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Total Football Tragedy



The one time in my life that I actually care about a sporting event, and my heart gets ripped out from my chest and stomped on.

This is why I try not to care about things.

I even wore my little Cardinals jersey that I bought when I was visiting my hometown of Phoenix, and went to a big party and wore the 3-D glasses and cheered my little heart out.

It didn’t matter.

I’m so crushed.

If you want to talk about the stupid football game that happened today, this is your thread. I will try not to ban you for saying nice things about the Steelers.

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  • I hate that the Steelers won, this is some bullshit! How that last play didn’t get reviewed is beyond me.

    • it did get reviewed. they reviewed it said it was a fumble then let the steelers take a knee. in the last two minutes any questionable play is reviewed up in the booth

  • I personally didn’t care who won, and I’m sure the majority of the country felt the same (aside from AZ and Western PA/Ohio), but I am sorry that you had such a let down. :( I feel bad for Kurt, too.
    Just know that it was a pretty amazing thing for them to make it in the first place. It’s not like last year’s ridiculous upset.

  • I am so over the Steelers… BOOO HISSS!

    Bill Plaschke and his shitty little article in the L.A. Times can just eat it. The Steelers might have won, but not by much and Pittsburg almost let it slip away. It wasn’t the ass whippin’ everyone thought it would be. Wait till next year…

    • Umm… it’s “Pittsburgh”, not “Pittsburg”… and I thought people from Pittsburgh were dumb…

      • that’s ’cause I really don’t give a shit about them so I don’t care how I spell it…. .. hahah!

  • I know how you feel. I am not a football fan, but I was born and raised in AZ! I was soo hoping the Cardinals would win :( I’m among a bunch of stinking Charger fans out here in San Diego.

  • im from oz so obvioulsy having the first guy from here play in a superbowl was awesome! go ben! pity they lost….very good charge at the end, when they got the safety i was like WOAH THIS IS IT!!!!!!! :(

    • Yeah, but when the end of the world comes, we in Pittsburgh will still be around, because everyone knows it takes at least 5 years for us to catch up to the rest of the country!

  • Can any team ever win a game without someone bitching about the refs/unfair penalties? You’re team lost, get over it!

    • wow, people usually mess up the other “your”-way

      It is “your team lost”

      God. Why doesn’t anyone understand your/you’re?

      • Wow, the grammar and punctuation police are running rampant today. YOUR eye is impeccable. God. i’m so glad you noticed that.

    • ha. I was born in Cleveland, and was like… hmm… I am supposed to want the Steelers to lose. It was hard to care though.

      • haha yes, I’m from Port Clinton (by Cedar Point) and I was told to not like the Steelers. haha. It was an excuse to drink, if anything.

  • I am going to be the most hated person in this thread because I actually wanted the Steelers to win. *hides from shoes being thrown or being chased by Rachel Zoe as if she’s a piece of meat.*

    I am a native Pennsylvanian and with the Phillies winning the World Series and now the Steelers win teh Superbowl, makes us a pretty dominant state..or maybe just in my head.

    But don’t worry, Beet. Come next season I will be re-cheering on my Seattle Seahawks!! Which are my true team! ;) Keep your chin held high dear, just watch rerun of the Puppy Bowl.. I have it on now.. toooooo cute! OMG!

    • Me too! Born and raised in Pittsburgh and even though I live in CA. now-home will always be Pittsburgh. My Dad and I were the biggest Steeler and Pirates fans ever. It made no difference if they were winning or losing. They were “our” teams and always will be.

    • We here in Philly actually have our own football team. It’s not the Steelers. It’s the Eagles. Most people in Philly don’t give a shit about the Steelers, and in fact despise them. The two cities are so far from apart from each other in the state, that Pittsburgh might as well be Ohio.
      And no, I’m not bitter that the Eagles didn’t make it. I’m actually a Dolphins fan. LOL

  • i thought the cardinals had it.
    i just wanted the underdog to win. the steelers don’t need another one of those tropies.

  • i’m seriously so pissed off right now i wanna take a fat shit on the steelers locker room! i’m originally from seattle and had to live through the bullshit superbowl that the steelers “won” a few years ago…now i move down here to AZ and that damn team wins AGAIN?! i swear, how much did they pay the refs of THIS year??! i’m definitely not watching any sports highlights for at least the next 3 weeks….

