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“Her obvious imitation of Jackie O’s style – the flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses, the short strands of fake pearls – would have been laughable if done by anyone other than a media-designated saint.”

Ann Coulter, referring to Michelle Obama, in her latest book titled Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and their Assault on America.

Ann Coulter makes me laugh.  I know many people think she is a spiteful and hateful little wench.  And she probably is.  But she just doesn’t have the ability to incite any emotion in me other than mirth.  I dunno…she’s like Howard Stern.  A completely entertaining windbag, never to be taken seriously.

Just for fun, I looked on the pap sites to see how well Ann Coulter dresses since she feels qualified to critique the fashion choices of our soon-to-be First Lady.  Like, the fact that she is even discussing Michelle Obama’s wardrobe is hilarious.  Ok, so Ann Coulter only has one formation in the playbook:  black dress, black flats, diamond cross necklace, ivory wool coat when climate appropriate.

Photo gallery is of Ann Coulter, at various events over the past decade, displaying her complete lack of imagination.

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  • You forgot to add poorly dyed yellow hair (which is such a let down to see unstyled at the very high-end tv land red carpet appearance), some weird sickly grandma-slump posture going on, and some seriously scary chicken legs.

    Ann coulter. stfu.

  • i applaud you wendie, i have been waiting for post like this one. critiques being critiqued. this is just flat out hilarious that someone with such poor fashion sense has the confidence to TRY and critique others.

    • O.k., so I checked out your website and would like to pick up on what “hahaha” said above regarding coulter’s critique and apply it here to your critique of michelles’s and ann’s looks…just one thing though:

      substitute “poor fashion sense” with FUGLINESS:

      hahaha wrote: “this is just flat out hilarious that someone with such poor fashion sense has the confidence to TRY and critique others.”

      Did you get my point omeingott or was this too complicated?

  • Ann dresses well considering she was editor of Un. of Michigan Law Review and has no interest in being “glamorous”

    • So…. since when are being interested in law and creative with fashion mutually exclusive?? You can still have style even if you don’t want to be overly glamorous as well.

  • I despise Ann Coulter, for many reasons. But something that really bugs me is that she always wears those pointy toed black flats that just make her look more angular than she already is. All she needs is the pointy black witch hat to complete her ensemble.

  • Ann Coulter makes me laugh sometimes, but a lot of the times she goes overboard.

    I really do not like Michelle Obama though. Like, at all..

  • Is it just me, or does it look like Coulter is trying to always rip off Jacqueline Bissett Kennedy????


  • Holy cow… it looks like her and Paris Hilton are first cousins with those huge-ass feet!

    But what is more entertaining is Coulter thinking she knows anything about fashion… since she is rocking a dress that has not been on the rack to buy since 1988.

  • Ann’s lack of understanding what a classic style is makes her criticism is laughable – Ann Coulter wears cocktail dresses for 7am interviews, gauche. Ann Coulter buy clothing that is too small and much to short for a woman of her advanced years – she’s about as classless as they come.

    As for was she is saying, nobody is going to buy anything Ann writes and nobody wants to interview her, she’s been rendered irrelevant and that means she’s going to be busy digging up grubs for food, and probably wearing the same Kohl’s LBD she been hoofing it in for a year or so anyway. Yes, she does have an adam’s apple, and a bad, cheap boob job – making her club tour of transsexual bars in ’09 a sure winner. Go Ann – Go far away

  • why does anyone think that Michy O can’t afford real pearls?

    and I’m so trademarking ‘Michy O’.

  • Anne represents everything bad with America. She is more than just mean, she is hatred and evil in human form.

  • Yeah, Ann Coulter is such a nonessential human being. She’s such a caricature of herself that I almost, and I said ALMOST, feel sorry for her. I think that if she ever had an relevance – which is really reaching high – she has lost it completely. This is just a last ditch attempt. It’s such poetic justice that she can’t even open her mouth right now. Ha!
    Buh bye Ann.

  • Well, I actually agree with Ann’s observation about Michelle’s attempts to mimic Jackie O. I don’t care who Ann is or how she looks, as I really don’t pay much attention to talking heads in the news media or whatnot. Her comment is dead on. In many respects the Obamas can and will get away with actions being strangely ignored for no other reason than the fact that they really *are* media (and mass) designated saints right now.

