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Pretty Miss Witherspoon

Reesey looks absolutely edible at the LA premiere of Four Christmases.

Also there: Kristin Chenoweth, who looks fantastic considering her show just got canned.

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  • Kristin looks like she grabbed a coffin cover and wrapped it around for a dress.

    The guy in the background cracked me up! He’s pointing to his crotch and looking down like he’s saying to a midget: “Want a picture of my wiener?”

    (And did he steal that suit from an NBA player?! The coat is like 5 sizes too big!)

  • call me crazy, but i find reese to be pretty unattractive…from the neck down gorgeous, but her face is so wrong…her forehead is to big, her eyes are too sunken in, her nose too flattened, her teeth seem to be awkwardly set in her mouth & her chin is absurdly huge. yes, her body looks fabulous & her hair is usually always pretty & healthy & her skin is fine, but i never got how people think she is sooooo perfect.

  • I like Reese but she’s not the most photogenic person in Hollywood. When she was not so skinny she actually looked better, but when she dropped a lot of weight her chin grew like 2 inches longer. Some people look better in motion (i.e. in movies) and not as good in still photos. I think Reese is one of those, that’s why she looks gorgeous in her films but then you see photos of her and it’s like, hmm, something’s not right here.

  • basically they look like witches who rape and eat children. just sayin’.

    love reese’s outfit though, minus the shoes.