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Site Downtime :(

Hi guys!

Yes, I know we’re having some downtime today. I’m very sorry about that, and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it. It seems to be related to the comments table, though, so please be patient if your comments take longer than usual to get approved right now. You’re not being censored, I promise! (Unless you’ve broken one of our cardinal commenting laws, particularly the one about Dave Matthews Band.) Per usual, thanks for reading, and I DO love your comments, even if they’re causing me a teeny tiny headache today.


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  • No worries Beet…

    I wrote all my comments down with a red crayon on a roll of toilet paper and mailed them to your mamma’s house.

    Don’t worry I didn’t mention Dave Matthews Band…


  • I am so thrilled about this Dave Matthews rule! I can hardly contain myself!!!! I think your my favorite now!

  • Those damn Jon & Kate Plus Eight bastards… why?! why?!
    No seriously, why such a religious following to that show… people post on here every day to stuff that’s a year or two old!
    It’s got a Jim Jones like following.

  • say wha? you talk about brit brit music all the time, and we can get banned for liking dave? i never knew this. hmm interesting. i wonder where this comes from?

  • I haven’t been able to reach the site numerous times this week, much less post a comment…

    But I am glad something was said, I can stop looking on my end for a problem.