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Play Time!

Britney Spears took her kiddos, Jayden James and Sean Preston, to FAO Schwartz in NYC on Wednesday. Mom Lynne was in tow, as were many, many bodyguards. I’m sure they rented out the whole damn place.

At first I was like, “Why isn’t Britney carrying her own damn kids in any of these pictures?” and then I realized that (a) it probably poses a much bigger security risk if Britney’s carrying them and (b) she probably doesn’t want to give the photogs such a perfect shot. So I get it, I guess. That kind of sucks if any time you try to do something fun with your kids you need, like, four bodyguards to carry them around.

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  • the last time she tried that, she dropped one. or almost.

    but youre right, its probably security-related.

  • A few things… It’s FAO Schwarz. Not Schwartz. lol. But also… Yesterday was the tree lighting in NYC (so maybe they also went to that as spectators)… and FAO Schwarz is only a few blocks away… so I’m sure they weren’t able to rent anything out at all… It was probably one of the store’s biggest nights (as so many parents bring their children in before/after they go to the tree lighting). Shutting it down for a single celebrity would probably not make good financial sense.

    But to a larger point. I have no idea why she would take her kids into that area of town last night. They were estimating that 250,000 people crammed into the area to see the tree last night. I personally stayed far far away.

  • I doubt it has anything to do with security. Look at all the celeb/celebuspawn pics. I have a 2 yr old and if I had bodyguards, they’d be carrying her for me! She’s heavy and squirmy. Plus Brit has two…wouldn’t want to play favorites!