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Quite Possibly the Cutest Picture Ever


For whatever reason, Chris Rock took his grandmother to sit courtside and watch the Knicks play the Pacers on Friday. Granny looks like she knows way more about sports than I do. She knows when to clap! I always clap at the wrong time. I’m all like “FUCK YEAH WHO’S BOSS NOW???” and whatever poor soul is at the game with me is like, “Uh, that was the other team scoring. Have another beer and shut up please.”

Grandparents are the cutest.

My grandfather actually sent a package of Hannukah gelt (and pens! Grandpa loves pens!) to Wendie’s kiddos, as promised, and she uploaded the video of them opening it to her personal website, and it was just so cute. I showed it to my grandfather today, and his face lit up. I wanted to make a video of my grandpa watching the video of Wendie’s kids opening his presents. Kind of like the reaction videos to the reaction videos to the 2 Girls 1 Cup thing, except with way less vomiting (and NO I AM NOT GOING TO LINK TO THAT MADNESS). Anyway, you can watch the vid of Wendie’s kids here. The whole thing is just unbelievably precious and I’m beside myself with the wonderfulness of grandparents and small children right now.

Oh, and also, Grandpa Sam is soooo excited about all the comments you guys left him on his birthday post. He was like “Did you see that I’m an international celebrity now? People left comments from other countries! You’ve made me a star overseas!” He was just so happy about all of it. My younger cousins, who are in high school right now, didn’t even know that he fought in the war, so they read it and were all like “Grandpa Sam fought in a war???” and it gave him an opportunity to regale these teenage boys with his war stories (“I lived in a tent for 18 months!”), and really everybody was just so delighted about the whole thing. So thank you, all of you guys, for the wonderful messages you left for Grandpa Sam. You really made this a special birthday for him, and I am forever indebted to you.

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