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Scientology Syndrome!



The women always tower over the men!!!

What’s with that?

Scientologists Jenna Elfman and hubby Bodhi turned up to cheer on Tom Cruise’s doomed Valkyrie at the flick’s LA premiere. It is going to take some seriously intense Xenu power to keep this shit from flopping. I’ve heard rumors that the early test audiences were laughing … at the dramatic parts.

Also: Jenna kind of looks like hell now, IMHO.

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  • I think her favourite Scientology rebuttal when challenged by anti scienos is “have you ever raped a baby?” And she looks like butter wouldn’t melt!

  • I heard somewhere that she thinks aids is “a state of mind, not a disease”
    I really hope thats not true

  • She is a scientologist, she belongs in a cool aid drinking cult that believe in space aliens are inside of her. She is also a skank that drinks a lot. Get rid of Scientology from the USA, its a cancer to society and celebrities like her are the cells that make it grow.

  • She does have fabulous legs that go on forever and a sexy, somewhat naughty smile. I’ll bet she’s fun in bed as long as she keeps her mouth shut ( about Scientology that is.)

  • @ trollydolly: yeah, you know, I saw her on “My Name is Earl” recently, and okay, practically everyone on that show is a Scientologist, but every time I tried to enjoy her character, I just heard that baby-raping comment in my head, and it spoiled everything.

  • I like Jenna, and am glad she kept some of that baby weight. When she had that brief show, Courting Alex, she was painfully thin. She was a blast as Dharma, loved the show. Hate that she’s a scientologist, glad I’m not one myself.

    • dude, yelling at someone on the street about them raping a baby is not boring, you need to check the link thatlisa put up.

  • Liked Jenna for a year or so….like her far less now that’s she’s come out as a brainwashed mouthpiece for L Ron’s sci-fi religion…and even less forgiveable, she’s NOT aging well.

  • I can’t believe she buys into the scientology stuff, now I won’t be able to watch her anymore… same for Tom Cruise. Can’t take him seriously now…

  • Well, as a Scientology detractor, I have to catch up on my baby raping, so I’ll keep this short.

    But just look at that creepy Scilon smile she has got going on in the second picture. Terrifying.

  • Who gives a crap whether she’s a Scientologist?? She can worship Satan for all I care.

    Anyone who whines, “oh, I can’t watch Jenna Elfman anymore because she’s in a cult” is as every bit a reactionary sheep as the cultists themselves.

    And lastly, anyone who would say Jenna “looks like hell” is not only blind, they clearly have some insecurity issues. “Wheeee, I love the internet! I can be mean to other people and insult their appearance anonymously! All day long, every day! And it makes me feel so good!”

    Grow up.