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She Took the Dog, Too!!!

Cody Herpin — the husband Jodie Sweetin just walked out on — sat down with Radar magazine to do a little interview, right in front of their baby’s crib! HOW SUBTLE!

Cody says Jodie took the baby, all the money and the family dog! How awful! He actually seems sane and healthy not at all psychopathic in this video, which furthers my belief that whatever’s going on is all Jodie’s fault.

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  • I just begin to realize how awful this reality would be if this happened to me. To wake up and have your entire life sneak away in the middle of the night from you? And have them not return your calls? I don’t know how I could ever trust them again.




  • Barring the possibility that he endangered the baby, there’s really no good reason I can think of to take a baby away from the parent who spends all day every day raising her without any notice or warning. Maybe after things were discussed, she could have made an adult decision to leave, but running away in the middle of the night with the dog is sort of twelve years old.

    Although, this could just be a C-list celeb’s attempt at publicity. If so, bringing baby into it is ridiculous.

    She is ridiculous, though.

  • Why is he talking to Radar? Shouldn’t this be kind of a personal issue? That part seems pretty shady to me.

  • I will wait for her side of the story too, but this guy looks like a good person, and i kinda bought his story….. I just wanna wait to see what she has to say…

  • REALLY? My baby’s been taken from my house I spend the day SOBBING for her/him… NOT calling the press and having a very lucid (not even a tear?) interview. I call shady.

  • Sounds to me like someone likes using an oh so familiar word “shady”… looks a bit shady to me….

  • This is the entertainment industry calling, jody your career is gone, you’ve lied too many times you are a drug addict and you don’t deserve to have a guy like this in your life when i’ve been looking for a guy like this for years. I hope he gets the baby and I hope you get what is coming to you! This guy seems sincere and from running into her in hollywood a few times when she’s coked out of her mind, I just don’t believe she’s innocent. Give it a few month she’ll end up having to suck #$%@ for coke and come crawling back, DON”T TAKE HER!!!

  • He says here that she left him with nothing, if someone actually is that mean to do that to someone that supposedly saved her from drugs. Maybe he is just trying to make money for his attorney fee’s or for his daughters christmas presents. I feel for him and wish him the best, you don’t need someone in your life that would be that much of a heartless person to do that to you. Hold your head up hi and forget you ever even met that mess!! Just think someone else some day is going to have to take that home to meet there parents and they are all going to see what a horrible person she was and is. This reminds me of the kanye west song heartless, WOW!!!!!

  • All this sounds too strange! Who cares about her she’s fat and slutty hasn’t she been around the block a few too many times! She should of stayed with the guy, I’m sure he’s the only one that gives a crap about her, I know I don’t! It is so funny to read and see these little ugly girls getting guys out of their league because they are or were on tv. I read on the us site or eonline or something like that, that she has a great supportive team around her. Well sugar you need to fire those idiots they have just cost you everything. These people actually care about you? Lets pray she gets to at least see her little boy after the guy she just left with nothing and are avoiding like the plague gets granted custody.