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Jim Carrey Dances Sexy for Jenny McCarthy


When their careers keep them apart, Jenny “Wheat-Free” McCarthy and Jim Carrey keep their relationship hot by having Jim do Internet strip teases for Jenny.

Jenny tells OK! magazine:

“I haven’t done any dancing, but I make him do that! It’s nice! With the iChat, we’re always afraid that there’s a third party watching! We’re a little bit careful, but it’s a great way to have that face-to-face connection! I go online and check him out. I tell him his outfit looks cute!”

It’s funny; I didn’t even realize you could do video chat on iChat until a few days ago when a friend of mine send me a video chat request. I was, per usual, sitting on my couch butt-naked, blogging, and I couldn’t deny the request fast enough. I was soooo worried I would accidentally accept it and my naked upper body would show up on her computer screen in all its glory. She texted me next me the next morning like “Are you mad at me???” and I was like, “No, I was naked!!!”

Anyway, seems to work well for Jenny and Jim.

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  • I am officlay tired of looking at her freaky mug and listening to thier crap.


  • Hmm, I might need to seriously finally go wheat-free. Autism stuff aside, that b has NO bloat.

  • Perhaps the two of them should learn that msn has cam and mic capabilities and no one can see you other than the other person. And dancing naked is fun!

  • So you write most of this stuff butt-naked? I feel so…. dirty.

    And all this time I thought it was mostly guys who surfed the Net butt-naked!

  • Jenny can’t pull off that hairstyle. She doesn’t have a face like Anna Nicole. Actually, she looks like that puppet ‘Madame’ here. Remember Waylon Flowers and Madame? She needs a sawzall taken to that chin.

  • Woo Hoo with LisaRenasButtHole! I’m on board with XXX. I don’t care how tight her dresses are, Jenny looks like a man. It is quite disturbing to watch hug a guy. Maybe she should hook up with Clay Akins. At least that would look normal.

  • Hahaha… not that I live anywhere near WA, but if we ever happen upon each other there, remind me not to sit on your couch :-)

  • There’s no quicker way to have someone sneak in than to tell them you’re being an internet whore. Now they’ll REALLY have to be careful or Jim’s naked ass (among other things) will be plastered all over the interwebs.

  • There’s much talk about autism and jenny mccarthy so all i can say is what i’ve found about her on net is pretty interesting in regards to the autism of her son: “Unfortunately, what the public does not realize as well as perhaps McCarthy is that her son was most likely misdiagnosed with autism in the first place. His disorder began with seizures and, subsequently, with the seizures treated, he improved. This would be more consistent with Landau-Kleffner syndrome, which often is misdiagnosed as autism.” Sorry, I didn’t copy the source, but you can copy and paste to google and i’m sure it will come up…pretty interesting…it may be one of the biggest hollywood fakes ever perpetrated…a huge scandal waiting to be exposed.