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Meet the Rumored Cast of “Supersized” Celebrity Apprentice



NBC is going to be airing two hours of Celebrity Apprentice in its winter season. I haven’t watched this show in years, and I don’t plan to tune in this year either. Who are you people who are still watching this? If you’re out there, and you’re reading this, please unmask yourself. Why do you still enjoy this show? And so much that there is now going to be two hours of it each week?

How desperate is NBC right now?

Watch how it’s being spun:

What makes NBC’s decision interesting is that the network only recently officially asked “Apprentice” executive producer Mark Burnett to upsize the show, according to a source with knowledge of the request. Production on the new season of the series had already wrapped, and some sources predicted producers might have to scramble to fill the time.

Mr. Burnett, however, said that NBC officials had actually been talking to him about expanding the show “for weeks.” He said that he and Mr. Trump welcomed the decision.

“It’s great,” he said during a brief telephone conversation from New York. “It wasn’t a sudden call at all. During production, the people at NBC were saying the show was so great and should really be two hours.”

Mr. Burnett said Mr. Trump is particularly pumped by the expansion.

“Donald has always felt the boardrooms were too short, and I think he’s right,” Mr. Burnett said. “Right now, there’s really only about nine minutes of footage that we use and the boardroom (scenes) go on for hours sometimes. The problem has been trying to squeeze it all in. Every season we go through the struggle of cutting the show down.

“This wasn’t a sudden call,” Mr. Burnett added. “It really came from how strongly everyone felt about the show when we were shooting.”

For the rumored cast list of this coming atrocity, jump in.

Andrew Dice Clay
Tom Green
Clint Black
Annie Duke – poker player
Claudia Jordan – Deal or No Deal briefcase model
Brian McKnight – R&B singer
Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins – TLC
Herschel Walker – retired NFL player
Natalie Gulbis – LPGA golfer
Scott Hamilton – former Skater
Khloe Kardashian
Joan Rivers
Melissa Rivers
Brande Roderick – actress
Dennis Rodman

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  • I cannot tell a lie. I watched it last season and became quite addicted. I watched it for (and this is really hard for me to admit, so don’t mock me) Trace Adkins. I guess it’s just seeing someone from Nashville on there.

    Anyway, it was good. I’m not sure about this season, but I may have to watch it just until Dennis Rodman and Herschel Walker are voted off.

  • oh yeah, a real star-studded cast. I watch it too ( I get very little TV, that’s my excuse). I watched it because of Trace Atkins & hate to admit it too. I hate country music, but really liked that guy, so sexy in some odd way. I loved him. Still hate his music.

    I’ll watch again cause I love to hate Trump & now there will be the Rivers gals to hate too.

  • I watched it for the first time late year and I really liked it.
    2 hours though? Time for DVR or TVO. (whatever its called) I have it through Cox cable. It’s great! No comercials. Just fast forward. Anyway…Looking forward to this seasons Celebrity Apprentice. :o)

  • I’ve never watched this show before, but I’m not going to lie: that cast list sounds extremely entertaining.

  • Tom Green, Brian Mcknight, T-Boz and Dennis Rodman LOL I’m watching it this season!! Just for them. Why the Deal or No Deal breifcase model??? Melissa and Joan Rivers will probably annoy me to death. I bet the only reason they are going to 2 hours is that they will have nothing else to fill a 2 hour slot once this season of the biggest loser ends. It lasts 2 hours as well, and I love it.

  • c’mon…joan rivers, dennis rodman, andrew dice clay and the donald in the role of “emperor with no clothes”, you could sell tickets to this shit! i watch almost no tv but loooove to watch this trainwreck of a show. its the same as looking at a christina aguilera outfit or a pic of marc anthony, etc, etc, etc. you know its really bad but somehow you can’t look away.

  • i am sad that you felt the need to explain who bryan mcknight and T-Boz are, yet Khloe Kardashian needs no introduction. Sigh.

    Please edit to say: Khloe Kardashian, the fat one

  • That’s the celebrity cast? A briefcase model, an LPGA golfer, a celebutant’s sibling and a Tom Green (I still haven’t figured out why he was ever famous)? I think Donald Trump is personally funding this disaster of a show just because he hates admitting that it was a failure. Then he’ll decide to announce that it’s cutting into his schedule as a reason to end the show

  • I must say I did like the Celebrity version.
    Trace ROCKED!
    And I don’t like Country music.
    He was just the best upstanding person I have seen.
    I brought his track that he sung on the finale.

    That guy is top notch. And his little daughter is just so cute!

  • @lolly- I was thinking the same thing about poor Scott Hamilton- he has to be labeled “former skater” whereas Andrew Dice Clay needs no additional identification.
    If I were Scott Hamilton, I think I would take up drink immediately.
    That is if he hasn’t already.