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Is Whoopi Goldberg Getting Desperate?

I can’t quite make sense of this. She’s still doing well on The View, but Whoopi Goldberg has announced she’ll star in a new sci-fi series … on the Internet.

Two decades after first appearing on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” the Oscar-winning actress is producing and starring in a new sci-fi series called “Stream” that premieres on January 15 on the horror website and video-on-demand network FEARnet.

The series comes just over a year after Goldberg, 53, said she was retiring from acting to concentrate on hosting the daytime chat show “The View,” a gig she took over from Rosie O’Donnell in September 2007.

Goldberg said the idea of performing in a new medium really appealed to her, as did the chance to act in sci-fi and horror — two of her favorite genres.

“I did retire. I hadn’t made a movie in quite a while, and I lost my way with the things I was doing. It became entertainment by rote, and there wasn’t a lot being done that I was interested in doing,” Goldberg told Reuters in a telephone interview.

“But the idea that you can be at work and check out a webisode tickles me because that is the future. … I can reinvent my way of acting so that I challenge myself and see where it takes me for the second half of my life.”

This sounds like some desperate-ass Tara Reid shit that she’s trying to spin, but why would Whoopi need a gig like this?

I have to admit, I absolutely loved Whoopi as Guinan in the Star Trek series, though. Yes, I’m a huge Trekkie dork. But I doubt I’ll be tuning into an Internet horror series. I’d just as soon watch that horror spoof that the cast of Newsies made on-set. (I’m serious.)

Will you watch?

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  • Newsies is amazing. Hahaha. That was like my tween years. (And by tween years I mean like I’m 18 now so not long ago)

  • It’s not desperate. It’s because she loves scifi stuff. She talks about it on The View all the time. She is a young teenage nerd on the inside.

  • i wont watch. i dont like internet TV. but i think right now people are trying to be pioneers in the fairly new area of web TV. i hope they all fail because i feel threatened by the change. i felt the same way when my cable company forced me to switch to digital. i was the last person on regular cable and kept refusing to switch. in the end, they ended up paying ME to switch. LOL

  • I probably won’t watch, cuz with the exception of the original Star Trek, I’m not a huge SciFi fan. However, I think Whoopi is looking at the future in a good way, not a desparate Tara Reid way. Even if the “show” fails, she could one of the first to do something different, and may be remembered this way. I’ve always liked Whoopi, she has a great combination of accepting people/things, but not being stepped on or down for the count. Don’t know how else to describe it.

  • Ha! Blood Drips on Newsies Square reference right when I least expected it (although, honestly, I’m never expecting it).

    I like Whoopi, and I actually am kind of proud of her for doing something this daring.

  • is it just me or does beet sound rather un-beet-like lately?
    like we already have the new writer writing under beet’s name

    ok, it’s probably just me
    but something definitely feels a little off

  • Whoopi is a huge scifi fan. She asked to be cast on TNG (The Next Generation) because Uhura made such a big impact on Whoopi as a young African-American woman. So this doesn’t surprise me.

    And for God’s sake, have you guys not heard of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog? Just because it came out on the internet doesn’t mean it sucks.