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Who’s Rude and Thoughtless Now, Bitch?


Nothing makes up for a childhood full of irate alcoholism like a trip to the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

At least, that was probably what Alec Baldwin was thinking when he took his daughter, Ireland, to the awards on Sunday night. Alec famously railed against his pre-teen daughter (with Kim Basinger) in a voicemail rant that leaked onto the Internet last year.

Alec took home the SAG award for outstanding male actor in a comedy series, which means his fellow actors have forgiven him, but when Ireland grows up and looks at these pictures, I don’t think she’ll be able to forgive her stylist for not making her wear Spanx with that outfit. A 12-year-old should not look like she has a baby bump, unless her last name is Spears. BAD DRESS, people.

In other SAG news, Heath Ledger took home best supporting, Meryl Streep beat out Angelina, Anne and Kate for best actress (but Kate took home best supporting), Hugh Laurie won for House, Sean Penn for Milk, Tina Fey for 30 Rock, and Slumdog Millionaire won everything else. No, seriously, the full results are here.

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    • you took the words right out of my fingers.

      She looks older than me… and I am twice her age

      re: dress… maybe it was just a bad angle? I don’t know. She looks quite lean everywhere else.

    • IMO not only should a twelve year old not look like they have a baby bump — they should not look like their fathers creepy barely legal pregnant girlfriend, which is what I thought when I saw this picture.

  • I’m so conflicted. I think if she actually looked twelve I would feel bad for making fun of her little tummy. Like, I would never make fun of Abigail Breslin. But this girl looks sooo much older. I wanna ask her if she’s gotten the Pregnant Teen Mommy Gift Basket that Jamie Lynn Spears sends out to all the underage sluts. See, now I feel evil.

  • Wow, saw the picture and thought that was his date for the evening. That girl is gonna be able to abuse her looks for years to come before she’s 21.

  • i thought that was his girlfriend. i was like shes pretty hot and i kept imagining them fucking the whole time!!! ahhh ahahah sucks for her!

  • The alchoholism is right on the mark and you can always tell when he’s drinking, the bloated face, ass kissing of other celebrities…

    I think he switched up to valium the last month or so ’cause his face lost the bloat.

    Just love him, though!

    • I was my full adult height at 12 and I’m taller than quite a few men. She’s got tall genes (mom’s a super model) and is also probably wearing heels.

      His height is listed at 5’11”.

  • re: the dress. i mean, there’s no cleavage, it’s long. maybe the cut outs are too sexy, but it’s mostly SHE is too sexy for 12. she’s dressing up for the red carpet. what are yo gonna do put her in a pink frock? if she were mt kid, i’d pick a ore sensible dress, but it’s hollywood baybee

  • As far as I know she was born in October 1995, so shes just 13 yo? Definitely smths wrong with this world…

  • wow!!! 12 yrs old?
    she looks like shes in her mid 20s. CRAZY!!!!!

    shes super tall too.
    cant wait til she hits up the club scenes.

    i predict a train wreck…. thanks to her crazy daddy.

  • I’m thinking what everyone else is. I just can’t believe that she’s 12! (or even 13) I thought she was his date. I had no idea it was his daughter.

  • I checked and she was born in 1995 which would make her 14 not 12 .. ugh she still looks older then me lmao

  • Wow! I can definitely see that baby bump…mmh, just an unfortunate angle, looks weird though. And I refuse to believe she is 12…what makes this Hollywood girls want to look much older than they really are???

  • wow she is SUCH a pretty girl. looks like a case of bad posture, she just needs to stand up straight and suck in her belly and her butt.

  • She’s a stunningly beautiful girl (look at how gorgeous her parents are). A 13 year old girl shouldn’t wear a black dress but whatever. She looks beautiful and very young, look at that skin. Not for a second did I think she was his date.

    • “A 13 year old girl shouldn’t wear a black dress”…


      It’s not the black that’s the problem, it’s the cutouts, if you’re gonna go for the ‘dress is inappropriate for age’ thing.

  • She is NATURAL and Beautiful!,
    and she is smart
    NOT is Bitch

    myles cyrus,melisa joan hart,jamie spears,lindsay lohan,daveigh chase,olsen twins,…..

    but Ireland not!