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Jessica Simpson Thanks Fans for Support Over Latest Fat-Gate

Jessica Simpson Is Fat

Seriously, you guys, how often do we have to do this? A female celebrity gains twenty pounds, stops looking uber-hot, the whole world calls her fat, then the whole world throws a fit about body image, then the fat girl thanks her fans and acts like she loves her body, then she loses thirty pounds and drops her fiance. Because everything was totally fine before. Sigh.

Up now: Jessica Simpson.

In her first performance since the flap over her figure, Jessica Simpson strutted across a Virginia stage in skin-tight leather pants Thursday night and lamented the world’s “completely pointless” focus.

“Thank you for your support,” she told the crowd in Charlottesville at the end of her set. “Stay positive, and pray out loud! I love you guys, good night.”

Simpson, 28, never specifically mentioned the news of her new curves or the vocal support from her sister Ashlee and Kim Kardashian.

But in her performance opening for Rascal Flatts at the University of Virginia’s John Paul Jones Arena, Simpson was no-nonsense and outspoken in her black pants, V-neck T-shirt and hip-length black jacket.

“Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder,” she told the crowd. “So just appreciate.”

Yes, Jessica, somebody else might have it harder … their abs, specifically.

You better BELIEVE Jess is gonna drop that weight and then some over the next couple of months, so I don’t wanna hear any of y’all like, “She looks great, I bet she’s happier than ever and loves her womanly body!” because you know what? She doesn’t.

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  • Her being fat is sort of like having monster truck tires on a Porsche.
    It’s kind of a waste.
    I still think she is pretty, but she was gorgeous before.

  • I wonder if the people who would rather die than have no hands and feet would rather die than be this ‘fat’. SHE”S NOT FAT!

    I see people at my gym every day who STRUGGLE to get in and out of the pool, who can’t run cos their legs rub together. They struggle and struggle and at least they GO to the gym, but it upsets me to see them – that’s fat, not a shapely woman in bad pants.

  • i’d put money on that prediction, beet! slim jessica and 3 or 4 “happy/healthy/hot new bod” magazine covers by easter! it’s a done deal.

  • I don’t know. this is all just so ridiculous. I think it’s fucked up of you too Beet. Her body is still better than yours. You have been trying so hard to get back into shape. I would expect you to be more sympathetic. And her abs still look better than yours, so whatever. Nice insult.

    What are you bitching about? That she just said some cliche positive messages to her audience? OMG WHAT A BITCH!!! OMG!

      • no. JS is probably too busy crying and making her self throw up. I just think this whole thing is ridiculous. And seriously, she is still a lot hotter than, I am guessing, almost all of us. It’s like a bunch of nerdy kids making fun of the prom queen. Just gross jealousy.

  • Yeah.. this is kind of a fucked up post. I’ve never been into Jessica Simpson really but even a 20 pounds heavier version of herself, or however much she’s gained, is better looking than Beet. To call her fat is ridiculous. I mean, she’s obviously gained weight but that’s no reason to be a bitch.

  • I think I’m gonna side with Beet on this one. Sure, she might have been a little harsh, but she’s right.

    I mean, obviously Jessica Simpson isn’t fat. She’s just developed some curves where there were none before and got caught in a very unflattering outfit. But, all the same, you just KNOW she’s gonna drop that weight as soon as she can.

  • it’s just because she is a celebrity. she is only going to drop the weight because she is in the spotlight, and because she will get the cover if she has the “20 pound loss/new rock hard body.” who even cared about jennifer love hewitt before she was deemed “fat” and then lost the weight? she was HARDLY in the news. jessica simpson is by no means fat, but hollywood considers her to be, and that’s what matters to her.

  • I have to agree with the author. Jessica Simpson isn’t fat, but she’s going to lose the weight and I’m 100% sure she is not happy. And yes, she will lose the weight again.

  • I can image a civilian being happy in that weight, but when it comes to showbiz I’ll have to agree with you, Beet. Being under so much scrutiny, the subject of thousands of bitchy blog posts, cartoons in newspapers and unflattering pap photos with wobbly bits circled is enough to drive anyone to suicidal depression – much less cutting out the Krispy Kremes.

  • i honestly don’t understand what the big deal is. it’s a bad pic in a bad outfit. i bet she is still on the low end of the normal weight range for her height. so for everyone calling her fat… fuck you. there are more important things in life than insisting that a celebrity be anorexic. i’ve had my own issues with eating disorders for most of my life, and i can’t even fucking imagine how much more miserable things would have been if every time i got to a healthy weight, people called me fat.

  • She’s not fat. She’s fatTER than she was before… but still not fat.

    I mean, she’s not gonna be molesting a cabbage in a PETA ad anytime soon and of course those Aunt Edna garden pants don’t help her any.

    • i remember the first time those pants were popular. that fad died faster than my pet rock. NOBODY can look good in those pants.

  • celebrity is like a bad cycle: a bunch of insecure people trying to live up to everyone elses standards of “perfect”. No doubt she will be on a mega starvation redbull diet calling Lohan for tips, then balloon back up by next fall and start the cycle all over again. Had she only chosen to dress more appropriately for her curves people wouldn’t have made such a big fuss.

  • So Beet, you’re saying that because JSimp is unhappy, that makes it right for people to keep criticising her? Bullshit! You have body issues too, would that make it OK for me to constantly tell you you’re so fucking fat and ugly? Of course it wouldn’t, because you are just a normal girl with a normal figure.

    I think JSimp looks awesome here. This is NOT fat, and anyone who thinks it is has some serious issues. She is plump, her weight is not such that it could threaten her health in anyway and will actually do her good later in life, when the other skinny celebrities will be breaking their bones from osteoporosis.

