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Burgeoning Disney star Demi Lovato showed up on the red carpet recently sporting some rather suspicious-looking scars. The pic is from October, but this is the first I’ve heard of it.

I want to be all snarky and mean about this, but my heart goes out to the girl. Sweetheart, you’re beautiful and you’re talented and I have even publicly admitted to liking your album. And I know that being 16 really sucks, and being 16 in the spotlight sucks even worse, but take it from someone who’s been there: It gets better, baby. I promise. Hang in there.

Thanks Abigail!

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  • OMFG!! What happened to her?!!? If one of those damn Jonas Brothers did this, I’ll go bonkers!! The only one I like is Nick and that’s because we both have Type 1 Diabetes. Other than that: SUCKY!!

  • oh my god. i know that my even making this comment is hypocritical, but we need to stop talking about this, stop posting pictures of it, and give her some privacy – now. i started cutting when i was twelve, and i feel horrible for this girl that her job requires her to wear things that show these scars. i also know what it’s like to try to move past a certain phase in your life and have other people’s attention make it impossible for you to do so. so please, let’s make this one topic that’s just off-limits. i know what she’s going through.

  • p.s. –
    makeup can go a long way towards covering those scars. i’m sure she doesn’t want to hand the job over to her makeup artist, but she can do it herself. i have, and it works pretty well. try it, chica.

  • when i was 16. i cut too….but not my wrist. and she is going the wrong way. idk. to me it shows even disney kids are people

  • are you guys sure those are actually scars? god, I really hope not. if they really were, you would think that her ‘people’ would make sure they were very much covered up.

    if they are, and if she did them- that’s a damn shame and I really hope she has a great support system around her.

    she looks very pretty here, besides the you-know-what

    well…. at least they aren’t cut the “right” way. I mean, there’s that..

  • I’ll be snarky then…She’s got it better than most teenagers her age… and what could honestly be so terrible about life that she feels she needs to do that to herself? I’m sure mommy and daddy will rush her off to the best psychologist money can pay for, so don’t worry. And at least have enough sense to cover them up on the red carpet.

    I’ve never liked any of these child Disney prodigies… and this solidifies my opinion.

  • I have a hard time believing these are actual scars from cutting or a suicide “attempt” too. Makeup would have covered them up – you know her publicist or stylist or “people” give her the once over before she goes to a red carpet event – you think they’d let this DISNEY star go on out there in front of hundreds of photographers like this? And they’d have to be pretty much blind to missing them. Makeup would have covered them, no problem, as well as longer sleeves (it IS December) or even bracelets of some sort.

  • I doubt those are cutting scars!

    It looks like she was wearing some tight bracelets and then she had to take them off and they left the marks from being tight.

  • it does look more like a burn than cutting scars too but whoever said it looks like marks from tight bracelets should look again because that was the dumbest observation ever.

  • BEET what do you mean you have been there? have you ever been famous? or are you talking about you used to cut yourself?

  • I’m with ThatLisa and tiger they could ahve been soe asily covered, I was thinking something as simple as a bracelet could cover that too if it were really that serious. Hell maybe her cat scratched her, ah maybe she’ll make a youtube video response soon.

  • People who theorize if they were cutting scar that they would have been covered are DUMB. Because if they were going to cover scars from cutting and they saw those and knew they were from something different, they would have covered them anyways… to avoid speculation that she was cutting. Come on. Obviously nobody thought about it that way when it clearly looks like that.

  • I hate this “she went the wrong way” crap. Who cares what way she cuts. It in no way makes her ANY less depressed! Frist of all they don’t look that deep therefore she was prob not trying to kill herself. Second-We don’t even know if they are scars. Let her be!

  • I’m going to get slaughtered for this, but if you’re going to cut for the love of god do it in the right direction. Seriously, otherwise you’re just another little teenager begging for attention and trying to show how “Hard core” you are.

    Fuck that. Either do it right or dont fucking do it.

  • Uhm if she were cutting in the ‘right direction’ that would be she’s trying to kill herself no?
    People don’t just cut to kill themselves, assholes. Sometimes people who are depressed but not to the point of suicidal cut. And not just on their wrists also on their thighs etc. It’s because the pain is an escape.

  • I agree with kelsie tha title is very misleading and unfair to them and as for Demi if those are cuts I just hope she’s getting help.This was at Miley’s party so maybe she wasn’t actually checked out by big wigs before she got there.

  • It does look like a burn – I hope so. Shre’s adorable, I love her outfit

    yeah but people sometimes burn themselves other than cutting themselves. i knew this kid that went to my school and he burnt himself.

  • I don’t understand why people cut themselves. I get that life can be completely horrible sometimes, but you just have to move on.

    If She Attempted Suicide: Life is just too damn short. And as far as we know, we only have one. So trying to end it sooner is just a complete waste.

    If She Just Cuts Just Because: You are someone that kids adore, so you must set a good example. If you are having personal problems that you just can’t seem to deal with, then get help. Just venting to a friend can make everything better.

    Hang in there sweetheart!

  • Her rep said that they’re from wearing tight jelly bracelets….but those look like healing cuts, not indentations from tight bracelets.

  • @ Anne re :”I’ll be snarky then…She’s got it better than most teenagers her age… and what could honestly be so terrible about life that she feels she needs to do that to herself? ”

    Depression isn’t really like that. it’s not about who has the best life. it is about personal pain that lives on the inside. not all depressed people have bad lives, by far. cutting/depressed thoughts are a pretty unsteady indicator for any specific lifestyle

    I don’t believe they are cuts. they would have covered them. I think they could easily be from tight bracelets, or like when you are shopping and have a bunch of hangers hooked on your arm? if they were cuts, they would have been seem in millions of photos by now, right?

  • Again with this right way crap. As someone who has cut their arm for many reasons not all are because I wanted to die. I just wanted to feel something. Match the pain I felt emotionally to the pain I did to myself physically. Everyone who says something about going the “wrong way” is just saying what the MAIN STREAM PEOPLE TELL THEM TO THINK. If you cut then you cut and need help. Leave people who do it the “Wrong way” alone. They feel bad enough you don’t need to have them feel bad about the ONE THING that makes it better.

  • No one would have even noticed if someone hadnt pointed them out. Demi looks beautiful in this picture and she always does. Everyone being mean to her and calling her names should stop. We dont know what happened or what she thinks so I agree with whoever said above me that she deserves privacy now.


    FIRST my dog scratched me!
    SECOND i tested out the jelly bracelet o

  • Im back! I just looked it up and she has a shih tzu!
    SAME dog as me. AND my dog gave me a mark like that!


  • Next time when she wanna see blood or just kill her self she better go to an army there she will die but she will help too
    Abbi, shut up on the planet there are 7 miliard ppl next time she need to cut a little bit deeper if she cut i think it from pet or gummy bracer
    I have a scar from sharp-blade war knife it doesnt look like that there must be a blood scab

  • You guys are all dumb those are cut marks they would look like that unless their was some really thick knife. Look how wide those are their not gonna happen from a knife.

  • I cut too. It’s not that big of a deal. She is just tring to get away so we should give her space and let her breath a little.

  • She cut herself when she was a child; she had a horrible time at school when she was young. Then she told her mom she wanted to be homeschooled.

  • Most deffinately cutting scars. Probably about 3 or 4 days fresh/: my heart goes out to this one <3 Jelly bracelets wouldntleave sharp, thin scars deep in your skin.