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Even More of Rob Pattinson’s Facebook Emails: With Camilla Belle!

Despite what he may have claimed in his other set of emails, it appears Robert Pattinson IS boning Camilla Belle, as his FB email to her suggests his on-and-off girlfriend, Giulietta, “caught on someway or another.”

Tee hee.


I hope Taylor Swift is having a field day with this shit.

Oh, and Giulietta has a blog, of course, and on it she wrote the following:

We live in a sad, sad world today. Where people are taken advantage of from the wrong reasons and privacy is non-existent. One of my really good friends had his privacy taken away from him. Even more so than it already is. Not to mention than other people got hurt in this unfortunate thing, that was done to him today. People will do anything to feel a part of something that they are trying to grasp.

Fucking, crazy sick people who do things for the fun of fucking with peoples lives. We all have feelings and bleed just the same if we are cut.
This is all I am going to say on the subject – ever. It really fucking blows and so does the media for making things worse for wear.

I’m extremely sad,

Heh. Thanks so much, Giulietta “Shakespeare” Spirlea, for confirming that these are actually Robert’s Facebook’s screen shots. I’m sure he really appreciates your help.

Thanks Svengali!

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  • It’s your Birthday Taylor!! Woo wooo!!
    Not to mention her new song Love story is doing exceptionally well. I hope the girl’s partying like a rockstar right now.

  • I think someone is playing with this Giulietta… maybe even a friend of Rob’s i think giulietta better get out there re-capping what she says in her blog asap. Why in the world would she claim she is his friend then blog about it and let it get out. Figure it out Rob.
    Unless this is fake, I was one of 39 accepted friends last night , He put on his status line ” This Facebook will be taken down” at 9:30 ish . I wished him well in 2009. My comments are not on the print out. So these pages were printed out prior to 9. What was odd is that, while I was on, I checked the “friends online” tab and never once did it come up that Randle Patrick McMurphy was on line. Also the pics on his facebook had one that was taken from a fan, while he is lighting a cig. Why woud he put this pic on his own FB acct.
    The FB account is real , however Im not sure it was Rob Pattinson doing the writing

  • Hahaha nice try. That Guilietta gal’s blog was created two days ago. I smell FAKE FAKE FAKE.

    You’ve been duped. Seriously duped.

  • well there you go…. I cant see her blog, ( dont you need a password or something to see it) but my daughter wanted a screen print before the site went down, just in case it was him etc… the last post friendly post from Giulietta is a 6:29pm talking about a “shoot” at 5;45 am that day. The next post from her was late that night saying Dude. Im pissed, call me. This was from last night…. so if she blogged about him being hurt… Why was she still posting to him the next day. Its a clever scam. We all had fun with it

  • people are literally reading too much into every nuance of these peoples lives. Who knows what that “dude, I am pissed” is about. It could have been about the leak, which actually happened last night, not today. Or something else. The “shoot” was for the next day wasn’t it.

    all I know is, that this has gotten to beyond crazy right now. And I’m still not all the way convinced that this account is a fake, the more I think about it, the more I think its true.

  • so fake!

    the photos youre seeing of ‘guiliette’ are of an entirely different person who shall remain nameless.
    the same way people take the photos of pretty girls and make fake myspace accounts to get attention from people who would otherwise never give them the time of day.

    this is completely fabricated.

    seriously, this blog was JUST started?
    and this person did a ”great” job of trying to pretend they have ever heard a british accent.

    come on.

    • I can’t keep from telling you that I loved your comment and I agree totally! It’s embarrassing and entertaining at the same time – it’s like driving past a motor accident and trying not to look. Ugh!!! Anyway, Happy New Year!

  • Don’t see this as fake; at least I hope not, has too much potential, great potential for some serious drama to be fake…hope this gets ugly.

  • This blogger chick looks like Amy Winehouse. If I were Rob I would be way more interested in taking care of Kristen, Camilla, and/or anyone else on the panet’s needs before hers.

  • Just out of curiousity I googled Randle Patrick McMurphy. “Randle Patrick McMurphy or R. P. McMurphy is the main protagonist of Ken Kesey’s novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Hmmmm….

