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Us Weekly Tears Jennifer Love Hewitt a New Asshole


I haven’t picked up a copy of the latest issue of Us Weekly, but I think I might, because the Internets are all abuzz with what a spanking they gave Jennifer Love Hewitt about the recent end of her engagement.

According to the magazine, J.Love had already bought her wedding gown and set the date and destination for her spring 2009 wedding when she called off the nuptials. Aw.

But apparently it’s all Jennifer’s fault. The “serial heartbreaker” is “needy and immature” with “trust issues” and a “history of body issues,” according to sources.

Oooh, I definitely have to pick up this magazine. I’m all for hating on J. Love. That girl has always bugged the hell out of me.

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  • Beet, she bugs the shit out of me too.
    I dont know who the hell she thought was gonna bang her dork faced boy friend! If he stuck with her through thick and thin *sized double 2*
    then she should hav just chilled the fark out .

  • Wow. She must have really pissed somebody off at US!

    I think she’s cute, but an underachiever… she could have cashed in a whole lot more in better things than Ghost Whisperer.

  • As annoying as she may be with all her ludicrous comments etc, this article makes her seem human.

    Hell, Id be damned if I said I never had body and trust issues with people.

  • Hey Beet…didn’t you say you had a J.Love story to tell us a while ago? This would be a good time to tell it ;)

  • She is a whiner; all that “i’m ok that i’m a little chunky, but look at my breasts, hey, why are you just looking at my breasts,oops, sorry, forgot, I told you too, but stop looking at my breasts, I’m an actress”
    She’s a mopey shrew.

    • I’m a mopey shrew, too. Guess what I just found out! My First Love and my BFF (I’m her Maid o’ H) are getting married on the same day. “It’s not about me,” I said to both, despite my adding that it makes “for me, a cosmological sense.” OMG, ego much?

      My point is, as much as I hate J Love, “needy and immature” and “trust issues” and “chronic body issues” all make super-sense to me.

      Sorry, girl.

      • wait, your best friend is marrying your ex? am I understanding this correctly?

        erm your friends suck. at least that one.

      • I find myself agreeing more and more with your posts!

        “My point is, as much as I hate J Love, “needy and immature” and “trust issues” and “chronic body issues” all make super-sense to me.”

        Allow me to join the club.

  • It’s hard to judge people when the only info we get is from the media. She seems like she would be sweet and down to earth. The press can write about her like she’s a huge bitch, but I can’t judge her based on some person who doesn’t like her, and writes mean things. I would like to think that someone who does that show, is probably a nice person. I will judge ole wonky eye until she does something spectacular for someone other than herself.

  • Well, I just heard Howard Stern’s interview today with her ex Rich Cronin. Seems like the article is dead on. The whole story about her giving promise rings to guys and cheating on them? WOW!

  • I wish everyone would stop hating on JLH and Ghost Whisperer. I like both of them. Wouldn’t you be insecure if you gain some weight and everyone is fun of you – that would make me a little insecure too.

  • I heard JLH has married a guy out of country, an open marriage, and has a kid. Maybe that explains her chunkiness ? She spends a lot of time out of the country, maybe with her husband ?

    If you look at many of her Ghost Whisperer episodes, her clothing is designed to hide her pregnancy.

  • i would to thank the few considerate, sensitive people who didn’t TRASH Ms. Jennifer Love Hewitt. WHO knows the true story of what’s REALLY going on with her…??? What’s universal the world over no matter who you are or what language you speak or what you do is that everyone wants to love and be loved… cut her some slack peeps please…
    TRUE love is a very difficult thing to find out of the limelight, being a Celebrity it must be next to impossible… GOOD LUCK JENNIFER! STAY STRONG!

  • You know as much as everyone here seems to hate this girl I personaly do not really how can you hate someone you have never met? It all seems a little odd that all of you can judge this girl when i can promise every girl inculding myself has had major worries about not the right size not the right style am i ugly am i pretty? Those are normal is he cheating on me? does he love me? those are not whinny or trust issues those are normal things first of all because most guys do cheat now days adn because every girl doesnt think shes just right so back off do you know her personaly? no so maybe b4 you go judgeing someone else you should take a check on you personalty