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Jodie Sweetin: Back on Meth, Just Like I Said She Was

Jodie Sweetin and Husband Cody Herpin at Project Pink, Pictures, Photos

I totally called this one. Not that it was a difficult call or anything, but still. Jodie Sweetin’s relapsed, and a judge has issued a ruling that she is not allowed to be alone with her baby.

Full House alum Jodie Sweetin is not allowed to see her 8-month-old daughter without supervision, an Orange County, Calif., judge ruled during an emergency custody hearing Wednesday.

The ruling came after Sweetin’s estranged husband Cody Herpin accused her of being an unfit mother — and allegedly that she once drove intoxicated with their daughter Zoie in the car, reports.

A doctor who took the stand also claimed that Sweetin, 26 — a former meth addict and alcoholic who lives with her parents — had relapsed but has been in touch with her sponsor and is attending AA meetings. The doctor said she does not believe the baby is at risk at the moment.

Sweetin will now not be allowed to be with the child unless one of her parents is present, the judge said.

A judge ordered both Sweetin and Herpin to submit to drug tests before the next hearing.

So, yeah. Stop being so predictable, Hollywood.

In general, here’s a rule I’ve learned: When celebrities are all like, “Yeah, I used to have an addiction problem, but now I don’t. I can totally just have one or two drinks and be fine,” you can pretty much just start counting down the days until there’s a gigantic relapse. Tara Reid proved this nicely for us last week, and now it’s Jodie’s turn.

Personally, I’m kind of waiting anxiously for the enormous Nicole Richie relapse that I just know is on its way.

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  • damn!! this is crazy. for some reason, I totally did not think she was doing meth again. I didn’t know she was an alcoholic too. How sad. poor little baby!

    note to self: don’t have babies with an addict.

    omg the Richie relapse will be EPIC. although it seems like has not been a junkie in forever. i feel like her new drug of choice is ‘eating disorder’

    • Me neither. There’s two people right now I don’t want to see relapse or spiral, Nicole Ritchie and LiLo.

  • Ya know, it sort of stops being funny when there’s a baby involved.
    That’s the only reason I’m hoping Nicole Richie keeps it together.

  • Come on guys.
    She is good girl now and most of you have seen the news in the past years would have seen that. She isn’t crazy and she is not Brittany.
    Does Herpin even have proof that she drove drunk in a car with Zoie? I mean really!
    If a doctor says its fine then theirs more proof then anything. We don’t know anything about Herpin. What if he is alot worse then Jodie. Everyone is not perfect, relapses happen!.
    I think the baby is better off with the mother!

    • good girl? how so? the meth addiction (which is true, which she has admitted) or the alcoholism?

      Brit may have more psych problems, but you never know with addicts. It actually sounds like Jodie could easily be worse than Brit. meth is hardcore.

      why on earth is it better with the addict mom and not the father? because she has a vagina? that is so not enough. when a young child is involved, their health comes FIRST. they should take any precautions that they can.

  • I actually find this heart-breaking.
    My best friend died of an overdose on meth.
    She had been addicted for a couple of years.
    She alsoo had a young daughter. Four days before she died she asked her parents to watch her daughter. They didnt know why they wanted her to, but they did. She was actually going to get help for her addiction.
    I really, really hope nothing like this happens to Jodie.
    Joking about something like this is sick.
    She needs help, and I hope she gets it.

  • Umm, no where in the article posted here or anywhere online does it say she is on meth! So, jumping the gun there, huh? Oh, wait, a nobody with a blog gets to put words in other peoples mouths and tell their version of the truth, I forgot.

    • it’s kind of easy to infer– like now both of them have to take drug tests. they aren’t testing for booze yo.

  • I think she never addressed her unresolved her middle child syndrome issues from adolescence. Get your shit together Stephanie Tanner!

  • umm, i didnt believe her either. i mean come on, ur addicted for yrs then everything is bk to normal? smells bad. just another lie in beautiful hollywood, isnt it? poor kid of hers really. tho i mean u HAD to be on drugs to actually marry that 2nd ex-hubby of urs! have u looked at him?? like really LOOKED at him? ugh ugh!

  • I’ve never had to struggle with addiction, but it was my understanding that there’s no such thing as a ‘former addict’. Aren’t sober individuals referred to as ‘in recovery’?

  • I think she looks disgusting! At least her new husband made her look cool and kind of hip, not like a big goofy little girl. I’m confused, what happened to her praising this guy. How sad for him I’m sure he’s heartbroken over this situation. Did you see her smiling on tmz like it’s cool that you can’t watch your daughter by yourself??? How embarrassing well I’ll cheers when she overdoses, Until then what are you doing with your life???????????