  • she posted I’m pissed after he posted that he was bringing the website down. the shoot was in the a.m. after the UK premier, a reason fro why she didnt stay up for something… anyway… her blog dates look to be on 12/4 on one screen then on12/5. the nect.
    One flew over the Cuckoos nest is his favorite movie and Jack is is favorite actor. Again some obsessed fan or ? could have figured that out and had fun with pretending to be a celeb for a while.

    About the blogger, is she upset that his privacy (and hers) was invaded because someone saw their convos or that someone was pretended to be them as well his friend from Creative Artists. She needs to fix her blog if she is really on his side

  • Beet, this shit just makes me feel like Im on E, and Im LOVIN it.

    Fake or not, I am LOVING this. Very entertaining

  • hey, so do you guys think that he really took his page down. i think maybe he made another one under a fake name.
    as far as the convo’s go, they seem fake-ish. was that suppose to be the hacker writing them in? i just don’t get why the people responding would’t be like wtf?

  • FAKE. someone messaged ben coles to let him know everything was leaked and he said it was all bullshit and that he was duped by a fake rob.

  • Ben Coles is a good friend of Rob, why would he have leaked that? They have been friends for years, along with Rob’s friends bobby long, marcus foster and Sam Lindsay. And ben’s profile is absolutely real.

    Just to make this clear, it looks like her facebook wasn’t the one hacked.

  • Oh, this is just absolutely hilarious.

    I love seeing stuff like this puncture his whole ‘modesty’ facade. It’s great.
    Sorry to burst your bubble Edward fans, but he’s just another publicity seeking douche bag who’s out for all he can fuck until his fifteen minutes are spent.
    Word to the wise, NEVER get involved with an actor.

    Ahh, this makes me so happy.
    True, or not.

  • Rob,
    It’s over. I’m dumping you. It was good while it lasted, you know… nine whole days… But it’s not working for me anymore. I need someone who’s honest, and well, more supportive of my theoretical thesis writing process.

  • Too bad she’s the stupid bitch that leaked the supposed info to the press and faked the screen shots. Rob turned her down for a date and she got pissed. Can we say spiteful whore? She needs to just crawl back under the rock she emerged from. Rob is a decent guy and she just wants publicity because no one gives two shits about her. It’s little girls like her that screw up all the decent men for the rest of us and give women in general a bad name.

  • lol this is bullshit.
    ppl are so gay for making this up
    cuz im sure it took them time, to do all this fake account stuff
    come on even all the language in the other posts looks fake
    like think about how you talk to your friends
    and look how he is talking to his…
    explaining himself in detail
    also most ppl dont write really personal shit,
    like who they are “boning” on other ppls facebook walls…
    and im sure if your a celeb
    whose in the spotlight like crazy right now
    you would take even more precaution
    another point is
    yeah it does say convo between YOU & whoever
    so that does mean whoever put these pics up
    is apparently on “rob’s” account
    how would that happen?
    its all too convenient that they would get his password
    lol its obvious that the person who made this fake account
    to make these rumors
    is on it because they made it
    not cuz they somehow managed to hack into
    robert pattinsons facebook
    come on ppl have some sense
    this is all bull shit
    no one should believe it

  • P.S.

    i wouldnt be surprised if this Giulietta Spirlea
    person is completely fabricated
    its obvious that the person writing stuff on “Rob’s” page
    is the same writing things on “Giulietta Spirlea’s”
    that was a clever blog
    trying to make i seem like oh our privacy was invaded
    bulllll shit


    i mean if Rob was sleeping with Kristen
    and ppl found out
    umm i think it would make news

  • Total fake. -Why are the juicy screenshots from the last 5 days if he’s been using the account since January? -Why does this Giuletta chick speak in two different languages on his wall and in his messages? -Why is the only internet reference to her on a Pattinson fansite, if she’s actually a working professional who’s scheduling shoots? -Why does he use every British slang term imaginable in every sentence he utters? -Why does he hit so many fangirl talking points? Fake, and don’t underestimate the power of Twilight fangirls seeking revenge on Gawker for the delicious slamming of the whole franchise last month.

