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Jodie Sweetin: Still Divorcing Her Husband

In a move that absolutely no one except the entirety of the planet saw coming, Jodie Sweetin ditched her (second) hubby (and baby-daddy!) of 16 months last week, for no clear reason other than the fact that she’s probably doing drugs again.

Jodie hasn’t released a statement yet, but her agent says she is “trying to stay positive for Zoie,” their 7-month-old daughter. “Her focus is the baby,” continues the agent. “Jodie’s got a huge support system in her family and friends and she thinks this is what’s best for her.” Jodie and Zoie are apparently staying with Jodie’s parents. Translation: Zoie is staying with Jodie’s parents while Jodie scores meth.

And Cody’s still all like, “Dude, I so thought my quickie marriage to a kinda-sorta-recovering meth-head child actress was rock solid.” His actual quote is that he is “still discombobulated” over the split. “Not knowing what’s going on is hard … It’s rough,” he says. “Marriage is not taken lightly to me. It’s supposed to be forever.”

My Lord, how are these people so consistently blind to the fact that their marriages are oh-so-doomed?

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  • Another victim of the- Lets get married!

    Words don’t mean shit with most people, they get caught up in life or celebrity. Your words are what you have to live by. It’s a belief system. If I say it’s you and me, it’s on us to prove that our words mean something.

    If you go down the road of- “I do”, etc. Technically you don’t need a piece of paper to say you’re married. If you do and it fails, aren’t you really saying- my word doesn’t mean shit whether there is a piece of paper involved or not?

    I understand that relationships are hard (I’m not 100% sure we’re meant to be with one person forever). But, it’s “the system” that you are following or adhering to when you embrace the tradition.

    Anyone who is ever in the place of experiencing someone who is going in a different direction knows the pain and disillusionment. It’s not fun and often not fair. (sorry for the soapbox)

  • More importantly, why does this has-been child star have an agent now? Does she seriously believe that there’s a future out there for her in hollywood?

    The only two from full house to do something with their lives were Mary-Kate and Ashley and thats just because they had buckets of money to throw around, they haven’t acted in anything good in years!

    So why does miss. Stephanie Tanner need an agent?

  • Wow. I must be 25-30 pounds lighter than her and I would yank my own fingernails out before I would leave the house in that God awful too-small trailer park getup.

    Yeah, her husband does NOT get to be surprised that she ditched him and ran off, methinks…

  • LOL at Lee! Any one who is taking their sobriety seriously is told NOT to engage or date seriously for at least 12 months. The real victim is Jodie’s Sweetin baby.
    If Cody suspects drug use again from his short term bride, maybe he should seek custody.

  • Well if anyone actually reads this, first off…sorry you don’t have a life!! Second, what the f with all the haters!?!? Jodie’s seperation is no body’s business, and maybe it is good for her and her baby! Maybe she is actually taking steps to improve her life by getting out of a destructive relationship, rather than repeating old habits!?!? Whatever the truth may be, I heard she’s been attending AA meetings, and just shot a movie. I say give the girl a break, let her bounce back from her mistakes and move on with her life! God knows you all should too!!

  • the first pic def. says “I can ride a rock hard c0ck like a champ!”
    some of you guys have seen Full House so many times, her being 11 years old, is burned into your retina. But to people like me (who hated full house, and just randomly decided to copy and past the cast names off wikipedia) she is that trashy looking girl, who you would never be caught dead with, but you’d love to bone and see naked. :)