    • the steelers got a lot of costly penalties too. and the reason seattle didn’t win in ’05 was things like dropped touchdowns. ben didn’t even play well we beat you guys it was four years ago,get over it already. its a game. but with this most recent superbowl any foul that got called on arizona was very obvious, nothing questionable. you can’t run over a holder during a field goal, you can’t practically mug a linebacker who is trying to get to your quarterback. the cardinals played a good game but in the end the steelers played a better game. all the cardinals need to look at is how they let the first half get away, the game could have been a lot more in the steelers favor, i mean they left points on the field on at least two drives where they should have been able to get touchdowns. all i can say is the cardinals were fortunate to be in the playoffs to begin with, they have an amazing offense but a lack luster defense, and that was exposed last night. their defense hurt them. but they were 9-7 in the regular season for a reason, mind you six of those wins were in the weak nfc west. so the team that played the tougher schedule and had to work harder all year won. there really isn’t anything you can argue, all the touchdowns were clearly touchdowns and there really wasn’t any questionable calls going against the cardinals. they played a good game, but they gave it away in the last two minutes when the steelers throughout the season have played their best football.

  • AZ should be proud. They played a good game. It wasn’t the slaughter everyone was expecting….I didn’t care who won but I enjoyed watching the game…and the commercials and partying with friends I love and eating gooood food….[BBQ Tri-tip sandwiches!!] Its all good.

  • Regardless of who won, it was a good game. The Cardinals woke up almost at the end of the game. I was rooting for them but they were playing sloppy in the beginning, so the Steelers deserve to win in the end.

    • omg that’s my whole basis for liking that team!!! the pants!!! i’m so glad i’m not the only one. . .

  • Well, I live about an hour north of Pittsburgh and thus was obligated to root for them…but really, I didn’t care all that much. Most of my friends are from Pittsburgh, and it’s cute to see them so excited. But the Cardinals put up a damn good fight, right up to the last minute. Kudos to them.

  • Poor poor Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald was totally on it tonight. And what the hell was up with Harrison throwing punches on a kneeling dude!? Shame on him! I half expected his grandma to come down and purse slap his ass.

  • I am a true blue Steeler fan, and I am thrilled as anyone would be that my team won. But being a fan means I understand the pain too…. AZ played a great game, and Larry Fitgerald (PITTSBURGH PANTHER) was as exciting and amazing to watch as he ever was. Had they used him more, this may be a different story. He’s the real deal and you will get your chance again Beet. If you’re not playing us, I will root for Larry with every bone in my body…

  • Love your website! Cardinals did an awesome job. Im a die hard Steeler Fan and this is a huge thing for Pittsburgh!

  • Being a fairweather fan, you really shouldn’t let this get to you so much, Beet. There’s always next year.

  • I’m super amped that my STEELERS won! I was livid and crunk that I’ve either pulled a muscle or torn a ligament in my knee, but I don’t care…’s SO worth it! I’m going to work 4 hours late (about the time when all those haters will be in lobby) and you best believe I’m gonna have some people mad at me!! Limps off to get my gear ready……

  • I love Kurt Warner and his charity work..he really is a good guy and so is Larry Fitzgerald..super nice people. That said, I sooo proud of the Steelers!!! My heart broke when the Cards knocked out my beloved Panthers out in the playoffs( F.U. Jake ruined it for Steve Smith!!!!!). My Grandpa had a stroke right after the Steelers won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago…that was the last time that I can remember him lucid. He has had fluid on the brain, so the Dr. drained some fluid off his brain Thursday, and guess what…my Grandpa was back to his old self to see his beloved Steelers win again! To all the Cards have an awesome team, with awesome players. They contribute a lot to their community and for that, you should be proud! There were no losers last night. The Cards have had one of the most dramatic and feel-good seasons of football history! You guys should be proud of who they are on and off the field.

  • I’m from an hour north of pittsburgh too, and you guys just don’t get it. I’m not even big into football, but the steelers fans here are crazy! You’d get your ass kicked if any of you said these things in person to a true steelers fan! Pittsburgh people get angry if the steelers don’t do good. (In college we got less homework when they were doing good, and we got out of class earlier when they were doing good) I’m very happy that they won! I won’t have to listen to the news anchors talk about a loss for the next five years, and everyone in the city will be happy and chipper! The burghs a lot nicer when we win! DOWN WITH THE BROWNS!

  • i agree with Kay Shea. seriously, can’t we just say “good game” and call it a day? the cardinals put up a seriously good fight and the two teams were a great match against each other. this season really put the cardinals on the map and everybody will be watching out for them in future seasons.

    i’m a steelers fan and if they had lost, i would have blamed it on the steelers shitting the bed and not accused the cardinals of cheating or playing dirty.

    people who whine about the other team “cheating” or “paying off refs” when their team loses are just bitter and completely ruining the good spirit and whole point of american sports. and also, it’s pretty unclassy.