  • Ok, so I got so sick of hearing about this I made it my mission to disprove it. If you go here you will find that people were talking about this EXACT event back in May 2008. The 12th, to be specific. Why oh why, then, do the facebook images have more current Dec dates on them? They took the links down in the thread I posted, but you can infer that they are indeed referencing the same exact images, being that the content discussed is the same. You could argue that the hacking from May is real, and that someone changed the dates to make it more current news, but it casts doubt on the whole deal. Someone shady enough to change dates is shady enough to create entire pages.

  • lolll i talk with one the people that was on his “facebook” she didnt want to add me she said she had a personals issues and i asked her what was it and she said i cant talk about something that involve people i know… and was like ok… idk what happen

  • ugly, boring, liar: i thought it was dated may 12 as well, until i realized the website used the european format for dates, making it december 5. 5-12-2008. see? =(

  • im not really sure if this is all true or false but it seems to me that the conversation between Giulietta Spirlea and robert is real because Giulietta then changed her facebook log in name as Giulietta along with her middle name..i added her and she private messaged me saying you dont know me why are you adding me..i could then see her profile an in her pictures are included the one that was used as her profile photo when she was mailing robert at that time..and some of her friends on facebook have the same last name as her and one of her friends is also ashely greene..a cast member from the movie..

  • i want to know robert pattinsons facebook address so i can go congratulate him for being such a playa. and to brag that my movie valkryie was much more successful than his.

    – Tom Cruise

  • wait…isn’t her name spelled Camille but pronounced like Camilla?
    and i found out that she plays classical piano, rob plays the piano, right? so they have that in common and for that reason just wanted to hang out or i dunno i sound pretty lame about that reason…

  • I think it’s funny that no one has pointed out that in one of the screen shots it states he’s reading the same book that he’s photographed with at LAX like two weeks later 2666 or something like that hmmmm might not be so fake after all. Probably his page, got hacked and all but it probably was his page..or not lol c’mon he is a 22 year old guy for pete’s sake.

  • and another thing everybody seems to have forgotten or just hasn`t noticed : why on earth would Rob discuss his personal life on such a site?!! don`t u people see?? it doesn`t make any sense!!! why wouldn`t he talk on the god damn phone with his friends… with camilla or that giulietta girl ? ok, not on the phone, but how about MSN or messenger ??

    if he chats with these guys on a site for hoocking up like facebook , it means that no one has the other`s email adrees or phone number.

    so this is just a sick joke!
    my advice: GROW UP

    i`m so sory that the twilight movie had such an impact over teenage girls. they really are dangerous cause they live in their pathetic fantasy lifes and don`t know what really is around them :)
    please girls ! stop harassing robert , if u REALLY are his fan … but u are not ! u know why? because u were capable of doing such a sick thing and the others just believed this whole bulshit !

    your parents shouldnt let u watch movies and read books unless they know how sick u are and also imature …

  • another thing : kristen steward is so ugly! look at her jaw look ather mouth and her look . she looks like a freak. she has nothing in common with beauty . too bad he isn`t mature himself , because if he had been, he would have noticed that she isnt a hottie , but a pretty good young actress :)

    and this camilla , too .

    he looks too good for this girls … to bad he`s too modest to notice that ….

  • i think robert is the best lookin bloke in the world im a massive fan but i think some things should be left alone,i dont want to no abt is private life tha is also a britney spears fan,its heart breakin for me to see the things in the paper about her just leave them alone,there should be a line,u should’nt cross.i think its sad that just because you fancy someone they have a girlfriend,you have to run them down,get a life i say.have off is fans prob woul’nt fancy him if they just seen him walkin down the street.but he someone famous so ill like himto many people care abt what they look like or how many pairs of shoes do i have?i want loads of money i want to be a wag,i hate them people ok money is important but as long as i can breathe it means nothin,it dont make happy,i would want to be in love,and happy than to be sad an greedy

  • You guys seriously know way too much about these people’s lives. So what if he’s banging some chick. If you were famous, you’d bang anyone you could…girlfriend or no girlfriend.

    EMPATHY. Look that shit up on wikipedia instead of who someone you don’t know might or might not be fucking.

    To the person who knows these people’s best friends, managers, girlfriends, best friends girlfriends, etc…WTF, Cyberstalker.

