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Let’s Talk About the Dresses: Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz

Personally, I love this look. The color is great, love the diamond ring, and her arm definition is STUNNING. That’s some shit you can’t buy.

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    • Oh come on PNPP. It isn’t that bad. What difference does it make when it’s crumpled on the floor at her feet. My dream……….your nightmare!

      • i’m sorry, dude, but that dress looks like something i could find at a thrift store, originally sold at Windsor Fashion in the 80s. it’s coo’ though! to each his own…

      • I repeat. ” What difference does it make”. I agree it is a crappy dress, but again, “what difference does it make when it’s crumpled on the floor at her feet?”. Thanks for saying to each his own though. Bend over Cameron…..
        I’ll take own of those.

  • I love the dress. I’m surprised you do too! When I glanced at the pic, I was like “Oh man. Beet is gonna tear her a new one”.

  • For once in my life, the sight of her doesn’t make me want to hurl something at her. Like lunch. She looks soft and pretty.

  • I have seen women in trailer parks with less roots then this girl!

    Love the dress and ring, what a shame it was wasted on her

  • Love the dress, but hate her. Cameron is not aging gracefully. She’s getting up there in age, and she’s clinging to her youth by dressing younger. Doesn’t work my dear! She should dress a little older and remain young at heart with a youthful attitude. Worked for Demi.

    • Then I take it that I’m not the only one who remembers that Cameron Diaz USED TO BE attractive? She was stunning in her earlier days, but now, she’s taking the Pamela Anderson route — waaaaay too much makeup, awful hair, a face like a leather couch, and … I don’t even know what else to say. It would take days.

  • Her hair should have been in a simple updo, and the dress needs one less ruch. That side swept bow makes it look way too busy.

  • dude, i thought she looked orange on camera. sorry beet, i agree with you on a lot of things, but cameron looked hagered!

  • The dress looks like Jack’s already had it on the floor. And she needs some lessons from Miley on cleavage enhancement. Good face, though.

  • in that 2nd pic she looks fkng fifty-five, man.

    wth! when did cameron get old?

    she looks like cloris leachman’s baby sis.

  • hi, cami? yeah, look – when you’re hanging ten on the beach and stuff, it’s fine to let your hair dry the wind…but you’re at the fawking golden globes! pin your hair up, girl! trust me, cami – you’ll thank me later.

  • the ONLY thing i like about this look is the color…. the dress is ridiculous and ugly, and the ring is gaudy as hell. EW.

  • I feel like there is no reason to love this, but I do. Like, I hate everything individually, but the whole look is greater than the sum of its parts?

  • I didnt read the other comments but this childish woman is about 30 years too old to be wearing prom dresses. Also what the hell happened to her titts? Sub prime loan at the docs office?
    Shes prfoundly stupid in real life.
    Please cam’ron. Tell us MORE abbout how you like beef stew and have farting contests cause its so f’n sexy

  • I can’t believe some of the horrible comments on here!
    Cameron Diaz is THE most beautiful woman in Hollywood. I personally think this dress looks fantastic on her; the colour really accentuates her rosy blush and glowing tan. There are a lot of photos of Cammie that show her in a really bad light, especially with her acne, which just prove she is a NORMAL person.
    But hell, when she dresses up like this, she is the most stunning woman I’ve ever seen in my life. I want to be jealous of her, but she’s just too likeable!
    I just don’t get why people think she’s ugly at all.