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I Am Sick and Tom Brady Is Engaged and the Two May or May Not Be Related

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Hi guys.

If you can believe it, after spending the past two days outside in a blizzard, I am sick today. I know, I know. I’m shocked too. Plus it’s Friday and it’s the day after Christmas and traffic is ridiculously low anyway and no one is even reading this so I could just go ahead and confess about my third nipple and no one would even know. Seriously though I feel like ass, so this is probably the last post of the day. Not that you care because you’re not reading this anyway. Did I mention my five labia piercings? Okay really though if you do have a third nipple can you get it pierced? Does anyone do that? Are there pictures on the Internet? Links please.

Oh and Tom Brady is engaged to Gisele Bundchen. You know, the chick he left his pregnant girlfriend for awhile back? Because let’s not forget that he left a pregnant girlfriend. Because he did. He proposed to Gisele on Christmas Eve, on a private jet that took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and landed in Boston. There were four dozen white roses on board, as well as champagne. Oh and Gisele’s parents were there, too. So no pressure. Gisele said yes. MERRY CHRISTMAS BRIDGET MOYNAHAN!

Okay back to bed for my sick ass.

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