking the kids into the woods. Is she depressed or something? Or overworked from her constant cleaning, organizing and cooking organic? Is she worried about the spotlight shifting from her to Ingrate+14….?Those poor kids…I know how 4 yr olds can be and I sympathize with what thy’re going through but they chose this life. What did they expect? It had to be pretty difficult with twins so why would they choose to add the additional six…? It blows my mind how young people (and now even old people…having babies at 60!!!!) are confusing entitlement and being practical. When they were getting the IVF did they think “This may be 4, 6, 8 kids…can I handle it. What if I end up a single parent…what if they are disabled….what if my husband becomes a single parent….what if, what if, what if????? I don’t know what to think anymore…

  • I think you should all be ashamed at the hatred that is spewing out towards these families/moms of multiples! First of all, instead of looking at the positive which is the miracle of birth (these babies were all gifts from God) you are all lashing out inappropiately referring to the children as a “litter” and swearing and calling names…very childish and immature! Ask yourself the statistics on how many abortions are being performed every minute of everyday! The slaughter of innocent lives is sooo much more horrific and newsworthy than this woman who for whatever reason wanted a big family. She may or may not have some issues, but it’s not this newsworthy and she shouldn’t be villified for wanting to support her family by the money freely offered by these hungry media/journalists! Why is she even being offered this money in the first place? Who do you think is watching and wanting to be the voyeurs in their private lives anyway! Don’t assume to know a person based on 5 minutes of watching any so-called “investigative reports” because you will get what you are looking for ( the public/media want to slam these mothers and create a “crazy/loony” persona b/c they know it will make the story more interesting. She could also just be a woman who DID have a dysfunctional lonely life and is wanting a bigger family to fill a void. Like WE ALL don’t do that in some way in our own messed up lives, i.e. alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food, relationships, cults,or whatever addiction we can feed, etc, etc. Don’t judge other people before looking at yourselves first because none of us are “better” or are “better off” or more righteous in our actions!!

  • Kate Gosselin is not just merely obsessive/compulsive, she is tyrannasaurus rex in a woman suit. I don’t know how Jon handles it. I would have gone postal on Kate long ago if I had to be married to her. Kate is snide, verbally and physically abusive and totally oblivious to her childrens need for a good pop every once in a while. The constant screaming of the kids for no reason and the total drama from the twins would bring swift retribution if they were my siblings. My parents did not put up with such guff. Case in point the trip to the dentist when Lexie’s screams stopped every time she answered a question and then restarted like a record.

    I am sorry, Kate. I believe in calling a spade a spade and you, honey are a real piece of work. You had best be glad Jon is the loving supportive fellow he is. I think you may have a wake up call coming some day when Jon gets his fill of your OCD and total bitchery.

  • When TLC first aired Jon and Kate + eight, it was suppose to be a show about a family with 2 six year olds and 6 two year olds, that in it self is unusual and it caught my attention. The show was about the everyday life of the kids. The kids were the stars NOT Kate. If you watch the show now, you see more of Jon and Kate than you do the eight. Kate has turned what should have been a few episodes of jon and kate + Eight into “its all about me” these kids are my ticket to fame and if I have to exploit the little rug rats then I will. TLC is to blame for creating this monster. I wonder if TLC would consisder the day in the life of hard working people who actually HAVE to go to work just to put food on the table (because organic food is not an option for every household). I would like to challenge TLC to dump Kate and her self-centered opinionated bunch of who gives a crap about anyone but myself idoit that she is. For the stupid woman in California, she may have gotten all of her I want the easy life ideas from Kate. Thanks TLC YOU have created a monster.


  • Well… the old saying still hold truths… that sometimes it takes a village to raise a child… in this case 14 children.These children did not have a say so in who there mother was going to be. If the money that this woman receives from television/ paper interviews, book deal(s), and movie(s) then, I hope that the money is put in someone else’s control (besides the mother) so that these children will benefit from the money/ies. Such as, education/college trust funds, housing, clothing, medical/dental care, christmases, birthdays, easters, and all children like holidays and just natural needs of a child/children… love, laughter, fun, support, understanding, listening, guidance, discipline, and respect, so that these precious innocent children will grow up to be good and decent upstanding adults. Yes, it is a shame that this woman had all these children that she knew that she couldn’t provide for but, in the end it is not these innocent children fault. Maybe, by any legal law, make the implantation doctor pay for all child supports.

  • Did anyone else catch Nadya on Dr. Phil this week? Doctor Phil asked the American public to “find it in their hearts” to help Nadya and her 14 kids. He then had Nadya look into the camera and ask the viewing public what she would like from them, and she said ” just a package of diapers”, but…her Mom said, “a HOUSE”!
    That’s some funny stuff! I’ll go get my checkbook right now…ugh!!

  • I feel we are all coming down on kate but if it wasn’t for her the house would not be organized. Jon married her for who she and yes she can say things to seem nasty but she don’t mean it to be. I feel jon needs to think about what you are giving up because it will never be the same. I came from a divorced home and my mom left and I came up disliken her immensly. The children will be the ones to suffer. I feel you don’t get married to leave because the marriage gets tuff. I say jon and kate go to a marriage counler. I feel you took your vows to reinsure your kids you would be together forever. I have watched your show from day one and always thought i love them all because you love each other so much. I feel terrible for you to. My heart just broke. Please try and get it back not just for you but the kids need both parents all the time. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!! I want to watch your show its great. I do feel it would put a big stress being put on tv series.
    Love to all of the Gosslins

    • I don’t think there is a real separation in the works. I think it’s TLC trying to bring back viewers that have grown tired of the same old same old. They have to change or we are becoming aggravated with a family we love. They’ve done a whole 360 on us. It’s become about them being disrespectful to each other and there viewers. And loosing sight of there real purpose for the show. It’s not all about getting free vacations and gifts. It’s about there beautiful family and living there ” It might be a crazy life but it’s there life” ,life that they were blessed with for a reason.

  • I think this is so stupid. She could probably care, she has enough other things to worry about. I no she has a strong personality but that don’t make anyone a devil. I feel in my heart she loves everybody but this whole situation has got out of control. You have to realize jon isn’t being a faithful husband either. He also took the vows and they need to get help and stay together and everyone don’t put it all on kate