    When the public stops being critical to the point of ignoring the obvious, I get a bit concerned. This reminds me of how everyone behaved following 9-11 when Dubyah was doing all sorts of dickish things but no one dared to call a duck a duck. Come on, Michelle *is* imitating Jackie O, and to me she looks pompous and foolish in doing so. She also looks like the typical Obama marketing machine product that we’re all supposed to douse with mayo and swallow without so much as a hiccup. We’d rip any other famous person for doing this, but somehow she gets a pass, or we attack Ann instead….weird.

    I’ll wait until the Obamas make their share of mistakes, which they will, as all administrations inevitably do. Then we’ll see if the lights in their halos start to flicker a little.

    Just saying.

    • First of all, comparing her emulation of Jackie O. to Bushie’s ANYTHING is ridiculous. Style and fashion vs. complete desecration of the office of President? Really?
      Secondly, the Obamas have been and will be under more scrutiny than nearly any other presidency, ever. They have much further to fall, what with the initial approval ratings higher than anyone since Reagan. Trust me, as soon as he takes office, every single little or big thing that happens will be criticized, by both sides. They will have to work harder to prove themselves than you or I could ever handle.
      Lastly, I think she’s a classy woman who usually dresses the part. She doesn’t ALWAYS look like Jackie, anyhow. Did you see that awful frock she wore the night of the election? Ick.

  • Ann Coulter – Political and social commentator; stick figure; bag of bile. I was hoping that she would choke on her own vomit when Obama won, but alas, she is still among us, wheezing on the coals. The utter defeat of the Republican Party, in the last election, does not appear to have sunk in, or the Nation’s general disgust with commentators of her ilk. Both she and Rush Limbaugh (did I spell the fat, drug addled slob’s name correctly?) really do need to take a long hiatus. Members of their own party have begun to realize what a liability they’ve become and are beginning to distance themselves. Both of them just need to go away.

  • I totally agree with Who the Hell Cares. Both Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are relevant only for an increasingly dwindling number of slack-jawed, knunckle-dragging, ignorant, back-woods white trash, who have made them both wealthy and infamous by listening to their drivel. Miclelle Obama is a breath of fresh air after eight years of Luara Bush’s glazed-eyed look (as though she had just been zapped by a stun-gun.)

  • Jackie O was a stylemaker; the things she wore are now classic. A lot of people “imitate” her. What’s the problem?

  • I agree with cj. I don’t think Michelle Obama will ever be her own style icon, but I don’t think that’s her goal. She wears classic, colorful, pretty dresses, and always looks very nice. I think some of her outfits are definitely Jackie-O inspired, but since Jackie O was the best-dressed First Lady in recent history…I’d probably go for the same look!

  • I’m being serious here, so I’d like a straight up answer to this question:

    Is Ann Coulter a man? Or was she/he a man at some point in the past/present?

    Help me out.

  • I know, I know. Ann Coulter is a pathetically ugly, and bitter shrew who often lets her hatred and biases influence some of her work, but you have to give it to the bitch sometimes. Just like everyone on this planet she isn’t always right, but you have to admit it when she is. Michelle Obama went from Spider Woman with that Black Widow inspired rag she wore at the convention to now wearing this Jackie-O looking shit! Her husband was all about change and looking towards the future and she is wearing some crap you would expect to have seen on the daughter of a Georgia share cropper singing on the Lawrence Welk Show. Originality!!! That’s what I want. Can the old shit! Lets move on!!!!!!!!!!!!! AhGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

  • I find it funny that Coulter is so quick to bash anyone channeling Kennedy, considering she looks like she should be in Grey Gardens.

  • Oh goodness. I agree wholeheartedly with Ann, whoever she is, she is right. I mean. Don’t you know anything about being “Mediated” ie easy moved by agendas of others to do/think what they wish. What Ann Coulter did is point out an obvious fact and many on this string is so afraid to touch it. PR is number one in the Obama camp, number 1, 2, and 3. Suave the Obamas are, hidden is their hand and what they hope to accomplish. First of all, everyone paint Michelle as some devoted mom. But before 2007, before Barack was running for Prez, Michelle worked a 60-80 hour a week job that had her traveling weekends and some weeks of every month. Michelle’s mama raised those two children. And she is moving in the white house to raise them some more. Who is not taking into account Michelle’s NEVER having been home for more than a few hours a week since her children were born? She is savvy, I can tell you that. Got you all worried about this journalist gal instead of the real person in question, Michelle Obama, future first lady and one who keeps her cards close to her chest.

  • ann coulter has more class than all the barack and michelle combined. thay both hate the country and are liers.