    -Atticus Finch

  • absolutely AMAZIIIINNGG,.. i love this!!!
    it’s like new year! things are exploding!
    i’m compltely LOST now!
    what is this specific ‘FAKE’ thing we’re referring to anyway???
    the FB comments/msgs??
    or the FB page itself??
    or this blog??
    or EVERYTHING???
    wahahaha, this is RIDICULOUS!

    though i would love for this to be REAL!!
    this isn’t something you jst make up along the way!
    whoever is punkin’ us, he/she needs to be given a godamn REWARD for one helava JOB!,..screen play masterpiece!

  • This is all way, way too funny. I should not find other people’s anguish so hilarious.

    Everyone’s getting all worked up over some random facebook messages that may or may not be real and most definitely should not matter to anyone.

    I suggest we all leave, at this very moment, and find ourselves lives. Possibly with relatives and children and worries of our own. Maybe even a pet or two. God knows I love goldfish.

  • Hello people.
    i am sad that Robert’s privacy had been taken away. Why are there many sick people now adays? this really freaked me out and theres even “PORN HACKERS” getting involved in “SCHOOL WEBSITES” putting us in danger aswell.. please, if Robert accepts you as a friend wouldnt you respect his privacy and even be glad he accepted you!, it isnt everyday a celebrity meets you or accepts you as a friend online. If any of you fans want to tlk to me or have a gossip*giggle* you can always add me on my email at trust me its a real email address, im not a sick person who lies about herself online.

  • I think its real. I think its real because it’s just too specific…and random. I really don’t give a shit what R.P does but its too bad this guy has no so great frends that would hack into his a/c…. I don;t think its fabricated… I think because it got out…its now a cover up…wether he leaked it himself… or his frend did…or most likely….his jealous ex did…this is still pretty lame

  • Hejo,

    you people are really strange… Does it really matters if this is fake or not? Leave the poor guy alone. It´s not our concern who he have sex with or not. He young and he is famous. Guess we would do the same if we could choose out of all this pretty girls. Would you like it if people discuss whoever you bang or better look through your window while doing it? There is a line you shouln´t cross even if you are a fan!!!

    Liebe Grüße

  • the site isnt even up any more i checked she must have take the blog off the internet but y put it on in the first place i mean thats just stupid and abot camilla how do people not figgure out the photo could be photo shopped cuz its possible i took a pic of a nerd and my friend put em together and it looked like they were holding hands walking down the street its not hard but back to the blog its not real so dont search for Guilietta

  • wow! i LUV Rob T. Pattinson! even though we r 10 years apart, i still gasp every feakin time see him! it does sound cheezy, but its true. I REALLY do think im the 1 4 him!!!!

  • wot da hell are u saying!!!!!!!!!!!??????? robert is the best thing eva!!!!!!!!! he is sooooooooooooo hot and i wish i was his girlfriend so ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kristen and robert should get together but did you see the picture with them in bed together? if no then you are mising something that is really cool!!!! more gossip for us teenz hey?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    he is really one of a kind!
    I LUV U ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob Pattison is really hot and I’m pretty sure he gets it by now. But to me he is someone I can look up to in the world. He is my idol. Adn no matter what any one says he played the best Edward Cullen and with out him there wouldn’t be a Twilight. So everyone who says he didn’t play the Edward than I can’t judge that but this my opinion.

  • Rob Pattison is really hot and I’m pretty sure he gets it by now. But to me he is someone I can look up to in the world. He is my idol. And
    no matter what any one says he played the best Edward Cullen and with out him there wouldn’t be a Twilight. So everyone who says he didn’t play the Edward than I can’t judge that but this my opinion.

  • wow someone needs to go back to grammar school……..she sounds like a total moron……what’d she knock back a few before beginning her ‘totally objectionable rant’. blah.

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  • I was hoping that was fake but the blog of that girl confimed that robert is an asshole and btw, who is she?

  • Ok Giuletta or whatever ur name is…but now we know that ur “friend” is a son of a bitch and even better…he probably talks shit about u like he did with another women

  • Bri are u 10 because I just checked. And I think I know u is your name Bria and do you know jasmine and Maria Hough