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Ethiopian Pop Singer Sentenced to Six Years for Hit and Run

Paris Hilton got off easy.

Ethiopia’s biggest pop star, Teddy Afro, was sentenced Friday to six years in jail for a hit-and-run that killed a homeless man.

The singer has released albums considered critical of the government — prompting many to see his conviction as politically motivated. In fact, in 2005, during Ethiopia’s highly contentious national elections, one of his songs became the unofficial anthem of the opposition movement.

During the 15-minute sentencing hearing, the judge told the singer he had sought to reach a fair sentence. “The defendant fled the scene when the victim could have been saved,” he said. “This shows cruelty.”

Afro stood during the sentencing, shifting his stance, occasionally pointing at the ceiling above him. “I feel free,” he said as he left the courtroom.

I don’t know shit about Ethiopia’s political culture, but I get the feeling that this is a really, really big deal over there, and probably not a good thing.

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  • Paris Hilton got off easy? I hope that was not a serious statement in response to this story.

    This man hit someone and left him for dead when he could have gotten help and saved him.

  • And yes i assume it is a big deal over there. I dont think you need to know anything about Ethiopia’s pop culture to understand that.

    If Justin Timberlake or some other singer hit and killed someone it would probably be a big deal.

  • I have worked in Ethiopia and this is HUGE.

    He is definetely as big as JT for Ethiopians if JT wrote songs that took digs at the government.

  • big deal. he was homeless.

    I’m kiddddddddddddddddding

    I wonder what the story is on the hit-and-run. I mean, if it actually happened and all, why wouldn’t this guy go to jail?

  • I have a friend in Austin that worked to pass legislation in the US to make it a mandatory sentence of 10 years for a hit and run that results in serious bodily injury or death of the victim.
    It seems that if he was responsibile he got off easy.

  • ^Because she got a DUI a while back and only had to be in jail a few hours, remember? Not the same thing as a hit and run but along the same lines.

  • Agree with Erin. Drunk driving is bad but this guy let someone die.

    Is it me or did Wendie write all the posts this week?

  • ppl need to shut it and stop feeling sorry for him. he killed a man and he get’s what he diserves..what if that man was your brother or father think about would you want him to be free cuz he he teddy afro

    • i am sorry Teddy u just got trouble u didn’t mean to kill him but u’ll be feer one day. i sure u will;-))))

      • I am sorry Teddy u jest got trouble u didn’t mean to kill him but u’ll be free one day. I am sure u will;-))))

    • I am sorry teddy i know u got trouble i mean u didn’t mean to kill him but i am sure u’ll be feer one day! I am sure u’ll;-))))

  • Hey Tsion, what are U saying? If the victim was your papa, what would be your comment? ah?! might be right? or the same?