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Dude, You Need to Cancel


Not knowing the Travolta family personally, I will still bet that this has been the worst week of their lives.  They are mourning the loss of their only son Jett and I am sure that their entire focus right now is on survival.

John Travolta was scheduled to present at the Golden Globes tomorrow night and is also nominated, along with Bolt co-star Miley Cyrus, for Best Original Song.  And though I never try to estimate any person’s level of grief, I am assuming he won’t be attending…right?  However, as of today, he is still on the schedule to appear.  I’m praying this is some oversight on the part of his, understandably distracted, management team.

UPDATE:  Ok, whew, he just cancelled.

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  • Survival? No, people living in a box under a freeway underpass, or in Gaza, or Darfur, are worried about survival. That was a little ridiculous.

  • I love your shit usually. But I don’t understand why celeb bloggers are so quick to judge the grief of others. i really hope something this horrible never happens to you so that you never have to know what it feels like to have to deal with petty judgement of strangers while you mourn the death of your son.

  • Coming from experience, sometimes after losing a child the best thing is to keep so busy you can’t think about it

  • They didn’t care about their child, not when they let their cult’s crazy beliefs prevent Jett from getting proper medical care.

    • you are such a prick. why? whats YOUR religion and why does it allow for people to act like total assholes?