    Beet, you can take out your own weight insecurities by calling other people fat all you like, but arguing that their own low self-esteem makes it right to do so is the most stupid thing I’ve heard this week.

  • Yep, it will happen just as Beet predicts. And yep, I’m sure Jessica wants the old bod back. Who wouldn’t?

  • Jessica needs to shut her fat ass up!
    Enough of these fucking idiot.
    Choke on a ham bone already for christ sake im so tired of this whole family. THATS WHY YOURE PLAYING STATE FAIRS FUCKING RETARD! People are sick of her ass, her big fat mom jeans wearing idiot ass.


  • Guys, I don’t think Beet is saying she is fat or is encouraging her to lose weight or anything of that nature. She is simply stating what is the norm for celebrities: Someone who was once skinny is not now as skinny, a bunch of people noticed, and so while they may “accept” it now, they are totally going to do anything they can to get back to their old body. Beet just said it in a slightly more scathing tone.

    I mean, I’m with you, Beet. I totally think that’s how it’ll all go down.

      • Wow.. I didn’t know people that retarded existed, Lisa. It’s called sarcasm sweety. BEET meant that JS went from being Daisy Duke to the media’s go to fat girl because she gained a couple of pounds. That’s also why the first sentence says “how often do we (the media and media driven public opinion) have to do this)?”. All of you retards that think BEET was being a bitch by calling JS fat need to take some reading comprehension classes. JS can’t be happy about it either, so she’ll just hit the gym.. and be on a couple magazine covers again in a few months.

      • what about beet’s abs’ comment then? Not to mention this is her third or forth post talking about JS being fat, or needing a workout, etc etc

        I am not retarded. I am actually very intelligent. Just because we have a difference of opinion doesn’t make me mentally challenged. I do like, though, how much YOU are inferring from the post. It’s funny that you are so positive that your interpretation is correct, and mine is “retarded.”

        Oh well.

    • i know what youre saying. the whole kirstie alley thing where she did the FAT ACTRESS show and was supposed to be accepting, only to become the jenny craig bitch and lose a ton of weight.

      then she found out that she is still not in demand even when shes skinny, so she got fat again.

  • It’s not personal…it’s just gossip. Ease up people.

    I must admit, I am apparently one of those with some serious issues because no one can tell me that she isn’t fat. I know that big boobs make you look heavier (I have DDs myself) and I appreciate that she is short. Regardless, her height to weight ratio is off. She has rolls, and where there are rolls, there is fat. Muscle doesn’t roll.

    Is she fat personified? No. But does she have a buildup of fat on her frame. Yes, yes she does. And just like I had to do after having my son, it’s now time to bust her butt to get back to where she is comfortable.

    • i do a lot of thrift store/vintage shopping and let me tell you- a 1950’s size 12 is like a 6 today. apparently the sizing of women’s clothes has evolved quite a bit. so i guess marilyn monroe varied between a 6 and a 10. for shame.

      • That is true. I remember trying to cling to the “Marilyn wore a 12” thing for years, but vintage clothing is so so so much tinier, and there’s no spandex in any of it!

  • The thing that really killed that outfit was not the pants, but the damned shirt and bra. Yes, the pants are puketastic, but it’s the top half that makes her look like a dowdy-n-bloated WalMart shopper. Shame on her gays! What the frick were they thinking? Maybe she pissed them off and this is their aesthetic version of swimming with the fishes.

  • When Beet embraces the fact that she desperately needs to wear bangs to cover her five-head is when I’ll embrace the fact that Jessica could lose a few pounds.

  • This article is hilarious..and sooo true. The same bullsh*t was said about Jennifer Love Hewitt who claimed like Ashlee Simpson did of her sister “since when is a size 2 fat” and then 4 months later she was super if she was a size 2 then does that mean she is a -5 now?? Jessica Simpson will do the same because she is embarressed as anyone would be, but she was asking for it in those pants that even Gisele wouldnt look good in..come on !

  • Still gives me a big chuckle when fat girls get defensive.

    When I first saw the photos I thought “why the heck is is Jessica Simpson wearing a fat suit?”

  • i’m sorry but this is looks like an obvious way to get publicity… i mean come on!!! her management knows she’s failing.. so the next step to get pubicity is make a rumor or scandal.. and in about 6 months she’s all thin again and releases a new album.. people will love her the britney-way… pff oldest story in the hollywood-book

  • I think Jessica looks great no matter what her size is. Why is it that curvy women can’t be seen as beautiful in the Western world?? I hate Hollywood and the media for what they do in our society. They feed you lies and superficial things. They make up false needs and exploit people for money. And all the women who are responding to these things by starving themselves and who are obsessing about their looks are encouraging this infernal cycle. How about LIVING for real while we are here and not obsessing over shallow things for once. Women were always society’s guinea pigs. A person’s worth should never be based on looks. So all you skeleton women who think that you need to weigh 110 pounds to look good and be worthy, please stop torturing yourself. Live, laugh, love and eat! Women should rise against this image prostitution. Stop comparing yourselves. Instead, work together to make the world a better place.

  • wtf how is she fat in the uk men dont like there woman realy skinny like victoria beckham but a girl with more meat on her you want to grow up n get a life cuz i bet u aint a size 0 so get gone slating people.

  • Not every woman is happy with their body, even if she isn’t fat. I’m not fat at all, but I would still like to lose weight because I’m not happy with my figure. It’s sad what society can pressure you into doing…

  • God, I’m really digging the bigger Jessica. She could still rock my world. She still looks fine, and frankly I think she’s as hot as ever.