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Vegan Spelt Bread Can Be Used As A Deadly Weapon


Heather Mills appeared today at the Healthy Meal Cook-A-Thon in New York.  She spent her time teaching apprentices how to prepare healthy, vegan meals.  She’s not just a gold digger; she’s a chef!  What do you think of her new hairdo?  Most people look better with less hair in my opinion. 

As you know, I’m not a huge fan of macrobiotic or vegan diets due to my close and personal relationship with cheese and general happiness.  It appears that the dude in the background of the main picture shares my sentiments.  Though I’ll never be vegan, I will say that whatever she has on that spoon looks vaguely like it once had a face.  Impressive.

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  • Wendie, I totally agree with 1. most people looking better with less hair (women with short hair are hot!) and 2. cheese being awesome. You rock!

  • Yea, the hair doesn’t help the fact that I still find her creepy. I can’t do totally vegan either, it’s just not happening. I need my dairy ;P

  • she looks better with the new haircut. but i have a feeling she is just as whacked out as ever.

  • as a guy, i like longer hair almost always more and so do all the guys i know. it’s just so feminine. but i’ve seen short hair work.

    i just love that it’ll take way more than changing her hair like some fugitive for us to not recognize her as the horrible human being she is. oh well give her 6 months, she’ll go through the second half of that money she took.

  • Because Im wheat and dairy intolerant I have to be vegan but my God the “food” is atrocious. I’ve tasted that bread, no wonder Heather’s holding it at arms length.

  • Spelt bread is amazing. American’s are just too used to high fructose corn syrup and disgusting fatty cheeses to ever change their fat ass ways! And… it is definitely healthier for you.

  • I think that thing she is holding is an old collapsed silicon implant she had replaced or perhaps a battered and expired Intrauterin Device. What a hag !